Kids close in age

How do you deal with the stress? I have a 2 and a half year old, an 8 month old, and one on the way. (The first two were planned, the one I'm preg with now was a surprise.) I...


To work or not work? Expecting 2nd child....

We have a 3 y/o and are expecting our 2nd in four weeks. Our 3 y/o goes to Grandmas 3 days a week and daycare 2 days. The baby will need daycare 5 days a week! Between daycare...

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Parenting Tips

What's the best advice you've ever received on parenting ? If you had to share a few words of wisdom with first-time parents, what would they be ?


Tired mom feeling guilty

I'm a mom of two beautiful, very active and healthy boys ages 1 and 3. Their father and I are together, but not living together right now. We are staying with his family and...


How hard is it?

Hi everyone! I am currently a working mom, but have been longing to be a SAHM for years. My oldest is 5 and the other is 17 months. After vocalizing my frustration with...

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Any advice will help...

EDIT: I'm out of ideas on what to do for him. If this is normal someone please please tell me. He is eating all of the food in the house and we cannot keep up with him. I use...

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I need to lose weight and am curious as to what healthy diets anyone has had success may be. I am nursing, so I need to be realistic, but my baby is seven months old now and I...

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35 reasons to give birth at home

35 Reasons to Give Birth at Home: In no particular order- 1. Homebirth is safer – Your house is a lot less likely to be a source of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and...

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25 week preemie NEC and other problems

My son Xander was born March 2, 2012 at 25 weeks 2 day he was 1lb 12oz and 12.5 inches long.. He has had many issues grade3/4 IVH which has caused many seizures, 2 lung bleeds,...



my 3 yr old daughter has a really bad thing with screaming at the top of her lungs if she doesnt get what she wants. She wont eat her vegies she just wants junk all the time and...



How do I encourage my 5 month old to play? He loves to walk around with me holding him up by his hands, and enjoys knocking things off the coffee table (which he does while...

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October 2008 Twins?

I'd love to hear from any other moms of October 2008 twins. What are their milestones? big challenges?

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