Things to do with a 15 month old

Hey all! I have finally come to the realization that while I spend all day every day with my kiddo the time has become more quantity than quality. I was wondering if you all...

Started by Hope on 12/26/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Speech and Nutrition for 4 year old

I have two questions/concerns I am having with my four year old son Dameon (he just turned 4 in November). Does anyone have any advice on eating habits? My son won't eat any...


I need some advice

I just found out that autism runs on my biological dads side of the family. What am i worried about is that if i continue having kids that my next child will get autism. I have...


Potty Training Regression

My daughter has been potty trained for about a month and over the past couple of days, she has had multiple accidents. I researched online - some sites have suggested there...


VBAC or Repeat C Section?

My fiance and I have a 2 year old daughter and we are extremely keen to add to the family. I had a csection with my daughter due to been induced over a 4 day period after been...

Started by Catherine on 07/18/2010 in C-sections

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Spitting up?

Hi everyone, just wondering what kind of ideas you may have about why my four month old would have an increase in the amount she spits up? My daughter sense she was born very...

Started by Lindsay on 12/22/2008 in Breastfeeding Moms

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ok so my baby boy is 2 months 1 week old. he was 5 weeks preemie. hes a pick me up baby....how do i get him out of that so that i can do housework etc without him needing to be...

Started by Kristan on 10/10/2009 in Single Moms

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Will my 2yr old feel left out after the twins?

Im 19 with a two year old and im expecting my twin gurls in less than 7 weeks. Im afraid i will be too busy with the twins and my daughter malia will feel left out. Am i jus...

Started by Kristin on 11/22/2009 in Twins

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when to start food....

people are saying 6 months now, but i still hear 4 months is ok....and then i read that some people start there 3 month olds on stuff like bannans, fruit...all the first starts...



I'm sure there have been several posts on here regarding vaccinations but I'm stuck and having a really difficult time making this decision. First of all, I have two stepsons...


2 Kids 14 months apart

Hi everyone! I am new here. I have two children a daughter Kaylin who is 8.5 yrs going on 15 and a son Jonah who is 7. I love them dearly and they are complete opposites in...


Creating Bad Sleep Habits???

So, it sounds pretty common for a baby that is breastfed and cosleeps to wake often during the night. How often is considered "normal?" And, does this create any sleep...

Started by Shannan on 06/16/2009 in Family Bed Moms

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