School lunches

I have seen an surge in articles about schools that decide whether what you pack for your kids lunch is nutritious enough and force them to eat school lunch if it doesn't meet...

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I need help on how to handle stress

I have 17month old twin boys nd im a single mother nd sme days are good sme days are bad. some days I be stress out from trying to wrk nd then cme hme nd run nd clean after...

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The Birds and The Bees

My daughter just turned 9! YIKES! Anyway, I realize girls can start pueberty as early as 9, so this got me thinking about "The Talk". I have yet to REALLY do a lot of...

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Trying to forgive and forget

this evening my sister (with no children of her own and a husband who sits at home all day and plays video games while she serves in the Navy) went off on me about things that...


Confused about wool

I have been looking in to getting wool covers for night-time diapering but am confused... I am sure you use a PF underneath the wool, but do you use anything over the top?...


Teaching Reading during Social Studies

Social Studies is basically a reading subject so if some children have problems with this subject it could be a reading problem. Make sure the students have access to a...

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how do i get my 2 year old to self settle??

i want to teach my 2 year old to go to sleep without me being there. so far he gets out of bed every time i put him in there and seems to think it's abit of a joke. any hints...

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Lost and need advice

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now, he always talked about having children and said he was ready. Well got pregnant and how quickly that flew out the window he...

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new autism community

Hi Everyone, I have just started my son on the GFCF (Gluten-free/ Casein-free) diet. I started a new community - Autism/ GFCF diet/ Biomedical treatment...


What to do with my boy??

I haven't recently had a baby and am nursing now my four year old son is absolutly infatuated with my boobs. Every time I am working out or doing anything he is commenting on...

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Cheers and Jeers!

Okay, so ... in high school I was on the newspaper staff, and we used to call the column "Cheers and Jeers" we used to include good news and bad news... so here it is! YAY!!!...

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Pagan Mommy to be!!! HELP!!!

My husband and I are having our first baby together. Just found out and very excited. Yay!!! Problem? Well, I'm Native American and grew up with old ways and very pagan. My...


Do certain types of dreams mean anything in real life?

My name is Tiffany but you can call me "Tip" and I have been having this particular dream for a while now, I don't know if this dream is about me or somebody that I know BUT I...

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I want another baby.

I think I want to have another baby. I have a 18 mth old boy and a 4 mth old girl. As u can tell I had them back to back. So I had said I dint want any more but then I had to...


In laws

So I have been with my fiance for three years we have a one year old son, but ever since I got into this relationship I feel unwanted by his family, I will put effort in and go...

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Iron Problems

My daugher Kailey has always had problems with her iron being low. We have had her on Vitamins for 2 years and she eats some stuff that is good for her iron but it's still not...

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Has anyone's lil one had their adenoids out...?

Hey all! We've been told our lil man may need to have his adenoids out (he's been waking all through the night since he was born!). Apparently it can be quite dangerous if we...

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