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Hi, My name is Rachael. I created this group hoping to start a place where moms like myself can find advice, comfort, and solace, with others who can understand what we go...


Van or SUV...

So we have a family of 6. I also do inhome daycare. Therefore we need a rather large vehicle to haul the children to and from school as well as fit us all safely and...

Started by Amanda on 12/29/2010 in Hot Topics

Last update on 01/02/2011 by Chatty


Hes not around..but not by choice!!

I found out i was pregnant and it was amazing...i was told that i would never have children so my bf and i planned for my little son nicholas!! But when i was 5 month pregnant...

Started by Courtney on 08/17/2009 in Moms Doin' It Alone

Last update on 08/18/2009 by Rae-lynn


Switch from Vyvanse to Concerta?

My son has been on Vyvanse for about 8 months - best therapuetic dose has been 30 mg. He's 9 years old. New psychiatrist wants to try him on Concerta 36 mg. My son has been...


Unsupportive Parents

just wondering if any mom's have parents that arnt envolved and how it effected them. I think I have done ok but have still missed the support of my mother who n 9 months has...


No more Sunday School

Okay, in case you all haven't guessed yet, I am an atheist. But, my 4 year old son goes to church (Episcopal) with my mom on Sundays. It's a decision I've gone back and forth...

Started by Amanda on 07/06/2011 in Just Debates

Last update on 07/09/2011 by Rosie


When your kids were young, did any speak late?

My question is being asked on behalf of a dear friend who has been there for me to cheer me up more than I can count. Her two year old son, (turned Oct 1) only says 3 or 4 words...

Started by Michele on 11/05/2010 in Moms Over 40

Last update on 12/16/2010 by Melissa


Growth Hormones

My son will be 12 in September and he is only 60lbs and 52 inches tall. He is barely on the growth chart with his weight and not even on the chart for his height-compared to...


What should I do about my mother in law?

Im sure my mother in law isnt the first to try to give advice when it comes to raising a baby. I disagree with a lot of the things that she says while my husband feels she's...

Started by Candace on 11/02/2011 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 11/04/2011 by Cassie


Melatonin and ASD

Is it common in aspergers autism or adhd children to have a lack of melatonin in their system. I recently put my daughter on this (the minimum 3mg tab) and she has been...


Is it the parent?...

So I'm watching a movie where the parents have 3 kids....one is a raging drunk, the other wont have kids with her husband because she's scared what her parents might say and...

Started by Tah on 04/09/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 10/02/2014 by Ariana

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