libido - please help

i had a baby in early october my husband and i havent made love since june of 08 - i just dont feel like it.... im scared if this persits i will lose him or he may be tempted by...



I was just wondering if there was any parents of children with optic-nerve hypoplashia. My daughter Lacy is 2 yrs old and was diagnosed at about 2 weeks old.. she's my first...


Dinner Ideas

My daughter is very picky and I try to introduce her to different foods but she mainly likes mac & cheese and peanut butter. She will eat chicken which is great, but most...


Cradle cap on a 5 yr old?

My daughter is 5 and last week I was pulling her hair up and saw what looked like dandruff in her hair. We were in a hurry so I just picked it out and later that night when I...

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I need help with this

So I finally decided that I dont want to spank. But how do I change the way i think and do things? My daughter is only one so I dont really spank her but i notice that when im...


Need advice for mealtime.

My 21 month old daughter used to eat just fine, but recently she won't eat what the rest of the family is eating-even if it's been one of her favorites. I feel like a horrible...

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grandmas overstepping

Im having an issue with my daughters grandmas. I feel like they don take in to concideration how i want my child to behave,eat,play etc. She is the only child and the only...



hey i have 3 kids after the death of my son, i misscarried him at 18 weeks of pregnency but i'm depressed now may be due to a few factors.. 1. he was my first born 2. he was...


Judgemental mommas!

Okay I might get some negative feedback from this but here goes. I am straight up pissed off about how defensive and single minded I have noticed so many people being. Isnt...



My daughter has been sleeping through the night since she was 3 months old. For more than a month now, she has been waking up 5-6-7 times a night. Last night she woke up 14x....