I need tips on job hunting!!!!

I am a 26 mother of two and i need a job, but i dont have much experience expect for retail, Which of course doesnt really pay the bills. My resume is horrible if u are an...


Too much texting from bio mom?

My step kids are 13 and 16. We have them 50/50 and they both have mental health issues. Their mom sends excessive text messages to the 13 year old when he is at our house....


overnight shift

hi I can't find a work from home opportunity with good reviews. i'm a mom of a 2yr old and a 5yr old, thinking of working overnight? crazy idea?

Started by Silvana on 11/15/2013 in Working Moms

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Why is everything a competition??

So I just really need to vent to some complete strangers right now!! I have a very odd relationship with my husband's sister and her husband. They're very nice people and we...


Online Town hall meeting

I just submitted my question for the online town hall meeting. "Mr. President, In this economy you confess to believe that many people are making sacrifices. I would like to...



Thank you for joining our community! This is a great resource for those looking to work from home. Hopefully the tips provided here will make your research easier and give you...


How my business cares

Hey Ladies, I"m glad to join this group! I see all of you are excited about your businesses and that's awesome! I wanted to ask you guys if any of your businesses donate their...


help with autistic child

my 7 yr old has autism. as far as most things go he is doing good. but he has a bad temper, he yells, screams, hits, throws fits and everything when he gets mad. we have tried...


Work from home

I desperately want to work from home but I have absolutely no idea where to start. I don't want to end up in someone's scam and paying through the nose but that's all I can...


how cn i trust someone w my child...

my sons fathers (baby daddy) dad (grandpa.) is 70. he just had his leg cut off and so on.. he has health problems. bc he had smoked for 50 years. he quit for a year and has...


baby has stopped growing

My daughter is 9 months old and weighs just 14 pounds! she was born healthy at nearly 8 pounds and has always been a big eater often consuming 50 ounces of formula plus solid...


Some ideas for a Mommy Time Out?

Hello to all the brave SAH mommies, I am new to this and am counting my blessings that I have found a site like this! I am a proud sahm of a soon to be 20 month old little boy....

Started by Katherine on 09/27/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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picky eater's

my daughter does not sometimes like what i fix for meal's.is it wrong of me to tell her you eat what i fix or you go hungry. she is 9 yrs old and is it ok if she fixes something...

Started by Rebecca on 03/02/2011 in Christian Moms

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Switching tooth paste

Daniel is turning 2 next month and I was wondering when is it a good time to switch him from fluoride free toothpaste and to childrens regular tooth paste. Right now he sucks...

Started by Sonia on 06/16/2010 in July 2008 Babies

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my 11 year old has a wieght problem

he is 5ft 5in 200lbs we have been working with doctors and they cant find any health concerns but he suffers from anxiety and is so made fun of at school it put him 2 years...