Hello everyone my name is Michelle and Im the new admin for March 2007 Babies.. Im here to help you with questions or whatever want to know.. I have a three year old boy.. who...

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17-mo old not sleeping

My stepdaughter is 17-months and since her mother believes in the family bed, the baby wants to sleep with us when she visits. She also demands a bottle to fall asleep. I have...

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My little boy has starting teething (i think) how long does it take for the tooth to cut through the gum i can feel something hard under the gum and it looks like a tooth trying...


21 month old refusing naps!!!

Help! my 21 month old is starting to refuse naps, it takes her forever to fall aseelp, up to an hour or more. If your suggestion is to cry it out, do not offer it. we do not let...



My daughter will be a year in about three weeks. She can walk if she holds onto something but not by herself. Her 2 almost 3 year old sister was walking around with a playskool...

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Heart shaped uterus

I'm 9 weeks pregant and my doc. just told me i have a heart shaped uterus and it may couse me to give pre matur birth. This is my second child and they are just now noticing...


new mom

I just had a baby shes almost three months now, im not sure how to go about having a social life as a mom, i dont really know any and it will be awhile before i meet other moms...


increasing milk supply

I just would like some input on what i should do. I have tried fenugreek, mothers milk tea. pumping every two to three hours pumping every four to six and seems u get more milk...

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Should I or Should I Not

Since September 2007, I have been at war with my ex-boyfriend because I made the decision to keep my baby and not be with him. This decision for the last few years has been...

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natural childbirth

i am due on the 6th of december and am trying natural remedies to encourage my little bean to come out sooner than later, but will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in my power to...



My daughter is 3.5 months old and developed eczema at around 2 months. pediatrician told us to avoid soap when bathing her and bath her less often and once a day put vaseline...