Children's Vitamins

This was asked about in the eating post and I didn't see any answers in the string of replies so I decided to start it's own line. I've tried a few over the years. My first...

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money issues?

Well, about 2 weeks before my son was born, my fiance and I moved to a new town. We moved in with his mom and we thought that we would have extra money living with her. However,...

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how much is too much spit up? my 6 wk old seems to spit up almost everything she eats. she eats about 8 times a day and has gained 4lbs at least. but she spits up alot. she...

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does anyone have experience with this my granson just hospitalized with it


Ok potty training

It stinks she is having a real hard time with this especially this week her father and I are no longer together and I think it has really put a strain on her she fights every...


Young Mom...

Hey, So I'm not a mother of a large family, but I feel like I am. :) Let me explain. My mom had 12 kids, and being the 3rd oldest (oldest daughter) I feel that I have more...


This bothers me..

My mom is real sick with liver disease but she still lives alone and has confusion spells where she needs someone there to help with her meds besides her 12 yr granddaughter who...

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So i have a question and i was wondering if anyone else has the same feelings. This is very hard for me to talk about to anyone. I havn't spoke to anyone about it, and i think...


Diaper Sanitizing Problem?

Hey there, so we have been using Bum Genius 3.0 diapers my sons whole life ( he is 15 months ) and he recently came down with some infections in the diaper area he had Balanitis...


My daughter wont sleep at night. What should I do?

My daughter used to sleep all night starting at six weeks old. In bed at 10 and up at 6. Recently we had some family member stay with us who were down on thier luck. They didn't...

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Tell you story...

I was 17 when I got pregnant and had my son. I was with his father when I got pregnant but not when I had my son. Hes never been good about paying child support and hasnt even...


Midwife Vs. Ob/gyn?

Do you guys have any experience with midwifes? Midwifes seem to be so supportive and caring compared to Drs. I have seeing all these natural birth videos. Especially...