My baby is going to graduation and I have lost my job she needs a white dress there is no one here for us my baby is my best friend I was cleaning homes but my car stop going to...


Hw to gain weight

My baby is of 1yr n her weight is just 7.8... Hw can i improve her weight

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Help so many questions

Hi everyone. I have a long story but I won't share it all. Long story short. Drs found trauma on my brain and I was in some pretty bad pain for a while. Anyway I was on Percocet...


play dates in Barie

Hi Ladies, I'm 29 and moved to Barrie about 4 years ago. I have one baby girl born February 1st 2014. I live in the Southend of Barrie and I'm looking for other parents who like...


Help plz !!

Hi all am 39+5 weeks pregnant & a have tried everything to bring on my labour but nothing working what shall a do a been told if a don't go by Tuesday 20th may what is my...


Hi everyone

I am a father of my son. It's about my son, he is about to reach 7 years in September...just before two days he accidentally lost his front teeth. I am really worried and...

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intercourse the 16th of may....

hello i had intercourse the 16th of may in the morning and my ovulation day was the 17th. i am pregnant!! this is baby number 4 god willing! however i have 3 boys 3,5,and 7. i...


Grocery Help...

I need to go grocery shopping and must bring my 4 week old. What stores have the carts with the built in infant seats? has anyone used these, and do they recommend? I know I...

Started by Lesley on 06/11/2014 in Cincinnati Moms

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not gaining a lot of weight

I am going to be 24 weeks pregnant in 2 days and I have only gained 7 lbs so far. My doctor hasn't said anything about it and I know my baby girl is on the smaller side (healthy...


Umbilical Cord Stump?

I'm not due until September, but I got all the clothes everything prepared and now I'm being told not to put my newborn in onesies and sleepers due to the umbilical cord stump....


My son doesn't have teeth

hi I am viji new member of circleofmom..I have 14 month old son..he doesn't have teeth yet..what is the reason? can I consult the dentist? could u give me a suggestion please?


Can I get pregnant on mirena?

I've had mirena for 1 year and 4 months and I'm starting feel like there's a baby moving inside me. The flutters and little kicks. I've had a baby before and know the feelings....


picky eater

my baby is 19 months and he is not eating anything. he just want baby food . he didnt take any rice ,bread ,milk ,fruits,vegetable etc. he is just eating junk food.i am very...



BLES bless you and your family. S ALL OUR PREEMIE BABIES. Mine are turning 7 in November, but it will always feel like just yesterday they were all hooked up to monitors and...

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I am 2 days over my due date, an the past week an a half my vagina has hurt so bad that it hurts to roll over in bed at night, get out of bed an Evan sore to walk! Should I be...

Started by Brandi on 09/17/2014 in Moms Under 30

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