expecting after a misscarriage

i had a misscarriage in june 2010 and now i am expecting this is for any one who is expecting after your lose. i want to hear from others. @}~~'~,~~

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My Daughter will be 6 months on Sept 24th. She started showing signs of teething at 4 months but the last two nights I have put her to bed and she has woken up 20-30 mins later...

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Need to wean my 18 month old

I was just at the Dr about my PPD, and she wants to change my meds and put me on Zolfot. We have both agreed that this is probably best for me. My 18 month old is nursing...

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Hey House! What's this my kid has swallowed?!

My husband and I were given quite a fright over this last week! My 16 month old son discovered a small pile of screws on a bookshelf and decided they would make a tasty snack!...

Started by Alyssa on 10/02/2010 in House, M.D.

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Sleep Deprived

Help!! My little sweet pea wakes up by midnight screaming and crying and its continued through the entire night. What should I do to help her sleep through the night??


Daughter Sleeping Woes

im 5 1/2 months pregnant with baby no2 and my 2 year old daughter is being a nightmare during the night, we recently put her into a bigger room and turned her cotbed into a bed,...



Lately, I feel as if I'm not as close with my baby as I used to feel. I don't feel like I know what his cries are anymore and he wants to be around his daddy more. Any ideas or...

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Before he fell in the tub one night he used to run to the tub when we said the word bath or started the water. Now he runs away and screams if I mention the word bath or start...

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I need HELP with weaning

Hello ladies I need your help. I am a single mother with a beautiful 19 month baby boy named Ronan. Nursing has been a wonderful experience and I do love it but.... It has taken...

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Little man

Hi my son is one monday and sleeps in his own cot now but wakes up between 4-8 in the morning but my concern is he only goes to bed at arouind 10-11 i have left him to cry but...


growth spurts?

my son was born dec.15th. hes fine as long as hes sleeping. when hes awake,hes constintly cryng and wanting to eat. when i go to feed him he drinks a lot or a little then falls...


Death in the Family

My cousin just died in hospital this morning we don't know why yet. Has anyone else had to deal with death during their pregnancys?

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