Bedtime on his own

I was wondering if anyone had any interesting or good advice on how I could get my son who's almost 2 to go to bed on his own. I got into the bad habit of laying w/ him for Nap...

Started by Hallie on 01/20/2010 in Toddler Moms

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My son has been congested since birth. Sometime worse than others, but he always has some sort of congestion. We have the vaporiser going and we use saline and suction when it's...


Swaddle to not anymore?

My son is almost 8 months and he only sleeps when he is swaddled. We have tried letting just his arms out, but he just rolls around and doesnt take his naps or if he does fall...


4 yr old screaming fits

My 4 yr old daughter has been having these horrible screaming fits whenever she is told to do something she does not want to do. She will scream for hours and hours if we let...

Started by Nyree on 07/02/2010 in Toddler Moms

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No sex drive after 6 1/2 months!

So, this is really awkward, but I was hoping for some advice... My husband and I had a baby 6 1/2 months ago, via c-section, and I am still waiting for the "spark" to return....


How do i get my son to give up his binky!!??

My son will be 2 in September, I am having issues trying to get him off his binky. I never had a problem with my older son he never liked it, But my lil one seems to wanna freak...

Started by Veronica on 07/28/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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PTSD and Combat Dreams

How does everyone else handle this? Recently my husband has been having more combat dreams than usual. I have been told by many that when he starts to have one get up out of the...


chicken pox

my 12month old girl has chicken pox..how dangerous is it?and how should i treat my baby's chicken pox and to ease the symptoms?i m soooo worried..tq..

Started by Beeha on 12/15/2010 in Toddlers

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from crib to toddler bed ?

My son is not yet one yr, will be in 2 months. He is already standing and pulling up on things to stand up. My husband and I plan on getting our son a toddler bed once he starts...

Started by Hope on 04/04/2011 in Toddlers

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Any Weaning Advice?

Hey everyone. I'm a stay at home mom and we actually started a slow weaning process when my son was 8 months old. He loves food (eats 3 meals a day plus snacks). We have...

Started by Traci on 08/24/2011 in August 2010 Babies

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i am at wits end

when my husband worked out of the house life was almost perfect. we barely fought, the place was clean, i had food on the table every night, i am a stay at home mom. but now...



My son has a large vsd im worried about sugery and my husband doesnt seem to worrie as much as i do. I also have to try and put more weight on him since his underweight . Any...



So my fiancee, myself, and his little sister have the house to ourselves this weekend and we are sittin in the livingroom playin videogames, and it's midnight and the phone...

Started by Corynn on 01/30/2010 in Step Moms

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