learning sign problems

i was told by eary childhood they only teach sign to kids that can't hear. my daughter can't talk so they will not teach her i have been borrowing signing time videos from...


My 13 yr. old and Birth Control

My daughter just turned 13 on the first of June and we are going to the doctor on the 17th to have her put on birth control. The reason; she is having extremely painful periods...

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How far is too far?

Food allergy bans in schools - where do we draw the line? Who's responsibility is it? Are any of your children afflicted with serious allergies?

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time outs

my daughter is 16 months..im starting to do times out with her but she crys in her time out spot should i still get her after her time out or wait till she is done crying to...


Anyone else's BD married?

So, I feel somewhat ashamed admitting this, but my baby's father is married. He's 10 years older than me (32), a former coworker, and he was dishonest to me about getting a...

Started by Katie on 09/30/2010 in Single Moms

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Birth Control at 12?

My 12 year old daughter came to me recently about birth control to "regulate her periods and help her with acne." Not 100% concerned about the boys yet but I also know that will...

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I need advice

I am married with 3 kids but my husband is not my true love. I parted ways with my true love when I left for England. Now my true love is also married with 2 kids. We both do...

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"I Was Spanked And I'm Fine!"

I found this article by Jan Hunt, M.Sc., thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss ? We hear it all the time, when spanking is mentioned. Someone steps forward...