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Cutting baby nails

I am hoping someone will have a suggestion about how to safely maintain finger & toe nails. I had been using a nail file right after birth but that takes forever & only...


cutting babies nails

Hi, I noticed today that my sons nails are really long and sharp (when he accidently got my face) I was told at the hospital when he was born to leave them and they will just...


cutting babies nails!

i used to cut my sons nails while he napped in his car seat, but now i have him sleeping in his crib, and he sleeps on his side. any tips on when to cut his nails? everything...


Babies finger nails

My bub's finger nails need cutting around every 3 or 4 days and its driving me crazy. Ive started biting them as its less stressful for her. She is 5 months old and ive only...


Clipping Babies Nails

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to clip a baby's nails?? My son is 6 months and still screams like crazy when I try to trim his nails.


Any tips on nail trimming?

My almost 9 month old baby girl hates having her nails trimmed. Has anyone found a better way to do this or is there some kind of a trick. I cant use the regular trimmer so I...


how do you manage to cut their nails?

how does everyone manage to pin down their wriggling baby to cut their nails? my husband and i are getting gouged by our daughter and she wont sit still long enough to cut them...

Started by Amy on 02/20/2010 in June 2009 Babies

Last update on 04/05/2010 by Melissa


Nail clipping at 5 weeks

My little girl scratches me a lot and Im wondering if it is safe to clip them at 5 weeks. Im not sure because he nails seem so short, and yet she can do so much damage.


Clipping Nails/Toenails

When I clip my daughter's nails she has to be held down & she screams like she's being hurt but I've never cut her. She even cries when I'm just holding the nail clippers to her...

Started by Lauren on 06/17/2010 in Babies And Infants

Last update on 06/23/2010 by Shannon


Clipping a toddler's nails

Hi ladies, I'm looking for tips to make nail clipping easier! My daughter is 18 months old and it's nearly impossible now as she squirms and won't sit still. Any tips or...

Started by Melanie on 11/26/2010 in Babies And Infants

Last update on 12/21/2010 by Jenna


Nail clipping is impossible!!!!

I can't figure out the secret to clipping my nine month olds nails! I went through the same thing with my son and still don't know how to keep them still! Everyone just says to...


What are ways or ideas for clipping nails?

My son is a very active 17 month old and it is very difficult clipping his finger and toe nails. I try doing them when he is sleeping but as soon as i try he wakes up because he...


sleep and cutting nails properly

I have cut small skin of my baby finger using the nail clipper and bleeding started then I hold ice on his finger n bleeding stop but I am afraid is this any problem. My baby...


clipping toe nails

My son is almost 19 months old and he does not like getting his toe nails clipped...he became so upset last time we got his nails that he made himself throw-up!!! Does anyone...

Started by Rachel on 08/03/2010 in Toddler Moms

Last update on 11/18/2010 by Tami


cutting finger/toe nails?!?

i realized as i was nursing my son to sleep, and to bed tonight, and waiting for him to fall asleep before i clipped his fingernails, that after he is weaned- and im also in the...


Clipping her nails :(

I accidentally pinched my baby girl's little thumb today when I was trying to clip her fingernails! I feel so bad! I cleaned it with a Q-tip and peroxide and put some neosporin...

Started by Margo on 10/21/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 10/25/2009 by Kristle

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