Sleep habits for six month olds

I'm wondering what kind of sleep habits your baby has now that he/she is six months old? Six months seems to be some kind of special age in regards to sleep...supposedly this...


Sleeping through the night.

Is your 9 month old sleeping through the night because my son Griffin is 9 1/2 months old and still gets up 2-3 times a night. He gets up around midnight and eats a 6oz. bottle,...


What if I can't pump enough milk?

I have gone back to work. I am gone from my baby 10 hours a day who is now 12 weeks old. In that ten hours she drinks about 12 oz of BM. So I pump at work 3 times a day and...

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sleeping pattern of a six week old

I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions for me...my son is six weeks old and is sleeping 7 hours during the day..but is up ALL night. My mom suggested giving him a bath...

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All the dirty truths about motherhood

If someone had told you that when you become a mom the following happens would you still be a mom! your body becomes a feeding machine (for some), forget about sleep for the...

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Trouble sleeping

My son is almost a yr old, and he will not sleep through the night, we put him to bed about 8:30-9:00pm. He will sleep till 12:30am and then he is up every 2 hours. I feed him 2...


Breastfeeding and Engorgement

I am currently breastfeeding my 1 month old baby and my breasts keep getting engorged. I have used a pump a couple of times. I just thought that if I keep pumping that I will...

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awake all night and all day

my 18 month old daughter wont sleep at night and will barly sleep during the day, i have tryed to let her cry it out but with the people next door i cant do that...she use to...

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