Boy scouts are they good for boys.

My son asked about joining for a while now. My Dad tells stories from back in the early 60's when he was in. My Brother was in the 80's and seemed to be the only times he...

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I am stressed out! I am a mom of a three year old, work full time and I go to school part time. I am so stressed and I don't feel like I have time to relax. What do you do to...

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I am a newly single mommy

I am newly single I just got divorced and I have a two yr old.I just would like people's thoughts on life with just one parent.

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When to date

This has nothing to do with my kids but I was wondering when to date? Just so I know in the future. I also would like to know what to say if they ask to early.


Hi Everyone

Hello everyone thanks for welcoming me to your group. My name is Haylee and I'm a 24 year old mum of 2, Dallas (6) and Imogen (4). I also work full time and am on my own,...

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is there anyhting to help with antibiotics causing diarrhea?

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Widows with children?

Are there any other widows with children on here? I have one child. My husband died in a car accident when she was 5 months old. She is now 3 and I know she is going to...


Suggestions for increasing milk supply?

My baby is almost 5 months old, and I'd like to try and continue breastfeeding, but I feel like I'm producing less and less, and she's getting more formula than breastmilk...

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vitamin b12 shots

Does anyone have experience with vitamin b12 shots? Did they help with speech and communication ? How long before you started to see results?


Thinking of homeschooling in AL

Anyone from AL that Homeschools, looking for advice to get started and how to get started. Let me know please. Thanks and God Bless


Evan Ryan Taylor

Day 9: October 23, 2009

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5 year old still breastfeeding...

Do you cringe when you see a toddler with a pacifier? Should kids do chores? Are time-outs ineffective? If your interested in these and other hot topic issues join "Parenting...

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