Mom of twins. How did you handle the first year with twins?

Since I had the twins I think I have coped well with an two extra additions to the family but lately this whole 9 month teething thing is keeping me mostly home bound. At least...

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Options when your children get ignored

My ex's family won't acknowledge my girls unless there is contact on a regular basis between my ex and my girls. My ex hasn't contacted my girls for about 2 years now, and from...


Death of a child

Our 17 year old died in a near fatal car accident about 16 months ago. Then we moved 3 months after that and left our 16 year old behind to finish off high school. This has...


The book Out of Sync Child

Has anyone read this book yet? I have been looking for answers to all of my son's behavioral/developmental issues and nobody can find medical reasons why he acts the way he...


I could really use some encouragement!!

I just need to vent a bit! I'm a 30 year old mom of 2.... my son is 3 and my daughter is 5 months, which is exhausting!! My husband is also unemployed and I have NOT been...

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help my 21/2 year old is miserable

can anyone please help me? my two and half year old is miserable. he was a happy little boy before although he eating habits have been quite poor they are even worse now because...

Started by Haley on 06/08/2009 in Children Of 2006

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Crossing Boundaries .

I'm in need of some advice, make that desperate need. The situation between my sons stepmother & I is not good. It's to the point where I feel myself slowly being phased out...


Identical twins stillborn

hi there, Just wondering if anybody has experienced what i am trying to deal with. I lost my twin boys on 13.08.2010 at 32 weeks when i was booked in to have them the next week,...


What about you?

What in your life, makes you the person you are today??? I look up to assertive women - Im more passive than assertive, and i despise that about me. Im def. all about standing...

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Help im so confused

I went to an outside ultrasounf facility at 16 weeks babys legs were crossed an cord between legs, she sd she got a couple quick glances and she sd 70% boy but wanted me to come...

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What do i tell them?

My husband and i are in the middle of a divorce after 5yrs together but only 7 months of marriage.... he had an affair with a 15 year old hes looking at going to prison for...

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13 year old daughter

Help, I am 47 and have a 13 and 9 year old girl. My 13 year old is becoming harder and harder to deal with. I hate to admit this but there are times when I really don't like...

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maybe u guys cud help.....

Caleb is onli 18mths....he seems to be in a phase that he only listens to dad. it fustrates me how he doesnt listen to me. i give him a direct order and he laughs and walks...


should i be worried about RAD

hi we are currently transtioning a 12 motnh baby to live with us permanetly. she has been with the same foster carer for six months and before that was in a negletful situation...



Hey, Just joined this group, i had my baby girl, Keely, on 14th November 2008, she was 8lb1oz born and has had a lot of growth issues since, she is 8mths and 2 days today and...