Always sore..Any Comments helpful!!

My little girl is almost 3 weeks old and she dont latch on very well. I have been using a nipple sheild and that has worked great. She has now been latching on for about every...

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Did I overreact?

The Friday before Mother's Day (my first Mother's Day) my fiance was upset because he's in masonry and his boss hasn't been having them work. I was angry with him that day...

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hi every one my 3 year son has just been diagnosed wis ASD and advice or helpfull link would be greatly appricated



I'm 11 and I really need a bra. NEED. I'm too scared to ask. My friend wears one and when she began to develop she asked her mum and she got 3 for Christmas. Well, I'm on the...


Help over emotional children

I have three very over emotional children. The oldest one is ten and easily gets upset. She won't ever tell yo something is wrong but you can just tell by her body language....

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bubble wraped kids

Hi guys I was just wondering how far you go to kip you kids safe? I mean what ever happened to playing in the dirt and eating mud pies? When i was little (im 21) my mum had no...


Still waking up at night to eat.

I cannot get my daughter to sleep through the night. She's almost 7 months old and has slept through the night maybe 4 weeks total her entire life. She wakes up only once,...


Nursing at night every 2 hours normal?

So, has anyone else had this happen? My daughter is 6 months now. Up until 5 months, she was a great sleeper, going from 8pm - 5am every night without waking. Then, at 5 months,...



hi.. my husband is in the navy on deployment.. and our 1st born, kaleb.. he is almost 2yrs old.. i just found out that kaleb needs to go in for testing for autism.. i have...


Car seats

My daughter is 21 months and she is very tall (3ft) She is almost reached height limit on 5 piont harness car seat but not the weight! So do I wait or switch to another? And...


5 1/2 year old still haveing accidents

My 5 1/2 year old daughter is still haveing accidents. (pooping in her unerwear). I've taken her to dr. and tried about everything else i can think of. Does anyone else have...

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Have a go at wiping first

I have 2 nephew's, one is 4, the other will be 5 next week. Both don't wipe themselves when the do #2's. They just sit & yell out 'I'm finished', & wait. They both go to...


6 yr. old pooping at night?

I have a verbal, clever daughter, turning six this week who has been potty trained since 2 but has always worn a pull-up at night. Doctors and friends told me it's normal for a...

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Cloth Diaper personal reviews HELP!

Hi, I am new to this community and wanted to ask some cloth users what their favorite diapers are and why, or if you have tried some and switched to a different one what were...


New Army moms out there?

I'm search for other mothers who are new to their children in the military. I would like advice to how to get through these crazy, proud, but also sad emotions.

Started by Shannon on 08/04/2015 in Army Moms

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