Can I combine school and newborn??

My last year at Uni starts in August and I'm expecting my baby in October...I don't want to postpone a year of school...Any tips, advice, help??!!!

Started by SashaCara on 07/05/2012 in Student Moms

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I need help to better help my child.

Hi, I'm a single mom of two and I need help. I had my daughter when I was 19 and I did all the fun stuff with her but I failed to really engage her in learning till she was...

Started by Crystal on 10/13/2015 in Working Moms

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How are you feeling about childbirth now?

I'm curious, about a year after the birth of your child, how are you feeling about the experience? What are your thoughts on the passage into motherhood? What new perspectives...

Started by Angela on 08/26/2009 in July 2008 Babies

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Father and teen age son fighting

I am writing because I am concerned with my husband and teen age sons (16 and 18) fighting. Last night our 16 year old (stronger and in better shape then my husband) was asking...

Started by User on 12/16/2014 in Moms Of Teenagers

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I have a 14 month old little girl. She had been feeling stuffy for a bit and last night got a high fever. I took her to the doctors and she has the start of pneumonia. We picked...

Started by Shannon on 11/28/2008 in Moms Under 30

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Hidden twin?

Ok so here is the deal. I am now 23 wks and have had a very rough pregnancy so far. I have recently began wondering if I might be carrying twins and it is unsuspected or hidden....

Started by Misty on 12/03/2010 in Pregnancy

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Frequent feedings

I am mother of a 7 week old. When we conceived we agreed that we were going to only breastfeed. I read books and asked questions of many. We decided we do the schedule method...

Started by Jessica on 05/02/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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pain durning sex after c-section

I have a question for all of the mom's out there that have had c-sections befor. Well i was just woundering if yall have any sort of pain durning sex after your c-section. My...

Started by Kimber on 06/03/2011 in C-sections

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My 12 rear old daughter has been diagnosed as on autistic spectrum, in main stream school, gets very angry and violent towards me, anyone who has experienced this with their...



My daughter of 12 years has been sick th epast few days because of stomach pains, painfull and full breast, so i thought she will be getting a period soon.. How old do they have...