I am a mother of 3 children. 2 boys and 1 one girl. 6,3, 2. For my children they all have healthy curiousities and are very rambunctious. But once they hit three (and as you...

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1.) I have a 3 year old Cousin, who I watch Monday - Wednesday & Friday, and his mom is trying to potty train him. Well, her way of potty training is at her home she let him...

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Trials & Tribulations of Mommyhood

As a relatively new mom, I have become privy to some of the day-to-day occurrences that one faces with a growing child. For example, in the beginning I discovered just what evil...

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not excelling in school

Hi, I'm new here. Just wondered if anyone had advice, My daughter is in 2nd grade, and not excelling in school. Especially reading, she seems to be lagging behind.


I took the bottle a way from my 22m old

he will drink juice all day in his cup.but refuse to drink his milk in the cup.he would only get a bottle at night and at nap time. what can I do to help him with the change?

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potty training

my son is two years old and i need suggestions on getting him potty trained. He likes to take off his diaper and he sits on the toliet with his diaper on. He is capable of...


different treatment

Hi there. I was wondering if someone else might feel like I do. When I was a kid, my little sister died of leukemia, when she was 3, I was 4. I thought I managed to move on, but...


What to eat?

My baby boy will be 10 months this week. He is starting to eat some table foods. He likes to eat when I eat. I was just curious as to what kind of table foods I should be trying...

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Hi, Ive been a member for awhile but Ive never posted before. So here it goes my soon to be 4 year old caleb is in the middle of ieps and testings for autism/aspergers I'm...


This kid is taking me down!!!

Im a 30 year old stay at home mom of 3 Great kids. Last year I was given the opportunity to take on a friends infant son while she went back to work. It was great, I was still...


Am I a bad mum?

Ok, here it goes I am 23 married and have to boys aged 4 and 2 1/2. And I am finding I am always yelling at my children, don't get me wrong I love them dearly, but there are...

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