Meats and 13 month old - MASS SPIT UP

OMG this kid has thrown up almost every night since Saturday before bed and it's driving hubby and I around the bend! Tonight, and on Saturday Alexander was given pieces of...

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Hi All

Welcome to Working (OTH) and Nursing Moms. I have a 3yr old who still nurses (a few times per day) and is in nursery school from 7:15 in the morning until 5 at night. I love...



Isaiah is 15 mons. and he is so active. Iam his legal grandmother and have custody. he has been with me from birth. Thank God for so much joy my little baby give. He is up at...


What can your 1 year old do?

Wow! Time does fly! We all must be busy preparing for our baby's first birthday.. Seems like yesterday, when we were in the delivery room waiting stages by stages until he was...


Similac Sensitive vs. Gentlease

Did anyone have the problem on Similac Sensitive that their babies poops were gross. My four month old kept getting Diahrea but was comfortable and was sleeping through the...

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pumping milk for 1 year old

Hello Moms I have a 13 month old son, and we both enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding. I went back to work when he was 10 months old and pump milk at work, so that I can leave...


Sleeping issues

Every since my son was born I've had a problem with insomnia - so when my baby stayed up late it wasn't a big deal. he is 6 months old now and doesnt go to bed until between 10...

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Six months ago...

Wow, Can you believe it's been 6 months now since our little ones entered the world!?! How are everyones baby's doing? What milestones have they reached so far!?


Bedtime issue - help!

My 2 year old b/g twins have been sleeping fine. Great routine and all well and put in bed awake at about 8:30. Now my son has started waking up around 10:30 and I don't know...

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My daughter is almost 9 months and has been exclusively breastfed. I have been reading some other messages and many women say their babies weaned themselves. I am wondering how...


My son wont eat anything but second foods!

My son wont eat anything but second foods... I've tried third foods, I've tried making my own oatmeal, mashing up my own sweet potatos and even cheerios, wagon wheel, yogurt...

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Spitting Up

My baby girl spits up all the time, quite a bit, almost every time she eats. She breastfeeds exclusively during the day and only gets a small bottle of formula for her last...

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