mommy to zackery lee <3

Hi my name is Brittany and 3 months after i turned 15 i found out i was pregnant, by June 13 2008 i had my beautiful baby boy, Zackery. i am now 16 and my boy will be 6 months...


hello everyone

Hi to all. Im hoping that this community will be great. I am married to a wonderful man from malaysia and I am american, so are son is mixed race. He is Asian and American,...


Up at night?!

Hi All! My name's Caitlin, I have a 1 year old little boy and he's been sleeping through the night forever...All of the sudden he's been waking up at 2-2:30 every single night...

Started by Caitlin on 12/21/2008 in Moms Under 30

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Having a hard time

I am having a hard time dealing with the fact it has been 4 1/2 yrs since our baby passed, and we cannot afford to put a headstone on her grave. There is only a small marker...


Hi from a new member

Hi! I'm Cindy from Arizona. I'm living with fibromyalgia and something else that has not been diagnosed yet. My kids are teens, but they moved out to live with their dad because...


Must... Stop... Screaming!

My 7 month old thinks it's hilarious to scream just to get everybody's attention. It's pretty ear-shattering. Any tips on how to possibly get him to stop this distressing...



Hi everybody!! My name is Gretyl and I am new here. I have a son that is 5 with tons of energy! At least I'm able to keep up lol!

Started by Gretyl on 01/17/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Hi I'm new too!

M name is Christine and I am 34 years old expecting my first child in April, a boy. We are very excited! We just got married in June 2008, this was our honeymoon surprise. As...

Started by Christine on 01/19/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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Show us your Art

Hi, Would love to see some of your art pieces or crafts?

Started by Leao on 01/22/2009 in Artist Mommies

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Hello all

Just thought I'd check this out, finally. I have a 6 yr old son, Jonathon and 4 yr old daughter Avery. Married for two years, together for a total of 8. How's everyone today?

Started by Jessica on 01/26/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Just wanted to Say hello

Well i am no longer a teen mom, i hope i am still welcomed here. I got pregnant at 15 and had my son at 16. I spent a lot of time in high school and college mentoring teen moms,...



My name is Shannon...I'm 29 years old...I've been married for almost 2 years to Dan, 24....We have 2 children....Teagen who will be 19 months and Jacoby who is goin on...


Shannon and Connor

My name is Shannon and my December baby is Connor. He is my second son, 12 years after my first. Needless to say, it's like starting ALL over again. There are so many things...


Hi everyone!

My name is Madison, I am a 20 year old mom of one child, Caden who is 2 months old. I live in the brookside area & would love to meet other moms! I'm not very good at navigating...

Started by Madison on 02/16/2009 in Tulsa Moms

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New to Circle of Moms

Hello All, My name is Veronica and I have a son who is 1:) I love being a mommy with all my heart. I am married and work part time. I go into work when my husband gets home...



Hi everyone! I'm Marie and I just had my 7th, and last son on November 26th. His daddy and I have been together for 2 1/2 years and married for 8 months. He's Welsh and I'm...


Gay Parenting

My name is Brittany and I am a 20 year old lesbian mom, my son calls me Me-mo because his other mother was the one to give birth to him. He is 2 years old now and i love him...

Started by Brittany on 02/21/2009 in Moms Under 30

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