Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Phoebe and I am a new mom. My son is 7 weeks old and we live in Mount Vernon, WA. I was excited to see this group because I am looking for moms to connect with in the...


Would you want to know?

Okay, I've got a cob on again. This weekend, it will be a year since the kids have seen Grandma. Last weekend they saw Aunty Hollie for the first time since then and all went...


How Do I Stop Feeling Like Life Isn't Fair? :(

Hello everyone. I am new and needing support. I am 29 and have two daughters (6 and 8). I got married at 20 and started popping out babies. My "husband" promptly quit his job...

Started by Mira on 04/26/2012 in Single Moms

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Military life & life..??

My fiance and i decided that we wanted to get married in April. How ever, he is in the military. And he was told that he has a good chance getting deployed anywhere between...


Tell Me Your Story

Hi, My name is Amanda. I have an 8 month old daughter, Taylor Marie, who was 10 lb 2 oz when born. This was a traumatic birth process, which I won't go into detail besides she...


Parent Alienation Syndrome

Our X daughter in law and her boyfriend have a baby together and are trying to alienate our grandkids from our son and from us. This boyfriend is still married to his wife and...

Started by Kay on 10/22/2012 in Christian Moms

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i love breastfeeding

I never dreamed It could be so wonderful. even though I've been nursing or pregnant for the past 5 years now. I still love it.

Started by Angela on 11/15/2008 in Breastfeeding Moms

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5 going on 15

Hi, well my lovely daughter born 4th november 03 was & is the most wonderfull little girl she was the easiest baby & is now a fantastic big sisiter to 2 little sisters! But at...


induced VBAC?

okay so on monday im suppose to be being induced. my son was a c-section because i had sevre preeclampsia and he was 9lbs 8oz... this time around im 38 weeks (39 on monday) and...

Started by Amanda on 09/11/2009 in C-sections

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new to the cleft group.

hello my name is tiffany and i have three kids. a 10 yr., 8yr. and a 5yr. my youngest was born with a cleft lip and palet. I gotta be honest i was so freaked out when i...


Flailing arms at naptime

My precious little man is 2 months old next Friday. We swaddle him at bedtime, but don't swaddle him at naptime. His arms flailing wildly about wake him up and as a result, he...


I have a Santa Claus dilemma!!

Our daughter is due to be born any day now. Every time the subject of Santa comes up we fight!! He wants her to believe in Santa, i don't, I'm just not comfortable lying to my...


Depressed and missing him

I'm just feeling really bummed out today, and yesterday. I'm a stay at home mom to a preemie who has refused to sleep the past few days. I try to get out and perk myself up, try...