hi! i'm new

my name is elizabeth, mama of two boys. my first was born 12 1/2 weeks early, and i failed with breastfeeding him. he only had expressed milk for 6 months. my baby will be four...


new to the group

hey everyone! i am new to the group and would love some advice on everything! my baby boy is 11 weeks on monday. he is starting to smile and laugh and it's wonderful! what else...



I have a very busy baby girl, Hailey born 8-9-08 She is crawling everywhere and is putting thing in her mouth all day I am on her pulling things from her mouth every 10 min. is...


Hello out there

Hi all, My name is Adele and I am a SAHM in Palmerston North. We have 3 children. One 6 year old boy called Aidan, and his twin baby sisters who are 3, and they are Alyssa and...


Potty Problem

My son is potty trained, and he pees and poops on the floor i dont know if hes doing it for attention or what and i dont know what to do as far as disipline it seems like we...


milk in bottle

Milk in bottle My baby boy who is turning 18 months next week can’t let go of his bottle of milk, he loves it so badly where he can not let go of it. When is the suitable...

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Ideal foods for a 13 month old.

Hi. I am a mother of 2, so i have a little experience... However, I am in need of some finger food ideas for my one year old. He has 8 teeth, and they're all in the front. Also,...

Started by Eunishia on 06/04/2010 in Circle Of Moms

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Family members watching your children?

Hi Ladies, I am the mother of two young children, a three month old baby and a three year old boy. I live near family and sometimes they watch my children, however I'm...

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I am a mother of 3 children. 2 boys and 1 one girl. 6,3, 2. For my children they all have healthy curiousities and are very rambunctious. But once they hit three (and as you...

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1.) I have a 3 year old Cousin, who I watch Monday - Wednesday & Friday, and his mom is trying to potty train him. Well, her way of potty training is at her home she let him...

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Trials & Tribulations of Mommyhood

As a relatively new mom, I have become privy to some of the day-to-day occurrences that one faces with a growing child. For example, in the beginning I discovered just what evil...

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not excelling in school

Hi, I'm new here. Just wondered if anyone had advice, My daughter is in 2nd grade, and not excelling in school. Especially reading, she seems to be lagging behind.