normal feelings? almost 9 months pregnant..

i've been feeling extremely disconnected from my boyfriend (baby daddy). he's absolutely amazing and treats me like a princess. no one has ever made me feel this good or made me...

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getting scared

hi everyone, my nearly 5yr old boy has just been diagnosed with odd and borderline adhd. to say the last 5 years have been hell is an understatement!!!!!. we are starting on...


11 year old ADHD son and middle school

First off, I'm so glad I found this site...I hoping some of you can assist me with some direction. My son has started middle school and it has not been good. He has 9 classes...


infant multivitamins with iron

hello! i have a question in regards to what multivitamins w/ iron you mums have used. my little one is ten months and breastfed. she eats well, not all the time, but when she...


i need help

my son almost 4 cant fix the blocks properly.he cant open the bottle.he has difficullty using his fingers properly.his eye sight is weak.he has difficulty in focussing at things...

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Hmmm. . . Awfully quiet in here

I guess we don't have a lot to say after all, do we? ;) I just wanted to check in and say hello. I don't have any stories to tell this evening. . . unless you count the new...


Baby resisting solids

Our baby is nearly 7 mos. We have been working on solids for 2 months. First, we did rice cereal. She took to it after a few days, so I asked her day care to take that over...

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What is manners to an 18 month old

I left my son father when i was 4 months pregnant because he was lying to me, he was sleeping with another woman and she was also pregnant for him, his daughter is 4 months...

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Ex and 2yr old + holiday???

My ex and i have 2 kids together. Lacie is 2 and a half and i am due Feb 6th with our second child. He has our daughter every weekend and when he dropped her off on Sunday he...



Hello.... I have a nearly three year old that has been on Soy formula and milk since he was six months old. I have recently been told that this can be quite harmful for boys...


HELP me think through this.... LOSING MY MIND!

I would like to hear some stories from you ladies about whether or not you got negative hpts (one OR SEVERAL times) before finding out you were/are pregnant???? I am losing my...

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My 13 month old

He was only 5.7 when born but he has always been a lil behind but now that he doesnt have formula, I go all day with sippy's but he just dont like them...He gets a bottle at...


How do you break a thumb sucking habit??

My 16 month old daughter has always been one to put her thumb in her mouth when she's tired. She has never actually sucked her thumb, just sits it in there & touches it w/ her...

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Twins?...Am I crazy?

I am 22 years old and a first time mom. Twins run in both mine and my husbands families and I am measuring larger than normal. Since I found out I was pregnant I wondered if I...

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those nasties!!

this is to anyone who has ever been bad mouthed or verbally attacked and insulted on here.... you just have to remember that anyone who bad mouths a person be it for age or for...