my daughter has autism do u have any ideas on how the hell i get a good nites sleep? lol


not sleeping in her own bed

hi all,im sure we`ve all gone through it at some point but my little girl will not sleep in her own bed,ive tried everything and i always end up giving in and letting her sleep...


Teething, but molars already?

My son is almost 7 months old. He has two teeth on the bottom front. I was feeling around in his mouth the other day and on his right side I felt a molar about to come in. Is...


Postpartum depression

I Went to the Doctor the Other and Found out that I have Postpartum depression. Now I'm takiing Meds, But it is only Day one on them. It really took alot of my pride to tell my...


Advice for Teaching Sixth Grade?

I just accepted a position teaching sixth grade science and social studies in my building. I have always taught primary grades (second grade), so this is a new challenge!...

Started by Stephanie on 04/20/2009 in Teacher Moms

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Stimulant Based Medications

My 10 year old son is very bright, smart, and funny. He has behavioral issues that we are considering medication for again. We tried non-stimulant based medication and have...


So, is this rejection or what?

My daughter and I are three months in and doing amazingly well. I'm glad I grinned and bared it for the first 6 weeks--the pain was debilitating. Anyway, a few weeks ago Miss...


Oh,my Hurting Hips! Anyone else?

I'm currently 38 wks along with my second child and have been having problems with my hips since month 5. I fell down my basement stairs at 24 wks and broke my tailbone,which...

Started by Jennifer on 02/17/2009 in March 2009 Babies

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Pronunciation problems

My 2 year old daughter Riley is very smart and has a huge vocabulary...just has pronunciation difficulties. I guess I didn't realize until I recently hosted play group. Some...

Started by Kelsi on 09/28/2010 in July 2008 Babies

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when to start solids

so my baby will be almost 4 months at the end of the month and i want to start feeding him solids but what time of the day is best morning or night? and you just give him the...

Started by Alisha on 12/12/2009 in Moms Under 30

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