Diciplinando en frente de la abuela...

Well this is my story, I was changing my 26 month old diaper when he suddenly out of the blue decided to pee all over me and the couch, all this while smiling a knowing...

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Expressing while out

My son is in daycare 5 days a week and takes a bottle of EBM 5 times a day. He's gotten so used to the bottle now that he's a horrible nurser and takes a bottle even when we're...

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weaning worry :(

hi i was just wondering if any1 had started weaning and how it is goin? is there any1 who is reluctant to start? i have started introducing food to dd and she loves it but...


Sleeping @ night

My daughter is now 4.5, and from about 2- 3 months old she was falling asleep by 8 pm and waking up at 4 am for feeding and sleeping till about 6:30 which was fine. However, now...

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sippy cup rejection

My son will be 11 months old Aug 2nd. He will not drink out of his sippy cups. He has the soft nipples (I know that's not the technical name) but still doesn't want to. He is...



I just had my second child 3 weeks ago and one week after her birth, my first born was hospitalised and diagnosed with a kidney condition. Now that my son is back at home, I...


so much anger not enough faith

As a child I lived with my now ex stepmother's parents. My father took me away from my mother and he never looked after me himself. I was abused from the ages 11-15 daily....

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How can I get the house tidy

I cannot get anything done as I have 3 year old twin girls that are very active and I have no help. This year we will not have childcare (cannot afford childcare and...

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still breastfeeding and want to wean!!!

hello my daughter is 13months and i just cant seem to get her off the boob and on a bottle or sippy cup with milk she refuses and just starts putting her hands down my shirt i...


Needing Advice

I have been a single mother for a year now and have heard from the father of my child few and far between. When I was pregenant I ended up living in a homeless shelter that was...

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The Conflict

http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/roiphe/2012/04/elisabeth_badinter_s_book_the_conflict_argues_that_modern_motherhood_enslaves_us_.html "If you have ever experienced a...

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Turned off by belly?

Hey ladies, new here. We're expecting our 2nd in 6 weeks (it can't come soon enough!!!) I don't remember this with our first, so I'm like super confused. We've always had a...

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What to say???

ok, my husband's family is having their christmas party get together on saturday.(they do it late because they know everyone has other family to be sharing the holidays with.)...