heartbroken mother over teen girl being honest

i am 32 years old and was a victim of rape at 16. i became pregnant and kept the baby. my daughter is is 15 years old and is a model young lady. she is active in church,school...

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have any of you got it? very scared to get it. don't trust it and don't know if its harmful to a baby. they tested it on 6 month olds not the unborn

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Do you ever wonder "what if"?

I've been married 14 years and have two young kids, life is good but a struggle at times. On those days when the kids are winging, bills need paying, washing is pilling up,...


solid foods?

when can i start giving her baby food? she's 3 months old.

Started by Christy on 12/28/2009 in Babies And Infants

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how to say no

recently we found my son is a prediabetic and found he cant have dairy at all and he cant have peanutbutter it hurts to see the look on his face of confusion and the not...


Octuplets 2009 mom....

Is it just me or is the octuplet mom spending too much time on TV-specifically Dr Phil show, I may not have all the info on her but who is currently taking care of the older...


Any nice recipe ideas for 18mth old?

Does anyone have any good ideas for interesting tasty meals and snacks for little ones?I am running out of ideas and I seem to cook the same things over and over and need some...


Prayer Request

My 14 month old daughter (Heidi) is going for a life changing major operation in Ontario, Canada on March 28th. The specialists don't expect any issues, but I am very nervous....

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My concerns for home birth.

I'm not pregnant right now, but my husband and I are trying for our next child (we have a 21mo. old son, and I miscarried our 2nd in July, so I don't know if I should consider...

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Super sick kids

Both of my kids have been really sick. My 3 year old daughter has been sick for over a month and my 18 month old son for over two weeks...They have been vomiting and having...


should i let his father see him or not?

my son has only seen his father twice in the past yr and a half.....he went there over labor day weekend, was there for three days...his father didn't bath him the whole time he...

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Has anyone had preterm twins in the NICU?

My twins are in the NICU right now born at 27 weeks. They are expected to stay in the hospital until their due date in March. I would like to connect with parents who understand...

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older mom starting over

I am also 43 and the mom of a 18 month old, and I also have a 17, and 20 year old.

Started by Carla on 01/18/2010 in Moms Over 40

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