Are we born with sexual identity?

Basically I'm wondering how many people feel that someone is born as the wrong gender, I was unsure about this issue myself for many years, until i read one story. A woman had...

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are you sick of...

We are all single parents and some of us have dead beat fathers/sperm donors to our children that don't want anything to do with them , and then there are those other women that...


Holding my 6yr old back in kindergarten.

They r talking about holding my daughter back a year bc she cannot write a sentence.She will be 7 in October and I know it is might be a good thing bc she may need it but I...

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I have a 9 year old that has severe ADHD and aggressive behavors, He is about to be kicked out of school. he is very aggressive towards the teachers and the students. he has...


How did all you mommy's cope with daycare??

My daughter will be 21/2 in a couple of days, Im fixing to have to put her in daycare..:( I've spent everyday with her, so it's going to be really hard...Just curious of how you...

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I feel like the world's worst mom...

First and foremost, I do not want ANYONE passing judgement or insulting me, as this is already extremely difficult to deal with and I am using CoM as a way to reach out and see...

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terrible 2's stage at 18months

i have an 18month old who is coming into the terrible 2's early. How do i deal with her saying NO to everything i say and not listening to anything i tell her to do unless i...


Trying to find an answer

My almost 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago. Her pediatrician tried all the meds available and we have not seen an improvement in her, so he sent us...


Ah the discipline debate!

Hey I'm new to the community and was really interested after reading a few posts! I have an interesting little debate well honestly I just want to hear some input on the...

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My maternity leave has ended...I need help!!!

My maternity leave ended October 20th (the Monday after Fall Break). I have a 1st grade self-contained classroom with 15 boys and 8 girls. Needless to say, I am about to go...

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help please

after christmas my 2 step kids r coming to live with us perminately. they'll b goin to a new school, n being school holidays n my partner wrking long hours, i will b spending...

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Hi I am new to this group and although I do not have a child with FASD I am an active member in a group in Kingston that advocates awareness about FASD and for my part I make...