not eating

My 18 month old hasn't eaten for 2 -3 days..but hes drinking fine...this has bn going on for weeks really worried...



My son has had a mild rash on his back for several days now. At first I thought it might be from introducing melon (canteloupe), so I discontinued it. When I saw the doctor on...


pregnant and had enough

Hey , new and first time mom to the group I am now 5 months pregnant and have had enough. From the day i found out i was preggo was the day i was over welmed . A little...


any other mom's with these tears?

My youngest son is 18 yrs old. We have always had a close relationship in the past. He is a type 1 diabetic. Right now his blood sugars are very much out of control which...

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Why do online DR's keep saying that us women in our 40's can't conceive anymore ..because we have less eggs ..well their not god ..and their also wrong..look at Halle berry...!!!""

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Who's Raising The Next Generation?

With so many married moms working, who's raising the kids? I think the saying is true, "whoever spends the most time with our children has the most influence over them...has...

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gassy colic?

I am having a problem with my 3 month old. She is cranky and unable to feed well from 3-4pm until 8 pm daily. We have tried everything from gas relief drops to chiropractic,...


How big is your 15 month old??

Needing some advice here pretty please mummies. My lil man Blake is only just over 8kgs. :( We have been refered to a specialist, so I am hoping that we get an appointment soon....


Busy Mom needs dinner help.

Okay, I can't be the only mom that is busy. My family likes to eat dinner together around the dinner table. But we are doing extra activities 3 nights a week. We get in late and...


6 mo. old gets up 3x a nite

How can I get her to stay asleep all night? We're breastfeeding, and we tried the cereal in a bottle- which I am told is a bad idea by my pediatrician, and it also doesn't work....

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How do you cope with excessive litigation??!!

Hi Everybody, I am a stepmom to a ten year old beautiful little girl, and bio-mom to my handsome son (age 2) and my darling little girl (age 1) My bio-children are my and my...

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torn apart

hi my name is autumn and i am dealing with the worst custody better my mother has taken my daughter from i got endometrois but they told me i had cancer and they did not know i...


I'm 40 and pregnant, YIKES!

So far so good. I'm about 19.5 weeks, and I am having a girl!! I live in Orange County, CA. I am SO excited for this baby. I also have a 5 year old boy. I'm so happy he is going...

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*sigh* My "baby" started kindergarden last week... I can't believe it!! It just doesn't seem possible. She'll be 6 soon :( Where has the time gone?!?! But on an up note, she...



ive never been real big on the binky thing and we they gave sara 1 at the hospital and she seemed to like it so we said ok but now shes not real big on it and i think its time...


31 Weeks Tuesday

I will be 31 wks tomorrow (Tuesday) and we still have not figured out a name for our little boy. I had a girls name picked out but then we found out it was a boy and can not...

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