Don't know what to do

Hello. I just joined yesterday. I'm currently 24 and 21 weeks pregnant. Baby daddy is not my ex, never dated and never will. He's a okay guy but i wont be able to count on him...

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How to deal with a conservitive family?

My in-laws are very conservative and criticize us very harshly for our political views. We are pro-choice and his family has called up baby murderers! Before the baby I was...

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Cystic Fibrosis

Hey everyone. I learned today that one of my high school friends has a young child with this disease. On May 17th, my community is going to do a Walk for the Cure. If you would...

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Emergency C ~ Section

Hi, Iv'e just had my little girl Kacey 7 days ago by an emergency c~ section. I was 2 weeks overdue and had to go into hospital to be induced, the laybour didn't go quite as...

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body issues

i have a 6 month old, and i STILL haven't been able to loose any of my pregnancy weight. i wanted to breast feed for health reasons and because it was the best way to loose...

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Bit of advice needed

Hi all my baby daughter was born with tetralogy of fallotsshe is now 10 months andwasnt intending to have surgery till after she turned one but things took a bad turn and she...

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Going back to cloth...

So, I had my first kid in cloth diapers-just nice Chinese prefolds and cheap nylon pull-on covers. Worked great. After my second baby was born I petered out on using them...


Striping diapers

I'm kind of new to cloth diapering and have read a few posts that refer to "striping" the cloth diapers...can anyone tell me what this is and why it's done?


Potty training a boy...

My husband and I have been working on potty training our son since July of 2008 and he was 3...we used a potty page for stickers and gave alot of praise and he seemed like he...



Hi ladies...I wanted input on a decision I have to make ASAP. I have a surgery scheduled for June 1st, and at that time my son will be a little over 3 months. The surgery is...

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We have been using the method at night for about a month and it is working great!! :) Now, I am ready to start at naps. Any tips or suggestions?


Getting to know everyone!

Hi my name is Melissa Brady. I am 25 years old. I live in San Diego, CA with my daughter Kelsee and my husband Jerome. I am a military spouse. I work part-time at Old Navy and...


Getting healthier --- any tips???

Hi ladies, As you all probably know i have been told by my doctor to loose weight (30 pounds in 3 months to be exact). So i thought i would start a new converstation by...

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Night time sleep

Please share your methods of helping baby sleep through the night, or at least only wake up once! We wake up 2-5 times a night 3-4 on average.


How often do you feed your kid?

How often does your toddler eat? My son is 16months old and if I let him I think he'd snack constantly 24/7. Right now we have a semi-consistent schedule of eating breakfast at...


New to this community

My LO was born at 25 weeks by emergancy c-section as my placenta came away so I was in a bad way. Thankfully Phoenix is a little fighter as he weighed 850grams which we were...