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Ok...apparently I either have too much time on my hands or I just like seeing my profile pic all over the conversations page (probably a little of both!) but I wanted to let...


Breastfeeding to solids

Wondering if any other nursing mothers are having trouble introducing baby food. My ped. says to start fruits and veggies but he honestly refuses to have anything to do with a...



I found that walking is the best way to shed the pounds. I do this video "Walk Away the Pounds" I love it. I can't get out and walk because I live in SD where the winds are...



Hi all! My son is cutting his 4th tooth, the second top front tooth. It seems every time he is cutting a tooth, he gets severly congested and his nose runs like an open...


lil worried

I'm 19 weeks pregnant with my second baby and havent felt her move yet and i've read alot of girls have on here as early as 12- 15 weeks?should I be worried or just wait and it...

Started by Nicki on 12/23/2008 in May 2009 Babies

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New Mommy and Loving it!

Hello there group I am a new mommy and loving almost every minute of it! We are doing really well here in Maine. We had a wonderful Holiday how about all of you new mommies! I...

Started by Alexandra on 12/28/2008 in October 2008 Babies

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New Here!

Hi I'm a new mom to the group. My first son Elijah was born 8/3/07 and we just had our second son on 12/6/08. Both were planned and yes I am crazy! :-) Both my boys are complete...

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Kids Close is great... Now

Hi! I'm new around here, but my boys are 16 months and 2 weeks apart in age. They are currently 6 and 4, (which always sounds weird to me when we're this third of the year...


Help with sleeping

My six month old will only fall asleep while breastfeeding. How can I get her to sleep without relying on me to help her (everytime). She will not take a pacifier. She hates...



Hi, i'm new to this site. i have two little ones. both 4 right now. my son will be 5 end of january and my daughter turned 4 nov 15th. they are 9 1/2 months apart (instead of...

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Fraternal Twins-One with Down Syndrome

I found out I was having twins when i was 8 weeks pregnant. We did not have the Down Syndrome screening done during pregnancy. At about 30 weeks, during my ultrasound, the...

Started by Shannon on 01/08/2009 in Twins

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2 Questions

Hi All!! I have two questions. The first one is, how do you know if your baby has acid reflux? I have a 13 week old little girl that spits up constantly, and cries after...


A 2 year old and a Bottle

Hi all my Daughter is now 2 years old and still taking a bottle to bed. I have stopped her morning ones but can't seem to stop the night ones yet. Any advice would be great or...


respisense monitor

has anyone used a respisense monitor for their baby? it is a portable monitor, helpful for babys like ours that has apnoea attacks and trying to decide whether it is worth...



I have a 6,5, 2 and 8mo. I'm trying to make it work and Jesus is slowly teaching me how, but I have to throw everything I thought would work out the window in the process. I'm...


How do you get a 14 moth old off the bottle?

My son is 14 months old and will not give up the bottle. we have tried several different times and differnt ways to get him to leave the bottle, but he won't just let it go!...

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