2 weeks 4oz one side feed is it normal?

so today i went to a local free support group for breastfeeding moms. before i fed my baby girl i weighed her and she was 6.11. she ate only from my left side and i weighed her...

Started by Erica on 03/23/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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4year old daughter going on 18

Hi guys! I'm in desperate need of some unbiased advice! I have a nearly 4 year old daughter and an 8month old son. My daughter is such a wonderful little girl with a mind of a...


4 month old toy frustration??

My daughter is starting to get a little temper :s She grabs her toys and puts them in her mouth but if she misses she gets mad. Anyone elses little one doing this?

Started by Morgan on 01/29/2013 in Babies And Infants

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Hello amazing mothers I found out my 9 week old baby had no heartbeat yesterday. Am due for the d&c in two days. I am devastated . Absolutely heartbroken. I feel I failed my...


ADHD meds

I have been trying different things to avoid doing the medication thing. My son is 5 and is just too hard to handle. He's constantly talking, repeats himself, talks to...


Advice for the terrible twos?

I have a little girl who just completely turned 2 and a 3 1/2 girl. My youngest is truly in the terrible 2 stage and I try to be very patient with her demands and set...

Started by Amy on 09/13/2011 in Toddler Moms

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Travel Advice

I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant right now with my first baby and my OB has given me the green light for travel. Baby is due March 4th and me and my husband will celebrate our 2nd...

Started by Jessica on 12/21/2009 in March 2010 Babies

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I am 32 weeks pregnant with my second daughter...i was sick for the first 3 months...tired all the time, throwing up, and keeping up with my 4 year old just seemed to wear me...

Started by Kathryn on 07/06/2010 in Expecting

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Extra large to extra small...

I am 21 years old and have a 9 month old daughter. I breastfed for about 6 1/2 months but it became too difficult for me to keep up with once I started working and I eventually...


Family help, new mom might be going to single mom

My fiancee and I have a beautiful baby girl who is will be a month old on Nov. 9th. Before she was born and we were sexually active he was all about being cuddly and loving with...

Started by Samantha Elizabeth on 11/06/2013 in Babies And Infants

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What to do about my three year old?

My daughter who was fully potty trained for some time now has started peeing and pooping on the carpet for no apparent reason. She tells me she doesn't want to use the toilet...

Started by Ashley on 01/22/2010 in Toddler Moms

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The Joys Of Teething! ♥

Looking for any stories and/or tips on teething: I am assuming some of us with our darling september babies are going through the joy of teething. Feeling so sad for them,...