Negative nasal swab!

My baby had to have a tonsillectomy 2 weeks ago, and since MRSA is all over his chart, I thought for sure we'd have to be in isolation, but his swab came back negative!!!! YAY!

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Fluffy Whole Wheat and Fruit Pancakes

Ingredients 1 1/2 cupwhole wheat 3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cup milk 1 egg 3 Tablespoons melted butter Method mix dry ingredients with a wisk add wet...

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The Twins are here!!

:o) Well they have been here about a month now!! Our daughters Ava & Alyvia arrived March 16th. They were 35 weeks and were born very healthy (minus preexisting issues...



my husband is an identical twin and we are expecting our first baby together. is there a higher risk of me having twins? anyone know?


our beginins!!!

our story begin when i was 19 years old, on november 25 i have my first child angel....he was so beautiful...10 day after he was born i took him home and after few month i...


Grinding Teeth

My (almost) 8 month old has 5 teeth and is grinding them constantly.....any suggestions on how to stop.....and he only can chew on a toy for awhile until he gets bored with it...


2 month shots

After her 2 month shots, my baby girl has a little bumps on both thighs just. She does not have a fever, and does not look to be in any discomfort. Is this a normal side...


how do you find a sibling

i wish to find my brother jesse or juan leus , he was adopted as a baby and we have the same natural father and i do know that he and his mom attended the same college in...

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Help with Number 3

Hi ladies I'll tell you about my background With my first daughter I BF with no problems for the first year, It was very easy for us and was a wonderful experience. I fully...

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Good afternoon, Well I haven't posted on here for quite sometime. But I wanted to introduce my lil man Daniel Jacob--though it has been 6 weeks now.. He was born on 3/10 at...



My lil babe is teething @ 5 months. He hates the baby oral gel, spits it right out. Is there anything else to ease the itchy pain????



Just wondering if your little ones have any favourite games or toys? Rotate my 8mth old from playmat, to bouncer and even high chair with toys to entertain and let me get on...

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4 mos old twins with eczema

my 4mos old twins have eczema all over their face & scalf. their GP prescribed aqueous cream and emulsifying ointment but they had allergic reaction to it. dermol 500 was...

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Mirena out!!!

I finally got it removed , and im so happy . i feel so much different ( in a good way) i was getting uti's from it all the time. And i swear i felt it. Now im not on any...


Hey everyone

About my May baby: She's gonna turn 5 on the 15th which is so scary for me and then she'll be starting school in August which will be the first time she's ever really been away...

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