Can't keep her awake for play time!

My daughter is just over 3 weeks old, and I have the hardest time keeping her awake for play time. Usually, it's a big triumph if she's up for one hour, but many times I have to...

Started by Jennifer on 07/22/2009 in Babywise Mom's

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Bed Time

I have a strong willed 21 month old little girl who does not like to go to bed. I am consistent and have bed putting her to bed and not letting her get up for months and...


tandem spoon feeding

My almost 10 month old is finally starting to want to spoon feed herself, but she won't let go of the spoon once she's got it. I'm having to use two spoons - one in her hand...



I wanted to know what others feel about vaccines? My son is 2 months old and ready for his Vaccines but Im not sure what I want to do. Do I get them all at once or spread them...


sunken fontanelle

hi all, My 8 month old has just recovered from a virus which caused vomiting and diarrhea resulting in dehydration. however her fontanelle (though a LOT better than it was) is...


how did you feel...?

i am curious how other moms felt when they were in their 1st trimester of pregnancy. i am on my second child and so far in my 4 weeks (maybe) i feel hungry alllllll the time and...


online classes, child, and working

I feel like I finally found the balance in doing all 3. I'm taking online classes at U of Arkansas 1 or 2 classes a semester; im only taking a few classes since its been awhile...

Started by Carrie on 07/29/2009 in Moms In School

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Speech - should I be concerned?

My father pointed it out to me today while we were talking on the phone today that my DD never really strings words together like my 2 year old nephew. My comment was of...


grandpa knows best????

i recently had a new baby and to help out my husband takes our 4 yr old fishing on a boat w/ him and grandad...when ever our 4 yr old goes to grampas house for daycare he takes...


Colic and acid reflux

My son is 6 weeks old and has acid reflux. He is on medicine and seemed fine for almost a week and the last few days has been very fussy. He cries for hours without wanting to...



i dunno, i started this cuz i really like astrology and am learning to read birthcharts and it's really cool how i've been noticing the differant signs interacting within my own...

Started by Carin on 08/02/2009 in Astrology Moms

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Benjamin Franklin

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” - Benjamin Franklin...


Keep Toddler in Bed at Night!

Need some tips on how to get my 2 year old to bed at night and stay in his toddler bed.

Started by Christie on 08/03/2009 in Toddler Moms

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