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I'd like to ask "What childhood danger have you not heard about" but that is asinine, lol. So could you list dangers you've heard of and educated your self on, please read the...

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Separation anxiety in an 18 month old

My son (almost 18 months old) has been attending a home daycare part time since he was 10 monhts old. He adjusted quite well and really enjoys going there. Over the Christmas...

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So I finally went to one of those parties at a friends house. I love the stuff, and was thinking about selling it. My question is how many of you guys sell it? Do you like...



Very aggressive soft muscle tumor. My son was diagnosed with Rhabdo in September, before that I had never heard of this type of cancer. You only hear about breast or prostate...


Tides are changing in the courts

Now that women have gone to work and some men stay home with the children, the tides have changed in the courts. Just recently I have been told about working moms getting...

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a pastor who believes in online porn?

i was having a meeting with our church's pastor the other day, and he were discussing how big of a problem online porn is. he mentioned that a lot of married christians are...

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flying and breastfeeding a 1 year old

I have heard horor stories about women getting kicked off of a plane for breastfeeding. I'm hoping that's the exception not the rule. My son will be 1 in March and a week...

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Try this ignorance on for size...

I was participating in a discussion earlier today and it made quite an interesting turn, I was told "if you dont like the way christians and other americans express their faith...

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I have a paper due this wed. that well.. i haven't even started yet. My subject is going to be new moms or teen moms so if anyone who is willing to help could just answer a few...

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Needing advice ....

Okay so I need some real good advice. My husband this past March got orders for I&I duty out here in Washington. Fort Lewis to be more exact. My husband is a active duty marine...


Long distant mom...???!!!!

I know I will get judged negatively for this...but I also know there are alot of moms with great advice. I am just gonna lay it out...its a long story...sorry. So, I am from...


Step Mother

I have shared parenting with my ex of our two young boys. Ages 8 and 6. After a year and a half custody battle he won custodial parent which has torn our hearts apart. We are...

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