Scared of the H1N1 vaccine!!!!

I have decided, after a great deal of research, that I am not going to get my 6 month old daughter vaccinated against the flu (specifically the H1N1 vaccine) due to the unknown...

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Question for all you young moms

I got pregnant with my twins at 20, and am 22 years old now. My b/g twins are going to be 17 months on Nov 8. However, out of my group of friends I am the only one with kids....



ok so my baby boy is 2 months 1 week old. he was 5 weeks preemie. hes a pick me up baby....how do i get him out of that so that i can do housework etc without him needing to be...

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am I in the right place

I adopted our son a month ago. my husband and I are white, our son is African American. Most beautiful boy I have seen. He's not biracial but we face a lot of criticism for...


Pregnant and Breastfeeding

I have a 13 month who is still breastfeeding in the morning and right before bed. I found out I'm pregnant (don't know how far along) and am just wondering if there have been...


When to start working on my second child

So I really want to start trying for my second. I really miss being pregnant. but I have a 14 month old boy right now. So I'm not sure what to do. When did everyone start...

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sooo my son's father has been out of his life since he was born, came home for christmas to spend it with us but other than that for connor's whole life, a lil over a year his...

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induction )):

okay so i just had an OB check today...i will be 40wks this saturday and my cervix is completey closed...i have a scheduled induction set for november 1st that is if i don't...


Fussy all of a sudden?

My Kara, born October 14, was a perfect little angel for the first ten days. Then in the last 2-3 days, all she does is cry unless she's totally swaddled up and asleep with...


what to give my daughter to eat?

Hi i have a daughter who is nearly 10 months and i have been trying different foods on her like mashed potato, tinned tomatoes, fish fingers and cakes, cheese spread, jam, fresh...

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too early??

Ive been getting alot of reactions from friends and family memebers about getting my 2 month old an exersaucer already and putting her in there to play. she has very good neck...


Getting rid of the pacy....

My little man has started to chew on his pacy more than actually suck on it. does anyone have any suggestions on how to ween him off it? he only uses it to take naps or when...

Started by Melissa on 11/10/2010 in August 2009 Babies

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