to much milk

my baby drinks bottle after bottle i can't get her to eat to much food n she's one years old i've put her on vitammins n went to doc so meny times what can i do


weight gain

my baby boy is 11 mnth old now,from da last two mnths due to teethng n some flu n cough he is not eating well n reduce up to 2kg weight he was 10kg now just 8kg,too much worried...


what they're up too

I have a 9 month old born on the 19th and wondering what your other 9 month babies are up too? mine crawls, sleeps through the night. stands up holding onto things.

Started by Miranda on 08/02/2011 in October 2010 Babies

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Hi need help with health issues

Hi my son is 4yrs he does not eat soild foods he more like a baby then a 4yr he was digonis with cerepal palsy and brain defiency we have to this today heard why done been too...


Colicky till when?

My 5 months old baby girl still shows signs of colic pains. Is it actually colic or other stomach pains. I believe its still colic, but she doesnt get as fussy as she used to...


mom sharon mancour

My Daughter talk to her self and she talk's a lot and my 4month old dosent do anything lays on the floor and when do he get jucie and baby food

Started by Sharon on 08/31/2013 in Toddler Moms

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Hi there My baby is 4 months old and still has wind 3 hours after feeding and it's making him very unsettled. He winds straight after his feeds away both ends no problems. I...


Breast feeding while Pregnant

I have a five month old and am six pregnant. I want to keep breast feeding but milk supply seems to be dropping. Is there any way of keeping my milk supply up


Is this cerebral palsy?

My sister daughter is 2,5 years. She was born premature ( 2 months)She can not stand by her self, she cannot walk, doesn't talk. She only can eat baby jar food. My sister...



I haven't pumped in 5 days what can I take to increase my milk supply ? Or have I waited to long please help I'm a first time mon


going off eating

my 9 month old girl use to love eating her muched foods. anithng i would cook her, like lots of broccoly, spinash, squache, sweet potato, lentils, baby rice, pears and apples,...

Started by Susana on 12/26/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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I have a almost 13 month old son who since he was 5 months old was found to be allergic to DAIRY and SOY.. I am just looking some fresh ideas on food that do not have Milk or...