Hi moms My 9month 2 weeks old is very hyperactive, i am even afraid he will hurt himself. He walks using things and reach out for anything and everything. He crawls like a...

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Missing someone?

Any wives out there find it hard to be without their spouse? is it harder for you or your child? What do you tell them?


Nail Polish & Earrings

My daughter is 13 months old and I've had alot of people ask why her ear's aren't pierced yet and how come she doesn't wear nail polish, even just on her toes. I'm not one to...

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Short naps at 7 months old?

Sorry if this long! I need help!!!! Does/Did anyone's 7 month old take really short naps? My daughter's naps have always been on the short side, but the past few days they are...


feeling stressed out !

I am 7 weeks from my due date , but it feels like for ever!!! i have a daughter that just turned 3 on april 10, and i feel like i have no more anergy for her. I cnt really...

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Sleeping Habits

My 3 month old had been sleeping for 5 to 6 hours straight and now for the last few weeks she has gone back to every 3 to 4 hours! Is this normal? Will is pass? I'm going back...


Sleeping problems for 8month old?

My 8 month old daughter will not go to sleep and stay asleep at a decent time even if I wake her up early. I'll put her too bed around 10 (thinking shes gunna sleep all night) &...

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How do I train my 6 month old son?

I have a 6 month old son and I want some advice on how I can train him as it is really difficult for me to keep up with the house work (stay at home mom) and also nurse the baby...

Started by Esther on 09/09/2013 in Moms Under 30

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need help with my relationship

Hi, I'm new to this site. My oldest two 4 and 7 or from a previous relationship. I have a 9 yr step son and my newest addition my 1 month old baby girl. We had a lot of problems...

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My 9 month old son is constantly fussy, i understand that he is teething. But it seems hes never satisfied, hes constantly fussing and crying, doesnt matter if hes playing,...



hi, my baby girl is 4 weeks n she started recently to breastfeed all the tym she awakes n she dont want me to put her down. she only breastfeed for like 15 min then she falls...

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Please Help With Newborn Belly Aches

I'm a new mom and never thought it would be this challenging. But it seems if my baby is awake he is never happy, he is always crying and grunting and pulling his legs to his...



My boyfriend (babies dad) and I didn't want her to have a pacifier so we never introduced it.. She is now 6 weeks old and when trying to sleep or fussy she is constantly sucking...


18montg old getting 4 front teeth pulled

Hi everyone I am new to this and would like to share that I am so down and out about the decision I made for my 18month old son today, one of his front tooth cracked last night...

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Collagen 6 Myopathy

Hey everyone my daughter Italeigh is 2 she will be 3 in December. Her doctors diagnosed her with Collagen 6 Myopathy her doctors also said that the gene that she has is so...