Hiking in the winter

My son is 6 mos old and we have been on many hikes prior to the cold weather. He is now a little too big for his snugli, and I'm nervous to take him hiking out in the cold....

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canadian help!!!!!

hi i appreciate all the wonderful advice i get on the circle of moms... i have received lots of helpful info and met people in similar situations to myself, however i need tips...

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missing my work

Hi , My baby will be one year old next month... i didn't work the last year, and i miss my work... not sure how to begin again ...

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Spitting up

My daughter will be 6 months next week and she's been on solids for about 2-3 weeks already. She's always been a spit up baby but I thought that would stop after we started her...

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New here :)

I am a stay at home mom of a 5 year old son, a 22 month old daughter and an 8 months old son. Life is getting busy with my little guy starting school and hockey and then the...

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my baby girl passed away only after 3 and 1/2 hours, she died after a midwife asked me to lay down and go to sleep while a breastfeed i was extremely exhausted after 30 hours of...


Any Suggestions...

Hello Moms! Having just joined this community and not having read all posted discussions, I'll just post my own topic. My son Milos is the best thing in my entire life and I...

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I miss my little girl..........

I can't get anything done at work because I constantly sit here and think about her......I've got it BAD!

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i have 3

wow, first to start a conversation! I have 3 daughters, all of which were born at home. My mom and a good friend facilitated the births with my wonderful hubby at my side. I had...



hey ladies...i am the senior pastor of a Vineyard Church plant in menasha, wisconsin. anyone else doing the senior pastor thing?? :)))

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mum of 4

hey i am a mum of 4, i work and just recently got married. Im 25 years old. I got 2 kids at school and 2 at home. my youngest baby jamee-jaye starts daycare next week im a bit...


sippy cups

I have been giving Donovan(Jan 23) juice in a sippy with dinner for over a month now and he has done just fine. I tried to give him his formula in a larger sippy with the same...


New here

Have several hobbies of which my favorite is crocheting. I have done afgans, bedspreads and filet doillies and table runners

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I am Mindy, a SAHM/WAHM of six kids. All have been cloth diapered, so I have been cloth diapering for about 16 years. Right now I only have one in diapers(the first time in 9...



Any tips on traveling with a 5 month old baby? I'm taking her on a vacation to Mexico and would like some advice!


Bottle strike while teething

My daughter's first tooth just broke through this weekend and the second one is close behind. For the last couple of days she hasn't been eating from the bottle, and will only...

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New member

Hello, i am a new member here, i am not sure how this works but I cant wait to meet moms of a may 2008 baby like me. I have a Little girl named Lauren. Hope to hear from...

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