What Would You Do?

My husband and I went out to eat breakfast Sunday morning with our 2 year old daughter. We had a very nice time, even Lily behaved! Well while we were there, Lily dropped her...

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Beraved Mothers

Mothers who have lost their child to sickeness, careless, or just unspecified deaths. Or you just want to give your condolenses. Please join into the conversation. We would...


What about the Father?

I'm engaged to the Father of my son and he's a great Dad. I just wish he werent so lazy when it comes to helping me with Gage. I ask him to do something and it takes him forever...


staying at home

I've had a rough couple of months... I have dealt with depression since I was 12, and recently it reared its ugly head in such a way that I was almost hospitalized. Instead, I...

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Cyclic Neutropenia

Hi Im Jen and have a daughter Hope who was diagnosed with Cyclic Neutropenia. Its one of the rarest forms of Neutropenia with an incidence of 1 per million. Looking for any...


Crying it out someone help

Someone help me. My daughter is 5 months old, she has always woke up throughout the night to eat then would fall back asleep. About two months ago she has developed this routine...

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My daughter Madi was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. She has had the lip and palate surgery. She still has a small hole right at the front of the mouth. She will be...


Potty Training..

This has been an area that my daughter has been struggling in ...especially since her little sister arrived on Sept 24, 2008!!! She will do it sometimes....but not all the...

Started by Heather on 01/30/2009 in March 2006 Babies

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Thinking about 2nd child

My first child has preemie 28wks and has CP. What is the chance that my next child will have the same disability? Also my daughter is about to turn 2, she is rolling but he...


moms that dont have patiece with there kids.

the last couple of months i feel all ive been doing is yelling at my 5 yr old son, it seems we argu like little kids im fusterated and hes fustrated and dont listen to me.i get...

Started by Nicole on 03/29/2009 in School-Age Kids

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Are you a working mother?

I am a stay at home mom. I have one son and my husband works third shift. My son is 15 months and I would like to go back to work! How do you juggle the whole work/mom thing?...


Stimulus cash hard at work...

This is lovely, just lovely. This is what we are sacrificing our kids futures for.... PS....Mabye if they'd get rid of their "cellys" and other things that are not...


H1N1 vaccination

Any thoughts on if you should or shouldn't have your child vaccinated with this new H1N1? All the research I've done theres so many contradicting information.

Started by Liz on 10/26/2009 in School-Age Kids

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