Peace at last

I had an awesome Bikram yoga class tonight. As many of you may know, some classes are great, and some seem like they are your first. Tonight, I was in the zone! \n\nI had a...

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Avon Rep.

My name is Tammy Dupont andd I have been selling Avon for 18 years. I enjoy selling Avon and love my customers. Avon is a good company to do business with.


The First Years manual breastpump?

I've been struggling lately with low milk supply, and it's starting to push me towards frustration. I wish to increase my supply again for my little one who's just barely 4...


birth partner ??

so i just saw a post about " who you had in the room while you gave birth" and im wondering am i the only one who didnt have anyone in there with me??? i stayed at home...


learning to swim!!!

I have a set of 4 month old boy/girl twins. i want them to learn how to swim very early. i believe that when they are babies they will learn a lot faster. what do other moms...

Started by Jennifer on 07/02/2010 in Twins

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Cloth diapers?

So far, I'm in love with them. However, since I am still new, I was wondering if anyone had advice on: 1) How to get the stains out without bleaching or hanging outside. Where...


BaBy #2 On The Way!!!

So today my son tuned 8mths and my doctor called and said the pee test i took yeaserday said I was prego!!!! We have been trying for three mths...!!!! Im soo exceited but also...


Tizzie Hall's Save Our Sleep

Just wondering if any mums are using the routines in the book Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall? What are your experiences like? Are they working?

Started by Kirby on 02/14/2011 in Moms Of Preemies

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My 4yo has recently learnt to write her name and numbers 1 - 10. Yay lol. My question is how do i help her learn to read? Any tips/advice greatly appreciated!

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last feed help!

My little boy is 12weeks old, he has been gettin 7 ounces of hungry baby milk every 4 hours, he has now started falling asleep before his last feed at 11pm! i have tried moving...


8 month old with twins on the way at 20

My daughter will be 8 months on the 14th, and I will be 21 in August. I just found out I'm 8weeks pregnant with twins. I asked the doctor to check again several times! I'm just...

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please help me with advice or ideas!

My 11month old baby gilr is constantly getting diarrhea for two weeks since she finished her antbiotics. I took her to the doctor 3 weeks ago for cough and the doctor said one...



Does anyone have experience with this? I truly believe it to be legitimate, but I am still feeling doubt about my decision to use this birth method. I am in my last...


Help with dry hair

I am raising my great nephew he is 15 months and his mom is african american and his dad is white. I just read i am washing his hair too much but i have been trying mixed chicks...