Sleeping help!!

Hello, Moms! I am desperate need of some help!! My nearly 9 month old baby girl refuses to sleep in her crib. When I give her her last bottle, I do it in our bedroom. Once...

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As moms I think we need to relax a little

Reading some of the questions on this site has been my incentive to creating this conversation. I honestly believe that as first time moms or moms to toddlers we tend to worry...

Started by Patricia on 08/18/2010 in Toddler Moms

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my 4 yar old is freaking out over everything

so my son started life as the best baby no fuss and relaxed. Now hes 4 and he is high strung. He gets frustraed way to fast an will scream at anyone in his path. He is over...

Started by Kerrie on 09/05/2010 in Children Of 2006

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Have any questions about car seats?

Hello! I became a child passenger safety tech in 2002 as part of my job at our local Children's Hospital. My oldest child was 2 at the time, and I really thought his seat was...


Attitude from 13 yr old step daughter

How can I try to get through to my 13 yr old step daughter and not seem like I am harping on her? I have tried being her friend and talking with her and it didn't work. I have...

Started by Christina on 03/02/2009 in Step Moms

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When should I return back into the classroom?

I have been a teacher for 10 years and months after completing my Master's and Rank 1, I decided to stay at home. Having a daughter who just turned three, and feeling guilty of...

Started by Kegan on 03/13/2009 in Teacher Moms

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Potty Training just ventin

M son just turned 2 March 13. When I tried introducing him to the potty he cried and ran. He has no intrest in the potty. My daughter who is 18 months older started when she...

Started by Esther on 04/05/2009 in March 2007 Babies

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my 5 yr old does not sleep thru the night

my son has never slept thru the night. at first, thought it was a power struggle or something that he would eventually go out of, but he hasn't. i have not had a peaceful nights...

Started by Courtney on 06/09/2009 in School-Age Kids

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Getting kind of tired....

Its not that I mind my husband being away, im used to it....Its the expectation that you will be sitting by the phone on the odd chance that he may ring, not going to the...


Doctor said...

So, we went for her 18 month check-up today, and with some of the questions I've seen on here in mind. I am not the type of person to believe blindly what a doctor says just...


Good sleeper gone bad.

My son usually sleeps from 7or 8pm until about sometime between 1-3am (which he eats) and then goes right back to sleep again until sometime between 6-8am. Well the last few...


How do you stop bed time trouble?

My son has had a routine since the day he was home from the hospital for bed time. We have NEVER had an issue with putting him to bed and him going to sleep. Just recently he...

Started by Nicole on 04/19/2011 in Toddler Moms

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