4 weeks and I still can't pee!

Ok, this is an awkward thing to talk about, but my doctor keeps reassuring me that this is common, however I haven't found ANYONE who's had this problem this long. I've been...

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end of the rope day?

Please let me know there are other moms out there that have days when you just feel you are at the end of your rope!! I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and have a 2.5...


Gross motor developement skills

Ok so my 9 month old baby girl is laid back. She is quiet and happy but rarely wants to move out of a sitting position. I really wasn't worried. Having a 4 yr. old I kind of...

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Should cartoons push the vaccine debate?

Cafemom My kids watch TV while I'm working, and while I usually tune it out, sometimes I hear certain words that grab my attention. Lately I heard "fight the flu", "flu...

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Hi. my name is Rachael

Hi, My name is Rachael MacSwain. I am a 28 year old mother of one. I live in Montague ,PEI. I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy when I was 17. I had the symptoms for probably 6...



We were devestated to find out at an u/s being 11 weeks pregnant, the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks and had no heartbeat :( now I have to have a D&C next week b/c I'm going...

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Not enough Milk?

I stopped breastfeeding my 16 month old daughter at 5 months, but not because I wanted to! When she was born she latched on perfectly from the start and we had no problems. She...

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Desperately need...

advice on splitting up waking up with the baby in the middle of the night. My daughter has recently started waking up around 4-6 am and ready to play. I am a sahm BUT I do...

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Just venting about DH :)

I am soooooo frustrated!!! Because of a medical condition I was told 9 yrs ago right after my ds was born that I really shouldn't try to have any more kids (I always wanted...


Confused need advice

Hello Everyone I need some advice im a single parent with two kids ages 6 and 4 I live in Boston which i hate , i dont like the school systems and theres not much to do with...



My son is 7 weeks old. He has maybe only spit up 10-15 tmes since birth. Last week he had an episode of projectile vomiting that was a pretty large amount. I didn't think much...