How to get my 2.5 year old to eat!?

My 2.5 year old was a big eater as a baby & young toddler. Within the past couple months he has slowly started to eat less & less every day. Within the past week he doesn't...

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i need opinions

Hello everyone, I am 20 years old and still in college with a 4 month old boy as of today. I got pregnant about a month after being with the father and just decided to stay...


The little things you always do....=)

What are those little things that you always do without fail with your significant other?? Josh and I never say "I love you, too." It's always "I love you" "I love you."...


Christmas gifts...I need ideas!

My 7 year old daughter doesn't play with her toys. She would rather "play act". She likes to imagine that she is influential people in her life and "play" them. She has got a...


Should I move away with my toddler??

Since my ex left us in Feb, he has remained our financial go to person as he promised to continue paying our rent and utilites until our lease was up, thats this month. This is...

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I am so frustrated with homeschooling right now. I've just started this year and and have 3 children (age 11, 8, and 6). The kids are not cooperating, the lessons are boring...


active duty vs national gaurd?

so my fiance' is wanting to go to the military the army of course but we have a child together and were not married just yet, im so afraid of all the moving around that we'll...


Help with potty training!

Could someone please help me out? My 2 year old son is in the process of potty training, and he has been doing good with the peeing in the potty at home but seems to be late...

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mommy of a 3 year old with ADHD

My little girl was diagnosed with ADHD last year and I do from time to time get fustrated with her because I feel she should know better or didnt i just tell her not to do that...

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Starting Potty Training on a 3 year old...

Hi Moms, I am a SAHM of a now 3 year old little girl. I am starting to consider potty training and have bought the cover that fits over our regular toilet seat. However, I am...

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Mothers with broken dreams and spirits?

I never really had a great childhood growing up, never had that carefree moment in my life as a teen either.. Im 18, with a 2 year old toddler and another on the way. Highschool...

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I'm a frist time mom. Im 31 and didn't want children but quickly became the "you just don't know til you have one" kind of mom. I am looking for tips on moving her to the...

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seriously sleep deprived

I am looking for some new advice on dealing with my daughters sleep patterns....she is 18 weeks old today and her sleeps are all over the place. My main issues are at night or i...



Ok so Jace, my 4 month came home practically sleeping through the night. It was great, but I must say that this past month has been difficult because he has been waking up 3-4...


Thick ... Peanut Butter Poop...

Hi there, My LO, is EBF and has started some solids. She doen't gets a bottle with rice cereal or stage 1 baby food maybe twice a week. She has not been pooping like she used...

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Hi all! I am always looking for ways to save money. In the area of employment my husband is in there are constant lay offs. The last lay offs went through all of our savings...

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