Health issues after the birth of your twins?

Hello gals! I was wondering if anyone else has experienced health issues after the birth of their twins.. My girls are about to be two years old and ever since their birth I...

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when to tell kids they are adopted

My first two kids are from a previous marriage. My ex was a dead beat husband and father. I think he has spent more time in prison than out! My current husband has adopted the...

Started by Jennifer on 01/05/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Anything out there

Hi all I currently have a 22 month old and 8 n half months pregnant, i have been looking into working from home and everything i find either sounds to good to be true or is...


How do you use your cricut?

I use my cricut to scrapbook and make cards and the such but I also use it to make educational activities for my daughter and nephews, such as feltboard pieces, flashcards and...

Started by Jodi on 01/19/2010 in Scrapbooking Moms

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How do you feel about putting your kids on a "leash"? I personally feel that if you have to put your child on a "leash" then you obviously cannot control your children and/or...

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So hard to leave my kids..

I'm getting divorce and have to give 50% of time share to ex ... I never live by my self in my life and it's so hard to leave my kids and move out from my own house that I build...


tantrum problems

my daughter is 2 1/2 years old and when i ask her to do things such as helping to tidy up or ask her to eat her dinner she screams in my face and just gets louder and louder. it...


I wish it got better

My daughter was stillborn (I was 11 days overdue). It would be my daughter Zoe's ninth birthday on October 27th, and it still hurts. My heart just feels broken. As I watch my...


selective amnesia?

My daughter has a fear of bugs getting in her food. She will not eat outside. It has gone on for years. We explained this to my mother-in-law, Pat, many years ago. She even...

Started by MaryEllen on 04/05/2010 in Christian Moms

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Do I keep searching?

Hi everyone, I am a mother of 3 girls.2 of them my eldest just turned ten and my youngest almost four both have identical brain mri scans. They have severe abnormalities to the...


Getting your tubes tied...

In March I gave birth to my fourth child, and know that I don't want any more children. Not only for mine and my husband's sake, but because I am tired of being criticized after...