hello this is my 3rd time on Circle of Moms, i have a 3 week and 1 day year old son he was born february 22nd 2009 at 5:57pm he weighed 7lbs 1oz he has a ton of hair, looks like...


using a nose asperator **spell check

so my son is 7 weeks and 2 days old... and i still cant seem to get the hang of clearing out his nose... its scares me and he SCREAMS everytime i do it... any tips or...


Infant Constipation

Any ideas on what I should do? Our 6 week old hasn't gone in 2 days. The doc recommended suppositories but was wondering if there was anything less invasive.

Started by Ashley on 04/16/2009 in Delaware Mommies

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Thumb sucking

So our daughter made her first trip to the dentist last week. She sucks her thumb for Happy Nappy & at nighttime...mainly just to put herself to sleep. The dentist told us to...


So glad that phase is over . . .

I was cleaning up in the kitchen around 9pm tonight when I heard what I thought was one of my cats outside crying to be let in. I opened the door instead to find my...


prescription vitamins

I need some advice on how to give prescription vitamins to my daughter. At 6 months the dr said she would need them because there isnt enough flouride in the water (NY & NJ)....


First Tooth!

My son is getting his first tooth yeah!! It broke through yesterday, and now he is so crabby. Until now I've had it easy, he sleeps through the night and doesn't cry a lot. So...



my 2yr old has been a very good sleeper ,and for some reason she now keep's waking up and for an hour and half i keep going into her room laying her down,she is crying sometimes...


i need ways to relax

i need some ways to relax and de stress. how do you not end up in tears or yelling your head off when someone is having a go? i had 2 managers at work havin a go and in the...



Hey everyone! I am in need of a new crib and I am overwhelmed with all of the choices out there.... Does anyone have any good recommendations? Thanks!! :)


Glad to be rid of bottles!

I finally took the plunge and gave away ALL of Terrance's baby bottles. No more sanitizing, buying nipples, bottle brushes! HORRAY! A great surprise is he's getting sick...

Started by Mschelseamac on 05/27/2009 in March 2008 Babies

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Trying to potty train

My baby was born on october 21st 2007 and I'am trying to potty train her.When she get on the potty she start to cry. So what should i do.

Started by Tamisha on 07/07/2009 in October 2007 Babies

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Very Early Riser!

Anybody else have a child who gets up before 5 am every day? My little girl for the past several months has gotten up almost exactly at 4:45 am each and every morning. She is...


my son

mys on is 3 years old....my problem is every time he having his milk in the bottle,,he then will cough a little,and the threw out all the milk that he just have...

Started by Sheila on 08/02/2009 in Money Saving Tips

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