My 7 month old twins have very different personalities. My daughter is laid back, very calm, etc. My son is outgoing. he smiles at everyone..and loves to get all the attention....

Started by Laura on 08/12/2009 in Twins

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stinky farts

my little guy is 3 months old and he usually goes anywhere from 2-4 days without a poop, i hear breastfed babies aren't supposed to get consitpated....but at about 4 days if he...

Started by Leaha on 02/04/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Any advice on Potty Training?!

Mylie is 13 months. She is able to walk to and from the bathroom, as well as around the house. I've always said that once she can walk to the bathroom, i was going to potty...


Foster Parenting

I am interested in foster parenting and was wondering if any of you have done this. I just wanted to know how it worked out for your family, things to watch out for, the...

Started by Ruth on 08/31/2010 in Christian Mommies

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Attached to my hair?

My son is 19 months old and ever since he was born he has loved my hair. He would always run it through his fingers and hold onto it while going to sleep or cuddling. Now he is...

Started by Bridget on 03/07/2011 in Family Bed Moms

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too young for CIO?

My baby girl is only 2 1/2 weeks old. My husband and I are trying to get her on schedule by following the Babywise method. The hardest part of training her is to let her cry out...

Started by Jessica on 05/07/2012 in Babywise Mom's

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How much does you husband make?

Hi ladies, i just gave birth to our 3rd and last baby and would like to stay home with the kids and not go back to work after my mat leave so i m wondering how much you hubby...

Started by Lori on 10/06/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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Breastfeeding a preemie

Do you have a success story about breastfeeding a preemie? My son is 8 weeks old now, born at 32 weeks weighing 3lbs 6oz. We're having some troubles. Currently I am...

Started by Kristi on 02/16/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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please help!

My 1 month old sleep from 6pm-22h30pm without waking up for a bottle but then she wakes up drink and then wakes up every 1 and a half hours to eat play or just wants to be with...


Severe Eating Issues

My son is six years old and has down syndrome. He has had several other health issues as well as four open heart surgeries beginning at six months old. Our issue is that he...


Almost a year and still only formula?

Okay my boyfriends youngest will be 1 in exactly a month...list of can do's for her scoot roll sit unsupported for 2-4 mins ...... weight 22lbs at 3 months the doctor told him...

Started by Kayla Marie on 03/06/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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for those of you that are starting you child on soilds not just baby cereal. I have a question... do you find your child to refuse the soilds some day and cant get enough...


Breast Feeding

How do I tell my friends and family that even though I have a formula fed baby, I would still like to be the one that feeds her? I find myself always trapped in this...


Donor sperm please help husband

about a month after I gave birth to my daughte my husband went and got a vasectomy. About a month after he got his vasectomy we quickly regretted it. And I know I'm going to...