Traveling by plane with twins

I have 20 month old b/g twins, and on Friday we will be traveling from NC to California by plane. It will be two 3 hour flights, and I'm so worried that the kids will get...

Started by Adrienne on 11/08/2010 in Twins

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Lifes Struggle

My husband and I are going through alot with our marriage and finances, and resent deaths in the family. It feels like we are in a battle we cant win, and dont know what else to...

Started by Brandi on 01/28/2011 in Christian Mommies

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heated debates

I keep getting into heated debates with people about what i believe. I believe in marriage sex babies in that order, I believe marriage being between and man and a women (people...

Started by Rosa on 03/12/2011 in Christian Mommies

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What to eat?

My baby boy will be 10 months this week. He is starting to eat some table foods. He likes to eat when I eat. I was just curious as to what kind of table foods I should be trying...

Started by Kimberly on 04/04/2011 in June 2010 Mommas!

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18 month old whinning driving me insane!

How do u deal with a whinning child all day long? Im going nuts. I believe in spanking (a light spank on the diapered bottom) and I have spanked after I have told her to stop...

Started by Nanette on 04/15/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Cant find donor to serve him!!

Ok.. So my lawyer has been fighting for 7 months now and my baby's donor (he has no right to be called a father!) keeps moving so Im paying out of my ass for process servers to...

Started by Lynn on 05/18/2011 in Single Moms

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Morning Sickness

I'm currently pregnant with my second child and I'm having severe morning sickness. I didn't have it when I was pregnant with my son so I'm at a loss of what I can do to ease...


I Litereally Have No Friends

Im a single mother of a 2y/o daughter, I have only one friend, I used to have many bt ppl without kids don't seem to understand I got a responsibility, but now I feel lonely cuz...


Fathers rights

My son has his fathers last name and he signed the birth certificate. We were never married. Now he is threatening to take me to court because I have had to make difficult...


Oppositional 12 year old daughter

My daughter speaks her mind to the point that she is very disrespectful towards me. When ever I deny her something she doesn't need or as an act of discipline, she begins to...

Started by Paula on 02/12/2010 in Working Moms

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my 2yr old thinks she is a newborn

Hi my name is Betzie and my daughters name is Annie. She turned 2 oct 5th. I'm hoping to see some similiar stories to ours on this circle of moms. I feel like I have the most...