Potty Training

My three year old son just isn't into the whole potty training thing and wet diapers just doesn't seem to bother him. What are some good potty training techniques.?


Has anyone gotten pregnant on the mirena?

I have had my iud for about four months and about three and a half months of that i have not had a period :/ My question is.. how many other women have gotten pregnant with the...

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Toilet Training

I have been trying to get my 3 year old son to do number 2's on the toilet for some time now. He sits there, knows he wants to do it, and then gets really upset about it and...


Mouthy 8 year old!

I have a mouthy 8 year old son who does not listen most of the time and yells at me when I tell him to do something...I am getting very impatient with this...Does anyone have...


My 7 year old has begun to steal.

I have never had a problem with him before with stealing. Maybe it is the kids that is in our neighborhood, but he was at his fathers house, and his father told me that my son...

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My 7 yr olds behaviour

Myself and my husband are about round the twist with Scotts behaviour, he always gets himself in so much trouble he is very angry and ends up hitting himself, he calls people...


My daughter is failing 1st grade!

Okay here's the backstory. My 7 year old stepdaughter was taken from her mother by DCS last February. Her mom had gotten her on ADHD medicine, but we had her rediagnosed and her...

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Eating Schedule?

Hi everyone! My son, Brian, is going to be 8 months next week. I am curious to find out what other people's babies are eating and when. Right now Bri is on a schedule of...

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This is to all the mom's that gave birth to our stillbirths... we named our son Seth Edmund, b/date: 2/6/96, He would be 13... playing in God's garden. We only held him in...


sleeping babies on their tummys

i know everyone is all about SIDS and its a very scary thought but my mom and a lot of older generations slept their babies on their stomach and we're all alive arn't we? i mean...

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We have a three month boy, he is our first baby and he is an angel of a baby...except at his afternoon feed time, he gets so restless, arching his back and throwing himself...


is he tall

my cute son was 18 lb and 26 inches long in his four month appointment which was a month ago. i am 5.9 ft and hubby is the same ,i know time reveals everything ,but what do u...

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I have b/g twins who are now 6 months. They were born at 32 weeks, were good size and did really well.my boy though they started to notice his head grew, and it grew huge fast....

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Treatments for Poison Ivy?

So somewhere 3 of the 5 people in my family have poison ivy. My question i what other ways are there to treat poison ivy? We do the cool showers daily and bather up with...


Would you plan a multiple pregancy?

We have a 2yr old and a new baby (3mths) we are planning you have more in the next few years. I needed to use clomid to have my second daughter, and it increases your change of...