The Bumbo Chair

Did you use one? Do you think they are harmful to baby's development? I didn't know this was a debatable topic until I saw this topic on another forum lol. I didn't have one,...



Is anyone using their exersaucer? I find since my baby is not sitting up independently unsupported she is not safe in the exersaucer.


Christmas presents question!

My bubby will be 6 months old for Christmas. I'm wanting to like go crazy and over board w/toys and stuff for his 1st Christmas, but he is not going to remember this so what is...


Is my 5 month old behind?

ok so i know every child develops at his/her own speed, but my son is 5 months old and still refuses to lay on his tummy for longer than a minute or so at a time and doesn't try...


4 month old bored of swing and other toys

My 4 month old lately seems to be getting bored of her swing and bouncy seat. She seems to not want to lay and play but would rather sit up or stand ( with assistance of...


Any good walkers

Has anyone started there baby on a walker? or combo jumper/walker, if so, can you recommend one? We have a jumperoo but looking forward to getting her a walker at some point....


Exersaucers/walkers ??Pro or Con ??

I've got 14 week old twin girls and have been researching exersaucers (I can't imagine putting them in walkers in my apt.) As with most items, I've got to buy two. LOL I was...

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play time

I stay at home with my daughter, and we have exhausted all of our toys, games, songs and DVD's! What activities do ya'll do with your babies for fun? I need some new ideas.


When do you shower?!

Hello! I was just wondering how and when other moms shower. I used to be able to just set my lil guy in his bouncer next to the shower and play peek-a-boo the whole time....

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Over the line.........JOLLYJUMPERS!!!???

My daughter is 5 month old now, a month ago I started putting her in her jolly jumper/ jenny jump up. I haven't put her in it much, just maybe 5-10 times. Now my cousin who has...


Walking ring or not?

Hi All.... My little girl is 6 months and 2 weeks. She is now sitting on her own with no support and "crawls" a bit.....more of a wormy wriggle than a crawl...

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What are some different activities everyone uses for playtime? I read my daughter books, put her on her play-mat, sing, rattles, etc......I try to entertain her as mush as...


exersaucer. which one to buy?

my son is 7 months old and we are planning to buy an exersaucer for him. please give me your inputs if you have bought one. which one did you buy and should i buy it. quick...

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My son is almost 4 months old and we do not have an exercsaucer for him yet, does anyone where where you can find a good one that won't cost an arm and a leg, and what to look...