bottle nightmare!!!

so my 15 month old will not give up the bottle. i threw away the last of them last night though because they were getting too gross to keep using. i gave in this morning and...

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Ready for Toddler Bed?

Are you moms already introducing the toddler bed to your babies? I am not ready and I dont think my son is either....just wondering.


the other

so i am thinking about going to my husbands cristmas party just so i can see whom might show up in the bar where they met before. what to do? what to do?


Toddler bed?

i am wondering what all of you mums think . I am wondering if it would be ok to just get a toddler bed because jaelyn has been climbing out of her crib. I think i would feel...

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Letting my daughter travel

I am letting my daughter go to California with my in laws for a week this summer to finally meet her great grandma and her great aunt who to this point have only seen pictures...


need advice

my son is about to be 14months. he sleeps in a toddler bed and at night he wakes up out his sleep and cries. i don't know why and i have to get up out my bed quickly because i...

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What to do when your body changes.

I gave birth to my daughter on October 23rd. 6 weeks after her birth, I had my first period (I had stopped bleeding for about a week previous) and just finished my second last...

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Bottle Breaking

My son is 17 months old today and I am desperately trying to break him of the bottle, I was a strong believer that when he turned a year old I was going to break him of it but...

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Help/Advice please!!

Hi all! Any help would be so appreciated! I have a 2 year old son who is so amazing. Dad and I were together for 5 years and 2 weeks ago, without a conversation, fight, or...

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Hi mums xx

just thought you might get a laugh out of this blog I wrote please follow the link xxx http://constancsediary.blogspot.com/

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breast pumps

I currently have the first years double electric mipump but I do not know if it does not have enough suction or what the problem is I will pump for approximatly 30 min and I can...

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miscarriage :(

so its official i started bleeding yesterday morning called the doc and she had me come in for an ultrasound. still no heartbeat and i was starting to pass some tissue so she...