Maybe he's just BRIGHT

A site differentiates being GIFTED from being BRIGHT on http://www.tagfam.org/whoisgifted.html#bright. Does it matter? Should gifted children be treated differently?


My 17 month old son will barely eat most days

It is a big ordeal getting him to eat and I worry he's not getting enough nutrition some days. He is extra tall for his age and he is thin but doesn't look too undernurished but...

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Im new

Look I am a teen mom basically, I turn 19 last November. I got pregant at 17, had my son at 18. He was 6 weeks early due to I sick, I had toxemia really bad they said im really...


can i sleep with my newborn?

I know the dangers. But I'm a very light sleeper and I have a very big king size bed. I noticed that at nearly 2weeks old when I put him in his crib he does not sleep as well....


West Syndrome / Epilepsy

Hi my name is Edyta i would like to share my story I'm 21 years old my son David was diagnosed with west syndrome at 8 months old. When my son was born he was in intensive care...


Clogged tear duct

My son was born with a clogged tear duct and his eye gets goopped up and crusted over especially when he sleeps and cries. My doc said it will just go away but he just turned...


I've decided it's time to stop

Hi i am stopping feeding my 14 month old son today. Any advice for making the process less traumatic for both of us.. Also anything to help me cope with engorgement and drying...


Night Terrors... help!

I'm new here and SAHM to two girls (3 and 1). I'm looking for advice from anyone that might have similar experiences... My 3 1/2 year-old daughter has sleep issues ranging...

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