day care drama

hi all the mum's ! just wanted to ask u all as mi lil princess is turning 2 in april , as i have already started work and im now sending her 2 childcare for 3days every wk , she...

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My ADHD Bible

Hi Moms, I have received many emails from moms asking where I get ideas from in modifying my children's behavior and helping them gain control. My kids child psychiatrist gave...


Trouble with bedtime and me time.

My 9 month old still gets up 2-3 times a night. I have tried cutting down on her naps but nothing seems to work. She is also attached to me every waking hour. I have 2 other...



my daughter got hit in the head with a phone at day care today!!!! she has told me that this one kid had been picking on her...her teacher said she didnt see anything!!! well...

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dynamic movement orthosis

Does anyone have any experience with a Dynamic movement orthosis? It is made by Boston Brace and is a one piece suit that a child wears under their clothes for more imput and...



My sons wants to tell my son that there is no santa clause when he gets old enough but I dont agree with that at all. I always grew up thinking that there was a santa clause and...



My son will be 4 months old on April 9th. Well this weekend will be the first weekend his father has our son period, on top of that, it will be at his new girlfriends house! How...

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SAHM Returning to the Classroom

Hi everyone. I have a 16 month old daughter and I have been at home with her since she was born. I will be returning to my post as a high school English teacher in the fall...


Her Father's Girlfriend Is Calling Herself Mommy

My daughter is two years old. After spending Christmas day with her dad and then the weekend with him, I met up with him on his regular day, Tuesday. He takes her every other...

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bad attitude

I am recently divorced (separated from my ex since Dec 2009) and my son is 4.5 yrs old and has been giving me attitude. He is a sweet and loving boy but since I left my ex my...

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Really annoyed at the birth mother's actions!!

Like she couldn't make herself look anymore stupid!! She has full custody of my step son and my husband has supervised visits because he didn't have a lawyer and you'd think she...

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