Formula top-ups?

I am currently breastfeeding my son (he's 6 weeks old tomorrow) and he's definitely putting on adequate weight - at his last weighing session (last Friday) at the baby clinic he...


My 8 year ild son is acting 5

I have a 8 year old son who lives with his father and is acting more and more like the preschoolers i teach everyday. He cries all the time is getting harder and harder to...

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Explaining Heaven and Hell..... WOW

Well... we don't go to church half as often as we probably should. I will totally admit to that.... but we used to go every Sunday.... my oldest remembers. Well at nearly 7... I...


HELP---Potty Training

My son Jaydon will turn 4 in March. No matter what i do i just cant seem to get him to understand using the potty. I can get him to sit on the potty but going in it is a...


When will or have you told.

Just curious how many weeks were you when you told your family. I am 8 weeks and we haven't told our family yet. I am high risk this time and this is our second child. The...


I am at the end of my rope...

I am 26 years old and have been over weight all my life. I have tried everything under the sun to change it, well everything other than going under a knife, however nothing...

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I listen to all sorts of music - is music a part of your life? I find that music can be very uplifting and also very depressing - depending on my mood and depending on the song....

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Too young for this pic girls?

My 9 year old son told me something and showed me something today and it kinda shocked me. OK....A friend of his gave him a pic of a woman in a bikini. No big deal or is it? I...



my son is three now..but I'm interested in homeschooling him. I do not drive for health rreasons so transporttion (although "family members'" would see to it he gets back in...

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my lil girl was born with cmv are there any other mothers out there who also have a child that was born with cmv


7yo that screams and has huge tantrums

My 7yo son is really making me pull out my hair! He is VERY sarcastic and the screaming is unbearable. I mean he really screams at the top of his lungs and carries on for...

Started by Amy on 11/18/2011 in School-Age Kids

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