too attached?

Im a single mom of and 8 month old girl.She is my only child and I am on maternity leave looking to go back to work very shortly.Ive been noticing she wants me most of the day,...

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It's time to wean :(

My daughter just turned one and I would like to start to wean her. She has never taken a bottle but does drink from a sippy cup. She eats solids well but when she sees me all...

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Sick child can't eat, pain, gas, and screams

Parent to a 2 1/2 year old who went to daycare fine on Friday, but came back being lethargic and sick. Developed high grade fever and sores on his lip. TLC through weekend with...

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bassinet to cot

my 5month old baby sleeps really well, at least 12 hours every night since she was 7weeks old. the problem is she sleeps on her stomach n i push the basinet back n forth until...


5 month old thinks bed time is nap time???

My son is 5 months old. Up until a week ago, he was sleeping just fine. He goes to bed between 7-7:30 and usually would wake up at around 4 am to eat and would go right back to...

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Great NIGHT sleeper stopped?? Why???!

Hello. My baby boy has always been a wonderful night sleeper since 2 mths old. Never had a wake time. Maybe just one wake time for feeding and that was it. As soon as he turned...


Muscle Spasms at 12 Weeks

Hello Mama's My little boy has been getting muscle spasms for a while now a few times per week in his left leg. He screams and cries for almost 15 minutes. It breaks my heart....



Nine years ago A Cold November night I said hello and goodbye at the very same time My heart pounding so many tears The dr arrived He brought to life My most...



Am a mom of 2 pre-term babies (they were orn at 32 and 33 wks) and am preggers with #3 that may also be born (by c-section if he dont turn soon) at 32 wks. Not many...

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