7yr recently diagnosed w ADHD

My son was recently diagnosed with having ADHD. I always just assumed he was just an overly active busy little boy. So I think back to all the times he has gotten in to trouble...



hi i have a fifteen year old son who is epileptic and does not like his tablets, i also have epilepsey. i am interested to here from anyone in same boat for support. thanks susan


weaning herself? need advice

Lyla is now 10 months old, and wants little to nothing to do with nursing. Getting her to latch on is a circus act of movement and singing, only for her to nurse for a max of 5...

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Table food with no teeth?

My daughter is almost 9 months old, and doesn't have any teeth yet: I'm still nursing, but I'm also feeding her two meals a day. At each sitting, she eats two 3rd Foods jars,...


Baby Hatches

I have just finished watching a documentary about a man who was abandoned as a baby and heard the term Baby Hatch. These hatches are attached to outer walls of hospitals so...


i need sleep

my 2 boys ages 3 and 4 never sleep. usually our nighttime routine is they eat dinner around 5-6 we do a cleanup of the house then bath and the bedtime fight starts around 8....


potty training

i am wanting to start to potty training my 15 month old daughter... how do i know when she is ready and what do i do?


My 13yrs old Thinks she bisexual

Not that I was looking for it but as a mom I wanted to check the company she's keeping on her cell phone. So while looking through her text msg.'s I found conversation that...


post partum or crazy???

So the day I brought home my daughter's I just sat and cried I tried to tell my bfn but he didn't seem to understand.I started having these weird paranoid thoughts not only...


my story

ok my boyfriend and i have been together for almost 2 yrs. We have a child together (hailey is 8 months) he also has a child who is going on 5 years old. we never got to see her...

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