just wondered how you tackle bullying. our daughter who's 4 is being bullied at school. disguting i know at 4/5 yrs old.. i've spoken to another parent who's child is being...


Gassy and fussy 1 month old

My son will be 1 month old on the 23rd. I've been breastfeeding him exclusively, and up until he turned 2 weeks old things were going just perfect. Then all of a sudden he...

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This I wrote for Preemie awareness this past Wednesday....I thought women here would appreciate it....I listed my blog link at the bottom of the post:) November 17 is dedicated...

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stressed out to the max (vent)

This is mainly just a vent but I would appreciate comments on how I can cope cause I`m hanging by a thread right now. My brother has always been scruwed up, he`s violent,...


bad day

i'm having a bad day no bad couple weeks. i feel guilty for not wanting to go and see her. i've been going to see her at least once a week but here lately i can't handle going....


feeding schedule?

I was just wondering if your little ones eat every three to three and a half hours still. My little guy does although ,maybe I should have a better schedule? Daniel is now...

Started by Sherry on 03/30/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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how do i cope??

i have a 7 1/2 month old daughter who i exclusively breastfed untill she was 16 weeks.. i had to top her up with formula after 16 weeks as she was not satisfied and was...


One of those days...

Anyone else ever have one of those days where you just want to cry all day? Everything and anything can set you off- and the things that your child(ren) and husband do that...

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my daughter is driving me up wall at mlo her fav word is no when i tell her to do somthing or tell her not to do somthing! anybody else have this problem?

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so it has been 3 weeks ..

my son is 9 months old and has never been the picture child when it comes to sleep. however for the last three weeks it's been torture. He's up every two hours or less sometimes...