My name is Becky and my son, Ezra, was born in Feb.'08. He came early and was underdeveloped. He had a rough start with some big health issues. He is currently doing pretty...


Home Alone

Im of course a stay at home mom and my husband works 7 days a week. 5 days out of 7 he works 14 hour days. My baby is 3 months and I also have a 6 year old in school. We only...

Started by Kristin on 01/30/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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what are the signs of AUTISM?

i have two kids one is a 2 year old boy who will be 3 in april and my daughter is only a month old, my son was born 2 months early and has been seeing a early development...

Started by Erlinda on 11/01/2010 in Austim Awareness

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confused help me

ok so i was with my ex for about 2 years got with him august 09 when i was 16 fell pregnat to him at chrissy had a lil girl to him in october we got engaged january last yr and...

Started by Chantelle on 02/08/2011 in Moms Doin' It Alone

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Supplements & diet for ADHD

Hi! My 7 year old daughter is in the process of getting evaluated for ADHD. Her teacher & pediatrician have recommended a specialist but we cannot get an appointment until...

Started by Faith on 03/21/2013 in School-Age Kids

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Wild Teenager

I have a 15 year old girld who is going down the drain, her dad and I have been doing everything possible to save her from herself but the task seems to be impossible. She has...


strech marks and bathing suits?

I have strech marks from my pregnancy, and i cant find a bathing suit that fits my body anymore. i know my husband loves me and my body but to wear something in public ugh seems...


breast cancer

I just found out that my paternal grandmother was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer. Are my odds just as high of getting it as if it were my maternal grandmother? I am...


Hi Im new here, and need some advice

I need a job, and the stress is pulling me down and my relationship to a degree. I just completed my internship in Dec. as I am working toward my Master of Public Health...

Started by Melody on 01/25/2010 in Christian Moms

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Rachel Ray and the Cinch plan

Flipping channels today i came across Rachel Ray and she had this lady on promoting her "Cinch" book. I stopped and listened for a bit and liked the idea. It's not a "diet...

Started by Barb on 01/05/2011 in Love Your Body

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When to add more food?

My daughter Addison is 7 months old today! How long does she need to eat rice cereal in the morning and a veggie at night before we go to the next step? I don't remember from...

Started by Kim on 12/15/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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