Our Young Girls

I have a daughter who is soon to be 12. She started her period early at 9, thankfully it is still irregular. She is very petite, yet has stared "developing". I am quite strict...

Started by Victoria on 08/04/2013 in Christian Mommies

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Weaning Guilt

Hello All, I've been breastfeeding my almost 3 month old son and have not enjoyed any part of it at all and have only continued this long for his benefit! We've managed to...


In-law problems

I have a problem with my in-laws. They're nice to my face but as soon as my significant other goes over to their place they have nothing good to say. When i have never done...

Started by Kerstin on 10/21/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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still talks about ex-wife

Ok ladys I need some help with this issue...My boyfriend and i have been togeather 4 four years and we have twins togeather..well ..when we first got togeather he had been...

Started by Carrie on 02/22/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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I've been really depressed and down and had NO idea why... I have 2 beautiful, healthy children and a good husband.. ups and downs lately, but all in all a pretty decent life! I...


Eczema triggered by solids?? Or is it an age thing?

I was just wondering if any other mummies had a problem with their babies developing eczema after starting on solids - and if so, was it caused by an allergy to a certain food...

Started by Carie on 10/13/2010 in May 2010

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Want to choke him!!!

My son is 3 now and his father hasnt seen him since before he was a year old. He's been runninh all over the country with this girl and that one getting them pregnant and...



Well, I joined Circle of Moms not too long ago and was looking through the communities and found this one. I was curious about it because it seems strange that it would have...


Motherhood = Faith

Hi ladies: Anyone else find that they never truly appreciated the concept of faith until they had children? I've been a Christian since I was a young girl but never truly...

Started by Bethany on 03/09/2009 in Christian Mommies

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