anyone else's not saying much?

Anyone else's 15 month old not saying much? My daughter babbles in her own language all day long and will say a few real words, but doesn't use them very consistently. I feel...


Confused and Need help!

Back story, I have sole physical custody and joint legal custody of my son with his bio father. He has not been consistent with contact, child support and health care. I am also...

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Other countries parenting views

Anyone else find some really interesting (weird!) parenting styles, views and ways from other countires? I just find some are soooo different from information that we are given...

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Hello All!!

I'm sorry I haven't been active yet in this group. I started it to hopefully find more moms going through this and have gotten very busy. I'm a 33 year old mother of a 12...

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i need help

my daughter is hailie she is 8 months she has had her lip repair. but in april she is getting the palet surgery. they want her eating baby food and all she dose is push it out...


Television wars :-)

At what age do you start letting your child watch TV? I know the AAP says 2 years, but my mother bought us these "educational" DVD's for my son, who is 2 months, and she keeps...



So i put up an ad with my mat leave ending to see if anyone would be interested in hiring a nanny, who could bring there kid along. Shockingly i found a family who is very...


New to the group! Hello!

Hi! I just found this group. Mey daughter is 9 and has had Alopecia since she was 3. For the last year she has had no reoccurance, however I am certain she will soon. It always...

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what to do ?

my husband started a new job out of town, but since then he asks a hundred questions about what I do all day. He says that facebook is a booty call from what he hears from...

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My son, now 8, has recently decided to start lying. No major lies however I'm not sure how to stop it. We tried grounding him & taking things away but he doesn't seem to really...

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