cheated on me when I was pregnant

Hello! I'm new to this site. Always looking to connect with other moms as none of my friends are mothers. last May 2011 I found out my son's father was cheating on me when I...

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question about my daughter

sorry i know this might not be appropriate for the group but just felt more comfortable hear my daughter is sick so not always holding down night feeds or day ones her sleeping...


Getting out of an abusive relationship...

I became pregnant at 16 (I am 17 now) with my ex-boyfriend, we were together for two years. Things started going down hill after I found out I was pregnant. He begged, and...



Hello all, it says to start a discussion or introduce myself so here goes. My name is Julie and I will be 30 in a few months. I am married to the love of my life and we...

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Share something about yourself...

Hi cool moms!! It just occurred to me that it would be interesting to share a little more about who we all are. For example, I'm 36, married (got married in Kauai in 2008),...

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I can't stop crying!!!!

Our Daughter was born on the 10th, however she is in the NICU and I feel like I am going to loose my mind. My Baby and her birthmom had a blood incompatibiliy, therefore, my...

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Any Cloth Nappy Mama's?

I am a cloth nappy addict and just love how much money they save my. The modern kinds are so easy to use and not so much extra work... Would love to chat with other moms who...


What words to start with???

My husband and I have a 7month old little girl and we started signing about a month ago to her. We are doing the words tired, hungry, mommy and daddy. We just started Grandma...



Since we have so many new members on here now I wanted to ask everyone to introduce themselves and tell us when you first noticed symptoms of bipolar in your child and what...


Pre School

Anyone else have their little on in a preschool program?? What are your challenges and successes. My 3 year old is in a full day 5 day a week Montessori program....it was an...


kicking at change time

My little guy is 19 mos and kicks his feet while changing his diaper. The word NO doesn't do anything in a stern voice, distracting him with toys sometimes works.Holding on to...


Wetting the Bed

My 6 year old son is soaking through his pull ups at night and hes almost 6 and a half!! How can I break him of this? My girls were completely potty trained by the age of 4?? HELP!


anyone else having issues w/ attitudes?

Riley (my daughter born dec. 30th) is in 1st grade and is really starting to have this attitude lately. She's talking back more and being a total pain the arss most of the...