Ok Im about to be 30 and have 3 kids and have been a step parent to two before I ever had kids (VERY long time ago)..Im no novice, my thing is how the heck do I get my baby off...

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getting my toddler to stay in her bed

my daughter is 19mnths and i have just put her in her new big girl bed. the first day sleep she had took me 2 hrs and that was me having to keep going in and laying her down she...

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Waking up at night....

My 20 months old daughter will wake up in the middle of the night and I'm not sure how to get her to go back to sleep. She is fully fed and her diaper is dry, so there are no...

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Seriously need to vent!!!!

My boyfriend and his mother think I give into my daughter and her fits. He is never around always working! And she only throws fits when HE IS AROUND!!! I may just sound like...



My son will be a year old soon and has a major biting problem. He bites when he is teething (which seems to be all the time lately), he bites when he is frustrated, he bites...

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Its not embarrassing, but it is thee most wonderful thing my son has yet to say to me. I left his father when he was 1yr old……and my husband came into our lives when he was...

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Regression of sleep patterns!

At 3.5 months my daughter regressed to her newborn sleep patterns and has not stopped since. I have tried a consistent routine of cereal and solids followed by a bath and...

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Coping With Seperation Anxiety

My son, who is 22 months, is going through what I think is seperation anxiety. He doesn't want to seperate from me or my husband. He does tend to cling to me a little more. Even...

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its been 3 yrs????

its been 3 year since my little boy passed away, but i still feel like it happened yestaday, i no i ave 2 carry on wit my other children but i feel that the emotions im feelin...


Separation anxiety at 3 months?

I have temporary custody of my nephew who is 3 months old. He is neglected and a little abused. Just to give you a little detail he was locked in his room for 13 hours, not fed...

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Bipolar vs ADHD

So how do you know when it is not ADHD? When do you know if it something more serious? Robert does good on Concerta, but we recently had to take him off because of weight loss,...