Weaning from bottle

Hello everyone, At our daughter's 1 yr. check up the doc and nurse said we can start weaning from the bottle and formula. Well, we completely weaned her off formula and were...

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What the heck is going on with my 4 year old?

My son who turned 4 in March, has recently gone from being a compliant, happy kid to a controlling, angry little guy. I am at a complete loss as to what could be triggering...

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Why Mississippi's 'Personhood' Law Could Outlaw Birth Control On Tuesday (Nov. 8), Mississippi voters will decide whether fertilized eggs qualify as "persons" under the law...

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Challenging 4 year old

Hello. I'm new to this forum. My soon to be 4 year old daughter is smart and witty. Since about 18 months old, she's been having angry tantrums. If we took something away, she'd...


Help Please?

Hi I’m Stephanie, I’m only 19yo and I have crohn’s disease but I’ve wanted a baby for as long as I can remember. I’m currently the healthiest I’ve ever been (I’m...

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water broke at week 19

feeling sorry for all the moms who hv lost their lil ones..can completly feel the pain ..i was 19 weeks and 3 days when my water broke while sleeping ..around 4 am ..rushed to...

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Miscarriage at 9 weeks....

I found out a few days ago that I am having a miscarriage. Baby has no heartbeat at 9 weeks, and I've been spotting. I opted to not have medical intervention at this point, as...


13 yr old son not motivated

my son is very smart and always done well in school ( honor roll even) this year as an 8th grader his grades have dropped on his 1st report card. his teachers feel he isnt...

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How do you teach commands and imitation?

Hi, my son is almost 10 months and all I can get him to imitate is clapping hands. I just went to have him screened to see if his development is on target and I was surprised...



I live in Ontario Canada, it's funny when I read about people not getting their childs shots. Everyone I know here gets their baby vaccinated from 2mths. I know that there is a...