The Motherhood Penalty

I came across this article..... http://www.theglasshammer.com/news/2010/02/10/debating-the-motherhood-penalty/ and I thought it was pretty interesting...Personally, I can see...



i am the mother of 3 sons'. they are 21, 14 (soon 15) and 13. my oldest graduated on the honor roll (all 4 years), is sweet and thoughtful he is working and seems to be doin ok....


What am I doing wrong???

I feel like I am really messing up everything for my son psychologically. Most of you know, I'm not in the best mental shape myself and I really don't want to pass these issues...


Doctor said...

So, we went for her 18 month check-up today, and with some of the questions I've seen on here in mind. I am not the type of person to believe blindly what a doctor says just...


Sleep Issues

I have 5 month old twins and have really bad sleeping issues and they take turns with who sleeps well and who doesn't. The main problem is we can put them to seep and they may...


They tried to turn him.. Failure.

My baby boy is breech, they schedualed for me to go in and have him manually turned [ECV] I wasnt to worried about it. I read a BUNCH online and it generally sounded fine with...


Hello There!

Hello Laurie, I am really happy to have found this group, hopefully soon others will join too:) I have a 3 year old little Angel, her name is Megan. I feel she is either a...


Follow up placenta location?

Today the US tech told me they want me to come back in 4 weeks to check on the placenta location. Having previously had issues with the placenta being attached (which resulted...


Living a nightmare!

HELP! My 3 year old woke up cryin in her sleep Last Monday nite. When we finally got her awake, she said she dreamed a rabbit was choking her. We don't have rabbits nor know...

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husband is gone to basic training

my husband is gone to basic training and he still has a long ways to go. hope did you cope with it? sometimes i have a hard time.

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hi, I'm new here

I haven't joined any of the communities until now, so I hope I'm doing this right. My 2nd son was born last June so I figured this was a good community to join. This is the...

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Separate Bedroom

My oldest son is 2 and a half years old and some months back i put him and my 1 year old daughter in a separate bedroom. My daughter sleeps in a cot but my son has his own bed....