Decision Making

Hello. I'd like to hear good advice from moms here. I have a 10 months daughter and am thinking of leaving a relationship with a boyfriend to be a single mom. Without no doubt...


Young moms.

I'm a young mother. I'm not a bad mother. I know a mother who is twice my age and is a worse mother than me. I love my children and would do anything for them. Age is irrelevant...


Officially Diagnosed

Okay so my 3.5 yr old was officially diagnosed last week as Autistic.. Not really a shock to me though no matter what you can never really prepare yourself to hear it from a...


back to teaching or stay at home and nanny?

I suppose I'm lucky enough to have this option, but my husband and I have discussed the possibility of me staying home for a year or two and nanny at least one other child as...

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Three Big Mistakes

http://growingleaders.com/blog/3-mistakes-we-make-leading-kids/ I thought this was a very good parenting article. What are your thoughts? I do find that it is sometimes a...

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I have a 16 month old son and i have a feeling he has austim. I have a second cousin who is austic and my son seems to have some on the signs i remember from my cousin when we...

Started by Susan on 06/18/2011 in Austim Awareness

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1st Son is VI - When to try for #2

My son who just turned 1 is visually impaired and is receiving vision therapy twice a week. Once he begins walking (well) he will also have orientation and mobility twice a...


The Perfect Eczema Cocktail!!!

My husband and I have tired everything for my little bits eczema, and after trial and error I think we found the perfect cocktail for my babe! Works like a charm!!! So I have to...

Started by Krystle on 04/17/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Anyone got any good tips for time management and stress control/relief? I could really use it!

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just wanted to say hey! Im new in the group. Im 24 and my sweet angel is 4 months old. She is strictly bf but the doctor mentioned solid foods and i almost hit the floor! When...

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Ideas Please?

I have a 5 month old boy and he barely eats anything. I've tried him on yoghurt, fruit, veggies, rice cereal and he doesnt really eat anything? And if he does eat its only...

Started by Jenelle on 11/19/2009 in Babies And Infants

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Join "Mommy & Me Health Club"

In the community description you will see that I'm attempting to use this site as a resource for inspiration to develop a blue print for a Mommy & Me group in my home town, in a...