Hi, I'm Stephanie...my Daughter was born Dec 1st 06 and I just had my son at the end of Oct. So...my daughter is going through the adjustment. She likes him pretty well,...


Impending labour!

I have one wk to go till my impending labour! aagghh! Any advice?

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I am so excited to see that there is a group on Facebook that I can ask questions of. All my friends are mothers but they are all married! They haven't the first clue what it...

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Loving my new little addition

Isn't being a mom the best! I never get tired of staring at his beautiful little face and seeing all the daily changes!

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Won't drink cow's milk

I am still nursing my son but would like him to start transitioning to cow's milk. However, he hates it. He spits it out. He won't take it from a bottle. I have tried warming it...


Thank you!

Just a quick update on my 6 week old daughter, Reid. She had her open heart surgery this past Friday, and is doing well. There were no complications and she is recovering in...



Hi, I am a new mom of a almost 3 month old baby boy. He is smiling, drooling all over and very interested in the world around him, and now its getting harder for me to put him...

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No sleep

I know every mother who has a newborn has no sleep. Honestly I havent had a good night sleep since he came home. I feel like so I might overdose on coffee:)

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Hello! I am due December 13th but that pressure is really getting to me during the night!! My last appt I was 1cm and 50% effaced....does that even mean anything? I will be...


Due June 5th with 3rd child

Hey everyone, I'm a mother of 2 already, one is 5 and a half the other will be 4 in couple of weeks. I'm pregnant with my 3rd child, but I've noticed I'm showing super...

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Being a teen mom issent easy but i wouldnt change it for the world i love my boy with all my heart and soul


Pregnant & panicked!

I have a pregnant friend who lives in Western Kentucky. She's married, but hubby has crappy health insurance so she's trying to find a supplemental plan. Can anyone help...



hi my name is nicole, i have one beautiful, mostly good litte girl who even at times tries me i stil love with wll my heart, she shares her birthday with her father.

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Charlie was born on December 23rd, his due date. Poor kid 2 days before Christmas.


hi everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself. Im a single mother of one baby girl born 6.7.08. I am enjoying motherhood, and am feeling good about creating a healthy and fun environmennt...

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Hello Im 20 married and have 2 beautiful babies. The biggest problem I have is keeping my 14 month old off my 3 month old. He tries to help way too much!


Eye contact

This is my first baby, and I am concerned because my daughter does not like to make eye contact with people. She seems to look at things like lights and get fixated on them for...


cutting out the dummy-HELP!!!

My name is Jade, i'm 24 and i have a 1yr old girl called Lily. I need to get her out of having her dummy as the hv said it's causing her to get a more severe dribble rash. I...

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