Speech motivation

Hi i would like to know what attracts nd motivates kids the most to start talking.whens right time to train them.

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My two year old son won't go to sleep at night and I think that its because he can roam around. Do you think its wrong to lock him in his bedroom at night? I think it kinda is...

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almost 18 and pregnant with 2nd kid

Hi im about to be 18 in june and just found out I'm pregnant with my second kid.I have a 7 month old daughter.Really worried because of financial reasons and i just dont think...



My friends force their two year old to fall asleep when they want her to by spanking her. I have suggested quiet time to them and they are not interested. I am old now and...

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ok. for some reason I seem to be very interested in birth stories. Weather you have a horrific scary experience or a perfect birth I would love to hear your story. Here is...


Hi Newbie

I have a 15 year old daughter who has autism spectrum disorder, looking forward to chatting with you.


i find it amazing how her name just fits her

my daughter's name is emily and of course i had a few other names that i debated on and my husband vetoed :) but i can't imagine her name being anything else. it just fits her...

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depression and pregnancy...

So i am going thru this time in my life where i just lost my first born child, and have found myself pregnant. I find myself crying everyday...and i know stree isn't a good...

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Discipline or Time Outs

I have an almost 21 mo. old son, who is always on the go and getting into anything or everything he can. He is normally a very good kid but occassionally he does things he is...


7 month old won't settle at night

Hi, my 7 month old used to settle really well at night. For the past couple weeks he has started screaming when putting him to bed. I really don't know what to do, if i pick...



Hey have any of you had a friends with benefits relationship with the father or your child. We both still love eachother but we are both afraid that if we commit the...

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QuiverFull Movement

This was the topic on The Joy Behar Show on CNN one night this week. I never heard the phrase before. With my crappy sleeping, I saw a re-run around 2 or 3 am. The Duggar family...

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Child spacing

I just had a little boy Nov/09 and my partner and I are talking about the next one already (I know its early for it lol) I think we should wait a year or two, he likes bigger...

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2nd Child Wishes

My daughter is almost 2 years old. I am wanting a second child but husband only wants one. Two of my friends are pregnant with their thirds while my clock has been ticking for...

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