Wetting the Bed

My 6 year old son is soaking through his pull ups at night and hes almost 6 and a half!! How can I break him of this? My girls were completely potty trained by the age of 4?? HELP!


anyone else having issues w/ attitudes?

Riley (my daughter born dec. 30th) is in 1st grade and is really starting to have this attitude lately. She's talking back more and being a total pain the arss most of the...


1st birthday themes

i was looking for any ideas for my daughters first birthday. she will be 1 on october 31. i want something other than princess and pooh. any ideas?


speech at 16 month?

hi all, my youngest daughter is 16 months and im just wondering wat should she be saying. she says mam, dad, nan, juice, shoes, bop bop but she just mainly points to things she...


Need advice on my 3 y.o. please.....

He can be the sweetest child but at other times he is a real handful. He will get himself into situations that scare me. He will actually scale the cupboards, stand on the...

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is it a good idea to take a break??

Ever since my daughter was born, my husband and I have done nothing but FIGHT!!!! I mean, it is contstant bickering about who should be doing the dishes that night, or why the...


xxxxxxxxxx About my self xxxxxxx

Hi all im sara 28 this year I have 3 children Sophie aged 10 Ellie aged 6 nealy 7 and Freddie nearly 3 I was a young mom at just 17 so feel free to ask me anything as iv been...


Quitting breastfeeding problems!

Hello, My name is Ruby and I have a sweet lil girl named Jada. I've been nursing her since she was born and now I want my body back! I want to stop nursing, but I can't say NO...


Due on May 22

Hey everyone, my name is Tina & I'm expecting my second child in May. We have a daughter who will be 25 months when this baby is born & boy oh boy am I getting nervous. We...

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