teething aids?

What are some things people have used for teething? My daughter is really struggling when new teeth come in, her first one she struggled for weeks. The 2nd one just came through...

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My son has trouble chewing his food and trying new food!! Any advice?


A few issues on my part......

I'm not sure what is going on with me! When I was pregnant w/my now 6 month old son I was working a physical job and cooking and cleaning at home. I also have an almost 5yo...

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Flying with your toddler?

At the end of June we will be flying from TX to PA and it is a 2 1/2 hour flight to Chicago, then we have to change plans (2 hour wait but I was told with pottying and feeding...


Help Transitioning into solids

Hey everybody. I need some advise. My baby was a 24 weeker and he will be 2 in February. He is still on the Gerber 1st and 2nd foods because if anything hard goes in his mouth...

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Nobody gets it...

My daughter , 2 1/2, has been dealing for food allergies since she was a baby. She's outgrown some but deals severely with some others. None of my friends have kids with...


flying with an almost 1 year old.... any tips?

does anyone out there have tips for flying with an almost 1 year old? we're flying for the first time to texas from florida to visit family and i have alot of anxiety about...

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You are not a bad mommy!!!

Lately I have seen a lot of threads and comments about how horrible mommy's are if they... don't breastfeed don't feed their baby homemade baby food give their child juice... It...

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New mom

Hey everyone just deciding to communicate with other moms out there. Just delivered a beautiful baby boy on Nov. 13, 2008. Feel free to contact me!

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Starting Solids

Did anyone's baby's poop go through changes when you started them on solids? My daughter just began eating rice cereal a couple of days ago and she's pooping less (2-3 times a...



Hi moms...my little boy is coming up to 17 months and has a very limited diet. All he eats is Weetabix, mash and noodles!! He will not eat ant fruit or veg and is hesitant to...


breastfeeding and swine flu

My son and i are both very close to weaning, he is down to bedtime only. However I don't want to end breastfeeding if it is going to keep him healthy through flu season. He is...

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Hey i am trying to get my 5 month old in to a routine and we are almost there however i find just one day can put us back to step one any help and ideas would really appreciate...