marriage *edited

why is it i always read over and over posts similar to this " my husband and i had been together for 10 months when we decided to get married two months later we had a child ,...

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Attached to Daddy

My son's been driving us a little crazy this week (just started this week every night). He wakes up in the middle of the night calling out loudly for his Dada. He ends up...


what would you do or say?

a friend of mine lost her youngest daughter two years ago next month. the little girl was a couple years older than my baby girl and died not long after my girl was born. soon...



My baby will be 7 weeks old this Friday and my girlfriends who have children that are grown up cannot believe that my baby does not sleep through the night yet. My son wakes up...

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Just wanting to sound off

I have a 4 1/2 yr old daughter who is under the consultant at the hospital due to her behaviour, i also ave a 7 year old daughter who is quite badly affected by my younger...


Slapping the Hand!

My daughter is about the turn one and she is constantly throwing her food off her tray or pulling everything off the coffee table and onto the floor opening her dressor drawers...

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Needs bottle for 1 meal... not working

Ok, in less than a week I am supposed to go out for an evening for my anniversary. We won't be gone but for maybe 3 hours. I've been trying to teach my 7 week old to accept a...

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teensy tiny vent, not a debate..

Arggggg...... My mom is visiting, I see her once a week normally for about 15 minutes, I love my mom to death but after about 12 hours, I'm done. She's been here for 24...

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Help my Blended Family!!!!!

Hello. I am not sure how to put this without sounding like Mother Dearest! I am so frustrated and stressed out at this point, so here goes my newly founded family lifestyle. I...


Night Terrors

Hi Everyone! I wanted to post a question out there to the other toddler moms. My daughter Aubrey has been having horrible nightmares/night terrors going on 3 weeks now. She...

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