Dealing with Stress and Grief

My family has had a fare share of tragedy this holiday and in the last couple months. It seems as I reach my mid thirties, there has been an increase in deaths in the family,...

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5 year old NAP?

At age 4 i decided id follow the day nursery act in ontario. You can make a child rest in a bed for an hour no longer. Every day id put her in her room after lunch and make her...

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Need some advice!

This is a very long story but it is the situation i am in right now and i need some advice. I had been with my boyfriend for a year and a half and everything was perfect or at...


Oh why isnt he babbling?

My son is quite small for his 36 weeks and people think hes lovely. They ask his age and when I tell them hes nine months old they just say "oh hes not babbling much then is...


Thumb Sucking

My little girl is 8.5mths and stopped the pacifier in exchange for her thumb about 2mths ago. I know that both habits are as bad as each other, especially with the effect they...


Patience vs activities

I'm not a very patient mom, How do I get myself to do fun things and activities with my kids?

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employer not understanding

does anyone have issues with their employer not understanding that you are a single parent so working certain hours or days don't work and that when your child is ill it...


Should I get my tubes tied?

I have one beautiful and energetic little girl and do not wish to have anymore kids. Neither does my boyfriend. My boyfriend has had a vasectomy which was successful. Since...


Help! Need advice please!

My son is 14 months old. He is my first child. I am also 23 weeks pregnant with our second son, and since I became pregnant so soon after my son was born, I have severe pelvic...