My baby girl is one years old and continues to want her bottle ... I am so frustrated cause Ivan trying to give her solids and has very little interest and gets so hungry that...



My 5 year old daughter having her first baby tooth about to come out but I'm seeing her adult tooth out from her gum while her loose tooth still there is that normal.....


2 month old with silent reflux

I am worried about my 2 month old. She has gagged since she was born throughout the day. I breastfeed and she pulls on and off and cries and makes a funny gulping sound. She is...


Preemie and breast feeding

Hello all..I had my baby girl at 7 months in October she's still in the hospital..I used to pump 2 oz of milk for the day but recently I only get drips..any similar situations?...


When will I concieve

I have jus given birth to my son in October he was born sleeping.. Iam so desperate to have a baby to hold and love as I would have done my baby angel.. It jus doesn't seem to...



What is the best tasting formula milk with a sweet taste... my 2 month old baby does not want to be bottle fed... and doesnt like formula milk... im going back to work in weeks...


eating for a 3 month old

My daughter just turned 3 months on the 17 of december and she acts like she is tired of formula. Like she won't eat it and I know she is hungry. What can I do to get her...

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Teen mom

So I want to be a teen mom. I recently graduated high school and I am 17 years old. I work full time now, and have been with my boyfriend Jonothan for 4 years in February....


I need help

I have two children and iam five months pregnant. Based on my financial situation I didn't plan to have a third child. Now iam pregnant and I dnt know where to start .I need...


Menstrual cycle

I had my first baby a yr and 8mths ago,in other words she is a year and eight months now and my menses has not returned and am trying for another baby. How do I go about this....


Need help with what to feed my 10 month old.

I am a first time mom and in disparate need for advice. I have a 10 month old who still doesn't want to eat solids. He prefers eating baby food from the jars or latching. When...

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