Anything for a chest cold under 1 year?

My son will be a year in a week and my husband went to get him something for a horrid cough, just for night time and he was told it was all taken off the shelves for under 2...


Really Stuffy Nose!

My 5 month old has an incredibly stuffy/runny nose. I've been using the nasal aspirator, but at night she can't breath very well! Does anyone know of any ideas to calm this...


my son has bronchitis

my son is 4mnths old and has bronchitis i have been using vicks and nebuliser and fess nasal spray but none of it seems to be helping, what should i do or try?


Cough/Cold Remedies?

My 10 month old has had a cold for over a week now. His nose has been running non-stop. I thought it was getting a little better, but yesterday he started coughing. It just...


Sinus congestion!

Ok, my almost 4 month old has been really congested the last couple of days and I have been having to sleep in the recliner with her on my chest if we both want to get any kind...

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Whats great for getting rid of toddler cold?

Hi, My son has a terrible cold and it just started. He was up all night coughing and tossing and turning. Last night I gave him children Tylenol and again this morning. I...

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Ok moms I really need your help

Ok moms I need help I am a working mom and it seem that I never have enough time, My son is 8 months and he have a cough that sound really dry and hes also a little congested...

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First Cold

My little Kylie got her first cold recently (she is 8 months old). Mostly she just has a lot of mucus draining from her nose. She is herself most of the time, except that she...


My one month old is sick!!!!

He has a head cough and his doctor told me to get him Saline Mist to spray in his nose to get the mucus out. It is coming out but not fast enough. The mucus is getting into his...


the commom cold

I have a 7 month old that has a cold with a runny nosie that is sore to touch, is there any thing that I can put on it so is not so sore? Also is there something that I can give...