okay ..im lost n need help my son is getting baby food now n my mom says give him a bottle with his cereal n baby food....does anyone eles do this??? also r other babies here...

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I am 13w5d pregnant with my second child, I had a miscarriage in dec 2009 so I am very worried about this pregnancy because at first I had a little bump above my pelvic bone but...

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Lengthening Naps?

Any tips/tricks to help my baby nap longer? She is a great night time sleeper. She sleeps from around 6:30 pm to 6:30 am. But during the day she stays awake for about 2.5...

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My daughter goes down fairly easy for her bedtime in the crib, however trying to get her to take a nap in there is just plain awful. She screams like she is having a limb cut...

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trying for vbac but due date approachin soon...

I am trying for vbac after an emergent csection due to breech baby and preeclampsia 4 1/2yrs ago. My due date is Aug 29 in 3 days. My ob doesnt induced vbac with pitocin, and I...

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finding time for quiet-times

Since having my baby boy 5 months ago I have struggled to get back into a regular quiet time routine. It is hard as each day is so different. Also, I find that the times I have...

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to much milk..help me

i had to buy 4 cans of milk in 1 month in about to buy one more how can i make my baby drink less milk its to much money

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Is my 3 month old eating enough?

My 3 month old only eats about 12 oz a day. She seems happy but she does not want to eat, she fights the breast and the bottle. During a 10 hr day at the daycare, she only...


unfair treatment as a male

i have a 2 year old daughter.her mom left me for another man a week before she was born.since then her mother has drug me through the courts on numerous charges.all of which i...


Still transitioning to solids

My 14 month old son has really been struggling to transition to solids and the doctors have been of no help. At 14 months old he's STILL primarily exclusively breastfed. We...


New Born Vaccinations

I am very concerned about getting my infant son vaccinated. I have read up on the debates and am sometimes left confused. I found a pediatrician that is willing to let me...

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