My son is 5 months old. I havent had pictures taken yet, only the hospital ones. Do you think its time pictures? Any good picture ideas for a boy?


learning to swim!!!

I have a set of 4 month old boy/girl twins. i want them to learn how to swim very early. i believe that when they are babies they will learn a lot faster. what do other moms...

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wants to meet new mums!!!

hi im 21 nearly 22 i have a 13 week old little boy and wanting to meet new mums around the same age for a chat and to maybe meet as im living in sheffield... since finding out i...


maternity jeans

Does anyone own a pair of the egg, pumpkin patch or jeans west maternity jeans or have used them before? With my last pregnancy I couldnt wear anything firm against my tummy at...


I need HELP with weaning

Hello ladies I need your help. I am a single mother with a beautiful 19 month baby boy named Ronan. Nursing has been a wonderful experience and I do love it but.... It has taken...

Started by Jennifer on 12/12/2010 in Single Moms

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Just thought I would share...

Because I am a proud mum right now. My 21 month old daughter just learned how to walk. And she walks like crazy now after only a couple of days. She was even running when we...

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Potty Training!!! YAY!!! LOL

How many other Sept 09 babies have started potty training?? My son has a potty and we are very slowly starting to train him. I'm starting by just putting him on the potty in...



my name is Pearl, I am a 32 years old mother married for 2 years now. last year 2011 God bless me with a loving handsome Boy and I didn’t spent much time with him as he was...


9 month old biting help

My 9 month old baby boy has 4 teeth (2 top 2 bottom) and had started to bite, I breast feed only. Any ideas, I have dealt with it before but only bottom teeth where in and I...

Started by Margaret on 10/08/2012 in Babies And Infants

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Low milk supply - desperate

Help other mommies! My baby boy is ten weeks old. My goal was to BF him exclusively for six months, but I've had to supplement with formula due to a sharp drop in my supply. My...

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These next few days are the hardest

For the next few days, I am going to be writing some thing to honor Nick and Kenny's birthday and Nick's passing. For me, this week is a tough one. Every year for the last 3...

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Lesson 22

I recently read that many girls start dieting when they are 8 years old. This pissed me off for two reasons ... one, because 8-year-olds should not be thinking about their...