mad and depressed

So, it's been over 5 months since my Caleb went to heaven, and up untill recently I've been "ok". Obviously "ok" isn't the best word to use, because I'll NEVER be "ok" again,...



am 23weeks pregnant and its my first pregnancy how did other mums cope with this am hating the experience l feel miserable

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Feeding my 10month old

I have a 10 month old baby girl who has a Cleft palate. She just started refusing to eat her stage 2/stage 3 foods that I spoon to her. She wants to eat with her hands and I...


weaning onto solids

my little one is almost 7mnths, weve been trying solids for almost a mnth, but he's really not interested. he clamps his mouth shut if i try to spoon feed. i try and just give...


1st Birthday is APPROACHING!

My baby boy's 1st Bday is coming arround the corner (Oct 6th)... I have no ideas for a party...he hasnt expressed any interest in characters or toys. Im thinking a simple...

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my 22 month old boy is still not talking. I know all babies do things in their own time but am starting to become concerned. Does any one have any thoughts.He has two older...


Iam all alone

Hi my name is danielle mcdonald and I have a little boy ethan who is 4 years old. And well of course the father isnt in the picture at all. He actully passed away a year ago...

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wanting to have another...

Hey all. Well i'll just tell ya a lil bout me! Im 21 n jus recentally got engaged to the father of my son who is 18m old!! :D My boys are the love of my life!! My fiance is only...

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9 month old biting while breastfeeding

My 9 month old son bites me constantly while breastfeeding and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their babies. He is teething but he has never bitten me...

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Spare the rod, spoil the child?

Does the bible mean that you should spank your child? What is everyone's thoughts on the bible verse AND on spanking?

Started by Ashley on 10/14/2012 in Christian Moms

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Help saving on formula....

Don't know if anyone out there has any good ideas but my baby girl has to be on the formula called Alimentum for her severe acid reflux. it is so expensive but I just can't find...

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hi does anyone have any suggestions for a colic baby my lo is 4 weeks old and has bad colic i had him on cow and gate milk now i just started him on cow and gate comfort for...


Is it a phase, or personality development??

Hi everyone! I am a FTM to a wonderful little guy, Stryder Ian. He will be 4 months old in 2 days. Up until Friday of last week he was a VERY happy, mellow and content baby....

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anyone got any advice or stories?

im 38 weeks and a few days pregnant and only now im starting to get very worried about birth, even tho i been in and out of hospital 4-5 times in past 4 weeks with contractions...

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Going crazy!

I live in Michigan now Moved from Los Angeles a year ago This is my first winter in snow...no car...no job...stay at home mom while dad goes out and works all day...I am not...

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