I am the soon to be step mom of one, I have been in SD and her fathers life since she was 4 months old, she is now 3 and a half. Recently I have been becoming agitated when Dad...

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Now Hiring Moms!

I work from home, as a biology professor and an IBO through a company called Ameriplan. I work part-time at the local community college teaching biology, but I only work about...


I'm not sure how to get through to my 5 year old...

My son just barely turned 5 in july so he barely made the mark for entering kindergarten this year, but the teachers are saying that he should have another year of preschool....

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Stopping visitation

I got pregnant after a guy lured me in while I was intoxicated and then ejaculated in me while I was asleep. He later bragged about getting me pregnant. Anyways, I have an...


He does not use words! Help!

I have a step-son who will be 3 in March and he is still not talking! He will say "hi, bye, train, truck, mommy, daddy" and thats about it. Other then that, he does not talk and...

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Boob preference

My 11 month old son has a boob preference. Actually, he sometimes refuses to eat from the left side. He's at the point right now where I nurse him just on one side and then...


My daughter and the bathroom

I have noticed here more recently how my daughter has to use the restroom more than any child I have ever met. Could there be something wrong with her?


Baby acne on the scalp and arms?

My son has red bumps all over his cheeks, chin, neck and back of his neck. Im assuming its baby acne but its on his scalp as well and he has a couple on his arms...I was...

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adeniods ??

has anyones child had their adeniods out wot was it like 4 them and you ?? my daughter is 18 months and mite b having them out!!



Megan has got very bad reflux, she is 5 months old. Will this soon stop? She is picking up weight and is healthy otherwise...


crazy dreams!

ok, so I am 24 weeks pregnant with a boy and from the time I was about 10 weeks or so, long before we knew boy or girl, I have had this recurring dream that I have the baby in...


whats my chances of twins again?

i am a fraternal twin and my first pregnancy aged 18 i fell pregnant at 19 i had fraternal boys, at 20 weeks gestation i found out one had cdh (diaphragmatic hernia) when they...

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