Broken Teens

I started reading a book called "What Your Daughter Isn't Telling You." I've only read the first chapter so far but I teared starting at the introduction. I've always had a...

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China c section rates skyrocketing!


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pre-school enrollment

hello mommies... well my toddler son will be 4yrs old in may(yayyy) and i was wondering how many mothers still enroll their children into pre-school...i was blessed to be...

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hey! i feel defeated!

hubby tries but cant underrstand, his mom was pioneer(non drinker) farmers wife that did everything in the home without complainig still next door and stirring shit! can never...

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Waking up screaming bloody murder??

I'm new on here, and i am in need of any advice or ideas on this. I will give a little bit of background info to start off with. I'm a 24 year old mother living with my fiance...


My Daughter sleeping in her crib

My daughter is 8months old. She never would fall asleep unless givin her cereal,bath and then the boobs & shed pass out on the boob. Well it wasnt a consistant thing for...

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ok i have this infant vibrating noise making chair that my little guy LOVES. he will sleep in it day and night if he could. as soon as i move him to his bassinet he wakes up and...


I can't pt her down and CIO is not an option!

My 5 month old just got out of the hosp. Thurs. last week after being there for 4 days with pneumonia and reactive airway disease. While she was in the hosp, she was held 24/7....

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need advice...

hi ladies im a single parent and my daughter is 17months. Im just wondering if you have any tips on how i can get her playing by herself? right now what ever i do she is there...


Toddler Waking up screaming?

My 25 month old has NEVER slept through the night, as a rule. He has quite a few times, but most nights he wakes up screaming like he is scared at about one or two in the...

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Take away the binki

When is a good time to take away the binki(pacifier). BrookLynn is 17 months and loves her binki. She has become so dependent on her binki since i took away the...


constant night wakings... please HELP!

my baby girl is 6 months old, breastfed pretty much exclusively and co-slept with us until just a week or so ago. i would usually start her out in the crib and then pull her in...

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ER visits

well, me being a first time mommy of a preemie, everything is a little scary!! can't blame me and i know yall mommy's won't!! but, yesterday, as i was feeding my son, i looked...


20 month old not sleeping well....

I feel like I am the only one out there that has a child that does not sleep through the night at 20 months. He has twice in his life. He is up 3 times a night at least. He is...