pumping questions

So i've been working for about 2 weeks now. the first week of work I pumped at my 10:30 break for about 15 minutes, then at my lunch break, for another 15 then at my 2:30...

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relationship dynamics

Has anyone else ever dealt with relationship issues between you and your significant other after the birth of your child? I'm a stay-at-home mom with a 3 month old son and my...

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Amnio, anyone?

I am due somewhere around Jan. 10 with #2 birth child. My first pg, I turned 35 a week after my healthy little girl was born. My dr. mentioned amnio, but also said when I had...


Not being productive enough......

So, My husband is in the Navy. He works some long hours usually, from about 6am to 5 or 6pm. A lot of what he does with his job in the Navy is not very easy. Though they do...

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Hi Everyone

I guess I'll start off by saying hi. My name is Ali and my daughter, Kenidee, was born on September 19th, 2008 with SB. She is L3-S1. She had her back closure surgery 24...


Need prayers and encouragement...PLEASE

I am new to this group and have already found the women to be pleasant, encouraging, supportive, and good Godly women. I am 29, I have 4 children 7,5,3,1 and I am 6.5 mths...

Started by Jessica on 06/10/2009 in Christian Moms

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Potty Training

My son is 15 months old and we are teaching him sign language along with teaching him his words. He is doing great with all of it and now he effectively communicates with us...



My son is 6 1/2 months old and is still not completely turning over...any suggestions, or is anyone else having this issue? He was 4 weeks early, so I'm wondering if that has...

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Choosing god-parents

This summer we will be christening our second child. I was wondering what the god-parent protocol was? Should you, could you choose the same parents for all kids?

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I need help i cant get my 18 month old to eat. He fights me on everything and wont eat anything i have to force him all the time and he doesnt seem to be happy anymore and ideas??


Nap time

Okay I have an almost 2 year old son who just refuses to take naps i am going crazy everytime I lay him down he wants to be a butt head and get up and throw stuff, play with...


My 17-month old likes my sister better than me!

I know this is probably going to sound childish or selfish, or something, but my son (who is a few days shy of 17 months) LOVES, LOVES, LOVES my sister and whenever she's around...

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below average head circumference

My son was 13 weeks early. He is now 5 months, 2 months corrected. He had an appointment with his pediatrician the other day and she measure his head circumference and said he...

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sleep pattern

My 5-month-old son has developed this habit of waking up anywhere from 10-45 mins after he first goes to sleep. I can usually get him back to sleep within minutes by rocking him...