its hard

i've been with my kids father for 4 years now..we started out friends for a whole year it was great but when oi became his lover it turned into fighting all the time and he used...


canadian coupons mailed to ur house??

does anyone know of any good websites to get coupons for formula and diapers and other baby items, that dont have to be printed, I need to have them mailed to my house,,, I have...


Another one!!

My son has just turned 10 months old and he's already going to be a big brother in about 4 months. He has just learned to crawl and is trying his hardest to walk, I am...


is there a calculator for ounces needed?

I will be leaving my baby in December for 5 days. I'm trying to calculate how much a 6 month old eats on average and how many ounces I'll need to make sure to have pumped for...


back labor

has anyone experienced back-labor? i did with my son and it was aweful..any tips on how to not get it so bad on my next time around?? i have an almost 9 month old baby and...


Long but interesting...

What do you think? This is a personal story from someone local in my area. Hello, My name is Danielle Smith, and I need someone to hear my story and possibly help me. Last...


How early can you birth twins?

I am pregnant with twin girls due March 2nd. I am having a c-section this time around due to having repair from my first child. My Dr. told me I get to choose the date. But I am...

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Should we have a child together?

I am 25, my husband is 42. My husband and I have a blended family. He has one child that is 20 and I have a 3 and a 6 year old. When we first got married I had no thoughts of...


Awake time before bedtime

How long is your baby(ies) awake before bedtime? I'm looking for information for 11-12 months of age. thanks.

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what to name twin girls.......?

My cousin is having twin girls and can't think of middle names..... The first names she has already decided on they will be Neva and Stella, I don't want to say the last name...



I am really hoping my son has all his teeth before our baby girl is born because after today (and probably tonight's) teething episode including a total meltown at toys r us...

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