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Freezing breastmilk while sick??

Hello! Unfortunately I think I have come down with the flu, and I am wondering is it safe to pump and freeze breastmilk while sick? I have to go to school three days a week, and...


Did you suffer from horrible morning sickness with twins?

This is my second pregnancy but my first set of multiples. I had 'all day' sickness with my first child, Amelya but it doesn't even compare to the horror Ive had with my twins....

Started by Kourtney on 03/26/2010 in Twins

Last update on 04/21/2011 by Melissa


I've got a sick boy

so my 3 1/2 year son has been sick for 3 days now, day one he was throwing up all day, diareah, lethargic, wouldn't eat, fever of 102.6, yesterday he stoped throwing up but we...


14 week pregnant with twins and still feeling sick

Hi girls! This is my situation. I'm 28 years old and this is my first pregnancy. I'm 14 weeks already. During week 8 I started to feel sick, not morning sickness since mine were...

Started by Ianina on 11/29/2010 in Twins

Last update on 10/15/2016 by Bilhah


Ideas to help "Morning Sickness"

I am currently pregnant with me second, and my "morning (aka- all day) sickness is not as bad this time, but I am still struggling with throwing up 3-4 times a day and feeling...


When you're sick

I'm a single mom and I'm really sick. I have no energy. My son is doing ALOT better and has all his energy back. I'd love some tips from other moms that have been through this.

Started by Susan on 09/17/2009 in Single Moms

Last update on 09/18/2009 by Ashley


3rd pregnancy morning sickness??

im on my 3rd pregnancy and my first son i never had morning sickness nor did I with my second son, now I have it like crazy! I dont know why, im not doing anything different.


anyone else feeling sick from pregnancy?

This is my second pregnancy and I feel like CRAP! The first time i was only sick for 4 weeks. This time i've been sick since day one. Oh well, it's worth it in the end isn't it....

Started by Allison on 10/21/2008 in May 2009 Babies

Last update on 08/05/2012 by Vanessa


im sick of not having friends

i use to be really social have tons of friends but ever since i had my daughter its like its just her and me my boyfriend her father gets to get out of the house meet ppl but...

Started by Theresa on 08/20/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 08/25/2010 by Kimberly


I'm always sick

Ever since I've had my daughter I'm always sick. All so wanna do all day is throw up I'm missable. I no for a fact I'm not pregnant so what is wrong with me I can't take it any...


So done with morning sickness!

I don't get severe morning sickness, but it's enough and I'm so over it. This is the suckiest part of pregnancy, this first trimester. all sorts of tired, I get winded from...

Started by Elizabeth on 08/11/2011 in March 2012 Babies

Last update on 08/14/2016 by Kelly


Sick 3 year old

My 3 1/2 year old is sick. has been a fever for 3 days now. i have done alternating tylenol and motrin every 3 hours like the doctor told me to. i have done the cool baths. I...

Started by Courtney on 03/28/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 03/28/2010 by Samantha


bad morning sickness

hi i'm kelly and having my 6th bub, and i have never had morning sickness so bad before this one 12 weeks along and still feel sick all day. has anyone esle

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