Everything happens for a reason.....right?

Well last week I posted about my daycare dilemma (we were trying to decide between 3 different ones). We decided on the one that would be at capacity with my kids because she...

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16 year old mom

my 16yr old daughter ronda just had a baby, she turns 17 in december. the father to this child is 22, steals from my house, has 4 drug charges pending, she lets him sneak into...


Induced before deployed

Hi please can someone give me advice, I'm due 1st jan and OH will be back for two weeks from overseas however if I go overdue like our first child did he more than likely will...


1mo old w/ acid reflux. opinions?!

im pretty sure my son has acid reflux. his ped put him on zantac .7mL twice a day. here are a few of his symptoms: -hiccups almost always aftet feedings -fusses(but will eat)...

Started by Kelsey on 02/07/2013 in Babies And Infants

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Breast feeding problems

My 4 month old daughter is now refusing to breast feed and I don't know what to do! I have always breast fed her from the beginning, giving her a pumped bottle at night usually...


Drive or fly?

OK, I am TERRIFIED to fly! I have panic attacks and even thinking about flying makes me anxious. I'm planning on going to Boston in a couple of weeks which is a 15 hour drive...


What to do? What to do?

What activities do or did with your 10 month old. He he is finally rocking on his knees & can go in a circle. I have a small place so the living room has the most space. We...

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Feeling big and not so attractive

I am pregnant and due in July. My belly is getting realy big and I feel I am a burden to my husband. Also My intamacy has been very low. He wants to have sex but I feel I...

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My 24 week daughter update:)

Hi moms! No one really has to reply: but I just have to say that when I first had my baby I was scared and confused and all sorts of emotions! This site helped me understand...

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