How much does you husband make?

Hi ladies, i just gave birth to our 3rd and last baby and would like to stay home with the kids and not go back to work after my mat leave so i m wondering how much you hubby...

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I have a 3.5 yr old and 4 mth old and I am a SAHM. I feel guilty bc I feel as if I am not doing enough with my 3.5 yr old. Can someone give me a day in the life of a mom with...

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Hi I'm new here

Hi everyone. My name is Annie and I am the mom of a 3 1/2 year old who was born premature. I have never had a chance to talk to anyone who has been what we went through with...

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how much food should i give??

My daughter is 5month old and started her on foods at about 4month maybe bit after and has took to it very well. At the moment i give he an 8oz bottle morning, 8oz dinner time...

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curious to compare pregnancies and stories with other mothers :) Im pregnant with my 3 rd child and I have a nearly 3 year old daughter and a 17 month old son :) I like to hear...

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Breastmilk to Whole Milk

My daughter turned a year on June 30th and I have solely breastfed her since day 1. She would never take a bottle so I was never able to pump or have a break because she still...

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outdoors lifestyle with a toddler

Hi, my baby girl is one and I have decided that I am going to do everything with her this summer... camping hiking biking, canoeing etc. I am a single mom and have decided...


my body back!!

Okay so in 2 years i'll be 30 and i've heard over and over that once you get into your 30's it's sooo hard to keep weight off! Well, i had my first child when i was 20 and after...


my fears

1. My son won't be invited to birthday parties like he is now. He's received several invitations where the parents simply send an invite to every child in the class. Now...he...


Refuses to nap!

My 13 month old daughter, Shayna refuses to nap! When she was 11 months old, she would wake up at 7 and take a morning nap around 10, but now that she's over 1 year old she...


birth control..

One of my daughter friends has had sex I heard her ask "what was it like?"...shoud i just b/c she inquired about it put her on birth control? Would You? ....Mind you we talked...

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Really annoyed at the birth mother's actions!!

Like she couldn't make herself look anymore stupid!! She has full custody of my step son and my husband has supervised visits because he didn't have a lawyer and you'd think she...

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Weight of my 4 yr old

I have a daughter who weighs 52 lbs. She is 4, gonna be 5 in April. When she was born, she had acid reflux. She would projectile vomit everytime we feed her. Her doctor...