Getting worse :-(

Hi everyone this is the first time ive wrote on this group so far so i'll introduce myself and tell you a little bit of info... My name is Chloe im 18, i have a 2year old girl...



Hi everyone! I am new to the Circle of Moms website, and I wanted to give a brief intro before I start making comments on posts. My family resides in the middle of America. I...

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Just in need of support

My husband and I have been together for over two years now and we are still getting problems from his ex! Don't need to go into alot of detail but for those of you that have...

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Picky eater

My daughter is 22 months now and is sooooo picky when eating. I can no get her to eat anything... she lives off muffins, mac and cheese, cherries, apples and chicken nuggets. I...

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I'm a 23 year old mom. All my friends are young moms too but their parenting methods are different from mine. I'm so annoyed with the fact that they keep trying to tell me how I...


Goodbye or No...

Just got some bad news again(getting really tired of this) and it got me thinking about a disagreement with one of my staff about death... Whether it is better to be able to say...

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dead beat dad

My daughters father has seen her two times in the past two years. He comes in and out of her life when it's convenient for him. My daughter is six years old and is starting to...

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My friend had a miscarriage

My friend and I were both pregnant at the same time. She miscarried the baby a few weeks ago. I am now 11 weeks pregnant and I feel awful about being pregnant. She isn't...


blended family that needs help

Hi Everyone. I was a single mom for two years. I gave everything up and moved across country to get married to my husband who is in the military and has a daughter. They...


cheated on me when I was pregnant

Hello! I'm new to this site. Always looking to connect with other moms as none of my friends are mothers. last May 2011 I found out my son's father was cheating on me when I...

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question about my daughter

sorry i know this might not be appropriate for the group but just felt more comfortable hear my daughter is sick so not always holding down night feeds or day ones her sleeping...