stressed and need advice on what is best!

I'm new to this but figured that other bf moms out there could offer some advice and support. I have an 8 month old daughter and am concerned that she is not getting enough...

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Hello. My name is Jennifer and im 27. My mom has been gone since june of 05. My baby is 1 yr n 6 months. I feel too like i got cheated out of something. My mom was only 44. My...

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New mommy

Hi, i'm paige. i'm having a little boy.. and very scared of what's to come, anyone else?

Started by Paige on 01/09/2009 in May 2009 Babies

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my daugther sleep with me...

My daugther sleep with me and my husband, I'm traingo to move to her bedroom but, she cries a lot. I don't know how do the transition? I try so many things, nothing works.



I am a mom of a 4 month old baby girl and My husband is in law enforcement. he works long hard hours and I stay home Becuase the shift he works doesn't allow much room for my...


eating habits

Started by You (a moment ago) (no moms have responded yet) My daughter is 15 weeks old. I breastfed her for the first 3 weeks exclusively, but after she had already lost 10%...


Accidents happen so fast!

Hey there all moms! I have something i need to get off my chest, i'm actually really shaken up about this. Yesterday i was at work and my 2 little girls where at home with...

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Just a question. Why is it always MY fault when my husband doesn't step up for his son? I just can't understand what both my husband's problem and bm's problem is, there is a...


Fidgety hands while sleeping

So, my 15 week old son was sleeping pretty good through the night (9pm to 5:30am). I was really psyched about it, but now that he has discovered his hands with some accuracy he...


How about Circle of Dads?

My Fiance mentioned that they have all these support things for moms and he ask what about the dads? Do dads not play as much of a role? So I thought what about Circle of dads...


Am I being overprotective?

My 6 year old is gifted, and my 5 year old is not (at least not that we know of yet). Anyway, on to my question - My 6 year old is the talk of her school amongst the faculty...


toys & entertainment for long car trip

Do you have any recommendations for things to keep a 20 month old amused? We haven't taken a long car trip (10+ hours) out to visit my family in over a year. So, I need to find...

Started by Mary on 01/25/2010 in May 2008 Babies

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stay at home

today and every day i have the same routine i have 2 great kids but am finding it harder to be satisfied with my role as a stay at home mom how do i fix this


Expecting and single???

I have 2 children from a prior realtionship 9 and 7, and now 14.5 weeks preg with my 3rd.. The father and I broke up before I found out I was preg and just wondering if there is...


22 pregnant and alone

hi there!! New to the group and thanks for the invite! I am currently 26 weeks along and I have moved back in with my parents. The father and I were seeing each other at the...