Thank You

I am so glad that I'm not the only one that thinks bottle feeding is okay. Every time I ever told anyone I wasnt able to breastfeed they ALWAYS look down on me. I hope more...


Losing Milk

I recently started going to work after being a SAHM for three and one half months. I have noticed that my milk doesn't seem as plentiful. I used to feel a strong need to pump or...


During down time

I have only one son (16 months) and now that I have everything on a routine I find myself with a lot of extra time and not knowing what to do to fill it up. Anybody else in this...

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hello--i had my first baby jan 5th 2010--im 34 yrs and i recently went back to work-- i never new it would be this hard--


I decided not to leave this group :)

I was going to leave this group since my son was born November 30, buuut since he was due December 21st and the group is called "babies due december 2009" I figured I can stay...


Maya's story...

I would like to share my daughter, Maya's, story with you all. I hope it will inspire you to share your stories! My daughter, Maya, is 9 years old and ever since we can...



Things are getting so much better with Zoe and her bedtime. Sometimes I have to rock her or "rock a baby" as she says and then go lay her in her room. I think it has a lot to do...


red cheek?

My 5 month old has one red cheek, I think she might be teething? She is very fussy and dribbling alot also hands in the mouth all the time. My first baby

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ADHD and aggression

I don't know what to do anymore. I am at my wit's end. My son is 5 years old. He has not been "officially" diagnosed with ADHD because he is apparently too young. I am...


Having 13 yr old Daughter!!!

What do i say, when she tells she has a BOYFRIEND? When she is not allowed, and knows it? She has always been very open with me, but I feel very uncomfortable with the...

Started by Kathy on 09/09/2010 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Not a debate...a rant!!!

Does anyone get annoyed when friends without children assume that because you have a child you are unable to go to anything....I keep finding out I've not been invited to things...

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stuffy nose

My 3month baby girl, has been waking up with a stuffy nose, she doen't have a fever and seems normal and her normal self.Any suggestion on how to aliviate her conjestion?


Dreaming about a gender while pregnant

Hey everyone I am currently 19 weeks and i had my first dream that i was going to be having a girl and in my dream i was holding her and etc and there was pink all around me...



hello everyone, i had my baby boy paul alfie ray Thomas on 21/09/2008. he is my first and so far i am very lucky- he already sleeps through the night and only cries when he...


Help. I want to stop b/feeding my 17month old.

My 17month old boy has never been a bottle baby. I now feel that it is time to stop breastfeeding as he is teething and starting to bite. Any ideas on how i can go about doing...

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3 months!!

My little one (born at 33wks) just turned 3 months yesterday!! I'm not sure what milestones he should have achieved by now but so far he's holding his head up when placed on his...

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