new young mom need help !

My 5 month baby just hit her head and she has a bump on her forehead I'm not sure what to do if I should take her to the ER or not. she fell asleep I'm not sure what to do if I...


Need Help

This is my first child, he is just three weeks 4 days old. I am black african from Ghana and my husband is dutch, our son is born and is incredibly very darker, he does not look...


need advice on autism

My son was 2 months early and hes 2 now he dont talk much and he keeps going back to the same thing after you tell him to stop or redirect him he advanced in a lot of things...


Spit up

My baby is 4 n half month old..and he is a preemie too..he is on formula and spits up a lot after every feed..he has reflux and my Ped has suggested to mix rice cereal for...



Hey my name is Ryan im currently looking for other moms as friends. I get tired of sitting in the house all day copped up its not healthy. Im pretty chill and laid back and easy...


Pregnant with first, living in Champaign

Hi! I'm new to this group. I'm looking for other pregnant women or new moms who live in the Champaign-Urbana area. I just moved here recently with my husband and I am having a...

Started by Alyssa on 07/21/2014 in Illinois Moms

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Hi, im 17 years old on my secon child .mom is not willing to help because she helps with my first son i live in sacramento ,ca and can use help with boy baby clothes and...


Just moved to Lethbridge from Montreal

Hello! I just moved here from the land of poutine and hockey. I'm in my 30s and have a nine-month-old son and a 12 year-old step-son. I live on the West side of town and would...

Started by Mel on 08/04/2014 in Lethbridge Moms

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What to do?

My babys father doesn't know but after very extenuating circumstances do I tell him? I didn't know I was pregnant until I was roughly 35 weeks along and then all tests and the...


work from home for moms

Im a mom to 3 baby boys age 2/5 ,1/5, and 7weeks old boy. I work from home as Independend Distributor for one of the International company. Email me if you are interested....


Gas and Constipation

My 6 week old daughter has bad gas and lately she's been having one bowel movement every other day. My doctor says it's normal for babies to skip a day but the gas is so...