Since we have so many new members on here now I wanted to ask everyone to introduce themselves and tell us when you first noticed symptoms of bipolar in your child and what...


Pre School

Anyone else have their little on in a preschool program?? What are your challenges and successes. My 3 year old is in a full day 5 day a week Montessori program....it was an...


kicking at change time

My little guy is 19 mos and kicks his feet while changing his diaper. The word NO doesn't do anything in a stern voice, distracting him with toys sometimes works.Holding on to...


Wetting the Bed

My 6 year old son is soaking through his pull ups at night and hes almost 6 and a half!! How can I break him of this? My girls were completely potty trained by the age of 4?? HELP!


anyone else having issues w/ attitudes?

Riley (my daughter born dec. 30th) is in 1st grade and is really starting to have this attitude lately. She's talking back more and being a total pain the arss most of the...


1st birthday themes

i was looking for any ideas for my daughters first birthday. she will be 1 on october 31. i want something other than princess and pooh. any ideas?


speech at 16 month?

hi all, my youngest daughter is 16 months and im just wondering wat should she be saying. she says mam, dad, nan, juice, shoes, bop bop but she just mainly points to things she...


He will have a family with me but not marry me.

I want to get married to my old man because we are working on 4 years together and we have a son, but he is scared because of his last marriage. We already refer to ourselves as...

Started by Jamie on 08/15/2013 in Moms Under 30

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Cheated on

I had been with my boyfriend/child father for about 2 years. He chased me for a long time before I had even given him s chance. We just had our first child 3.17.16 and had an...

Started by Elizabeth on 04/12/2016 in Single Moms

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how to get her to sleep all night

my daughter will not sleep al night, she dose not sleep during the day and she dose not go to bed early, and she still wont sleep all night

Started by Carol on 05/28/2009 in Moms Under 30

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" Any Single mother who are latina out here"

hola my name is Belinda Nares I have two bebes Juan is 7 years old and sophia is 5 years old. I have lived all my life in Hood River Oregon, got married when i was 15(sumthing...

Started by Belinda on 02/10/2010 in Mamis Latinas

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