Birth Stories

I wanted to start a thread that allowed all of us to share our birth stories! :D So here's mine... Aurora Jean arrived on May 23rd at 8:15 am weighing 7lb's 6oz and 18 1/2"...

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Any Advice for Student Bullied by Teacher?

I have one kid who is nervous about attending a new school this year. This child was picked on by one of the teachers continually during the school year, and then made fun in...

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Who Is interested in a playgroup?

My daughter is 8 months old, and I know from another thread that some moms are interested in a play group. So lets get one started! Any ideas of what to do and schedules would...


Universal HealthCare

Please tell us which country you are representing (i know a lot of us know each other but some of us are new) and let us know the following: Do you have it? Do you not have...


I Had My Baby!

After 12 hrs of excruciating pain & labor, my son is finally HERE!! His name is Marco Rashone Tucker Jr. He weighed 4lbs 11oz 18in long on January 6th, 2010 @ 6:23 am. He is...

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What symptom gave it away?

Was there any one symptom that told you something was wrong? Or was it a multitude? My biggest signal I think was how dizzy I was getting. My eyesight was progressivly getting...


Ugh, my mother's day sucked

We have 3 small children (4YO, 2YO, 3MO) so they aren't able to buy me something themselves nor are really at the age yet to tell dad what they want to get me. I've never...

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Hi Everyone, I just wanted to welcome all of you to this support system for those with or those who know someone with Peri/Post-Partum Cardiomyaopathy. My name is Trisha and I...


how did you lose your mother

My mother committed suicide when I was 17. That was 12 years ago. I find myself wishing she were available to answer questions and enjoy her grandchildren. I know she would...

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no freedom whatsoever!!!

im 19 years old and i have a 3 month old son. I got married last december to my husband who is now 25, but we have been having some issues. i know im married and a mother but i...


9 month checkup

Jesse had his 9 month checkup today. He is 18 pounds and 27" long. He seems so huge from when we brought him home. He is doing well, he is down to taking the Zantac once a...


Who had a c-section?

I was induced at 39 weeks, labored for 23 hours,and never dilated past 7. The epidural kept wearing off so I went through 2 hours of full pitocin contractions with NO pain meds,...


Low Amniotic Fluid at 37 Weeks

I have low fluid and I'm wondering what other mom's with low fluid have done for delivery?... Did you have to be induced or were you allowed to go into labor naturally? Were...



Hello! Im curious to how much all babies are eating. My daughter will be 3 months the 29th she eats 24 ounces in 24 hours. She eat 6 ounces at 7am 11am 3pm and 7pm skipping the...


Due 10-10-11!

Anyone due Oct. 10th? How are you feeling? Any new symptoms? I have been having a ton of pressure and starting to get to the "im tired and uncomfortable" stage.

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