Obese and pregnant

m 21 and this is my first pregnacy I am obese though and pretty much I have trisomy x three x chromosomes and I am expecting a girl, I wanted to know when you normally see your...

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Realtedto health

My baby is 1 month 2 weeks and today dotcor said that his heart is not clear but he also sais that its normal iy wil take time like 2 to3 months is that true,otherwise he is...



how do i teach my baby sitter to play with my one year old toddler so the baby does not become dull?


Not sleeping

My 7 months old baby is not sleeping enough during the day...i need to know it is normal ? Or do i need to see the doctor.....? If there any suggestions?


Best Milk for 6-12 Months

Hi Mommies! I just want to gather suggestions on what's the best milk for babies 6 to 12 months old. My baby had S26 Gold during her first 6 months (since I lost my breastmilk...

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Hi I'm a 1st time mom and are very new to the motherhood.Please tell me what can I put on my babies hair after washing it and also what shampoo is best recommended . Thank u


va jay jay pain

I am 37 wks pregnant and i have pain in my vagina feels like my lil man is tryna step out of ny stomach has this ever happened to anyone before


stomach fat problem after c section

before 4 months i had got a baby through c section yet my tummy size has not decreased even e one inch...before pregnancy i had 32 size & now i have 38..so what to do reduce...


The Young and the Stressful

I guess I'm not a mother anymore. I got pregnant at 18...and I am still 18:(. I honestly didn't want a baby but I had one. I have a good man who wanted and wants to be a father...



Hello i'm new in here and i need some opinions we are planning to have a baby what im unsure about is to take mmr vaccine i prefer not as i read many negative feedback about it...



My son is 5 months and he don't know how to hold his bottle up on his own and he dont know how to sit up yet and when I try to stand him up he gives up. Is this a problem or is...

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Problems with constipation

my daughter is 1,5 month old. she is eating both breast milk and formula. She wets her diapers regulary with every feeding. However, she poops every 3-4 days. is it normal?


acid reflux

Any moms want to give tips on dealing with a baby with acid reflux? What formulas worked for you ?



I get. Very angry on my baby i don't want to get angry butt i can't i feel very guilty afterwards but i cant control my anger how i control it my baby don't trouble me as...



k so my boy is almost 3 months old he weighs about 15 pounds and he eats a 6oz bottle less an hour apart so I put cereal in it thinning that might full him up but its not can,I...

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