first night out!!

hello everyone my daughter was born 01/01/2010 and i have not left her for a night yet.i am breastfeeding still and figure its just easier on us both when she wakes that i am...


2 kids 13 months apart...

Ok so Im currently a single mom (husband left due to being abusive) and I have a son who turns 4 next week, a girl whos 11 months old on January 1st, and I'm expecting another...



I just wanna know somethings about getting the epidural, Im having a girl shes due in April this is my 1st baby and I am terrified of needles so I wanted to know how it feels...


What about the Father?

I'm engaged to the Father of my son and he's a great Dad. I just wish he werent so lazy when it comes to helping me with Gage. I ask him to do something and it takes him forever...


staying at home

I've had a rough couple of months... I have dealt with depression since I was 12, and recently it reared its ugly head in such a way that I was almost hospitalized. Instead, I...

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Life isnt fair.

I have know since I found out that I was pregnant that my daughters father wanted nothing to do with her. I broke up with him when I was 4 months pregnant because of that and...

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Fed up and hoping it's just hormones...

I truly hope it's just hormones, but lately I can't stand my husband. I can't sleep at night due to snoring, bed hogging, sneezing (I think my allergies are more sensitive and...

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my daughter never listens to me

ok so my daughter stays with my mom most of the time.and has a different baby sitter for 2 days a week. i work 40 hours a week. and am home for the weekends. and my daughter...

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Hello! I am a first time mom to a beautiful 7 month old boy, Matthew! He and I had a rough start but things are doing much better. I love my bugaboo. I would love to talk to...

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Potty training through the night

All, i'm new to the circle so first of all a big hello!!! My query is regarding my son who has just turned three. He is fully potty trained during the day. However, nights...


Joining for the 1st Time

I have a 6-yr-old son with Asperger's... I work for a small African American arts gallery, and, recently placed some of his photographic works in a group show there. The bio...



I will be flying with my son on a 3 hour flight this month. Any suggestions? I flew with him when he was 2 months old, but he was at such a different stage then and slept the...

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I'm a special education for grades 7 and 8. These middle schoolers can be a challenge.

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Time Management

I'm a new mom who will be working from home starting next week. I'm up to the job, and I'm good at this "mom" business but I'm a bit nervous about combining the two. I'm still...

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My little boy..

I was just wondering if any of your sons were circumcised at birth? My son's doc refused to do it, and now we are going to Riley Hospital every six months and trying to plan an...



I have notice today that, our liitle girl has starting to teething. They look like they are swallon and looks like bruised. What i am wondering how long after this will her...