Hey Everyone im Angel. My Daughter Ariyana was born June 2nd. She just started daycare on monday she starting to adapt more but how long did it take for your kids to get used...

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I need help fits and other things

My son when he doesn't get his way he bites or slaps me and or pinches me. He throws himself to the floor and bangs his head on the floor when he doesn't get his way and I take...

Started by Nakita on 02/26/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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What to tell your child

I have several questions some of which I hope someone can help me with. I am a widow with a happy bouncing baby boy who is 4 now. I have pictures of his late father in his room...

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So kids get hurt, especially busy little boys ...

I feel like my husband blames me every time our son (2) gets a bump or a scrape. Our home is mostly baby-proofed and the room that isn't gets gated off when we're not in it....

Started by Julie on 04/01/2010 in Moms Of BOYS

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I have a 7 yr old boy with anxiety

my lil boy was put on zoloft very low dose for anxiety my concern is getting the right answers hes very sensitive and has hard time with his impulses and the meds were working...


Lifes Struggle

My husband and I are going through alot with our marriage and finances, and resent deaths in the family. It feels like we are in a battle we cant win, and dont know what else to...

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heated debates

I keep getting into heated debates with people about what i believe. I believe in marriage sex babies in that order, I believe marriage being between and man and a women (people...

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What to eat?

My baby boy will be 10 months this week. He is starting to eat some table foods. He likes to eat when I eat. I was just curious as to what kind of table foods I should be trying...

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18 month old whinning driving me insane!

How do u deal with a whinning child all day long? Im going nuts. I believe in spanking (a light spank on the diapered bottom) and I have spanked after I have told her to stop...

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Cant find donor to serve him!!

Ok.. So my lawyer has been fighting for 7 months now and my baby's donor (he has no right to be called a father!) keeps moving so Im paying out of my ass for process servers to...

Started by Lynn on 05/18/2011 in Single Moms

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Morning Sickness

I'm currently pregnant with my second child and I'm having severe morning sickness. I didn't have it when I was pregnant with my son so I'm at a loss of what I can do to ease...