Video Game Time Limit.

My 7 year old daughter discovered a video game last week that she likes and is pretty good at, both of which are surprising. However, it's been causing problems because that's...



My 8 1/2 month old does not like taking naps at daycare, but will take them just fine on the weekends, I think he doesn't like to miss out on anything at daycare. He sleeps...

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Starting solids

My daughter will be 6 months in a couple of weeks. She has been EBF since birth. I've done some reading on starting solids and know that it will only be small amounts offered...


Stupid Fucking HUSBAND!

Right now I am 14 weeks pregnant. I just found out last week that it is possible that I might have an incompetent cervix. Tomorrow I go to the state's capital to a doctor's...


America's foundation

I got this in an e-mail today and wanted to share it with you all. OUR REAL ROOTS: This is one e-mail that needs to be shared. But then, we may already be too late. God help...

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Tried everything

I have a three week old and I have tried everything to put her down to sleep and stay asleep. I have tried to rock her for about 30 mins, I got one of those swaddling...


Stressed!!! Need a break!!

I have a almost 2 year old and a 9 month old and I have no time for myself. I know its supposed to be like that when you have kids but I have completely dropped everything for...



Okay so my daughter Aundrea will be six weeks tommorrow. She is eating almost six ounces every feeding is that normal? And also she has not been wanting to sleep the last couple...


bubble wraped kids

Hi guys I was just wondering how far you go to kip you kids safe? I mean what ever happened to playing in the dirt and eating mud pies? When i was little (im 21) my mum had no...


6 wk old napping habits

My 6wo will only stay napping if he is being held or movin (carseat/stroller). Once I put him down he wakes up in 5-10 minutes. He sleeps perfectly at night when he is swaddled...


Sleeping Habits~~

Hi mums from the other side of the world~~ i have a big sleeping problem with my lil one who's turning 1 in 2 weeks~~!! not sure how it's like in other countries, but in HK...


when to speak up..if at all???

okay so if your friend is being cheated on, do you tell?? if your friend is gaining too much weight or losing too much, do you say something?.. for example..my sister in law...

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cold something be wrong? i am so confused

my last period was on dec 21 and it lasted the usual 5 or 6 days. i was expecting to start late january and possibly even go into early feb on my period but that never happened....

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SIDS paranoid

When my other kids were infants I was always so worried about SIDS. With Wes I haven't been. Until, that is, this whole thing on WTE started- the Rebel thing. The mom that...