Hi..i had preeclampsia in 2013 Sep,nd I had a preemie nd lost her,I had vertical c-section,now I want to try again,is it safe?16months post cesarean section.


Help please!!

I'm a first time mom and my baby is almost 5 months old. I've been breast feeding him since he was born but the first couple months I only gave him the bottle when we went out...


Hello Ladies!

I am also a mommy to Griffin my October 08 baby! Griff is my second child, he has a 2 year old sister Haylee. Mommy hood to me was a suprise, though I was 24 and married, it...



Hi my name is Jennie and I am a first time mom. He is our little miracle baby as we had lost several others before him. We are happy and just trying to figure out what is...


36 wks and measuring 38 wks

i have been measuring 2 weeks ahead since they started measuring me at my 12 wk scan they already put my due date 2 weeks futher on then we thought, my midwife is very...

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Hello and my story

Hello I'm Faye I'm 40 years old and have had 5 miscarriages my last one was when I asked my ob/gyn IF he could promise me I could have a baby and his answer was "NO" so I asked...


My 14mnth old is so spoiled......

my husband and my 2other kids have my baby spoiled. Everything he wants he gets...I on the other hand can't spoil him too much because I have 3 other kids and since they are...

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leave a cute story about your toddler

My daughter's got quite the personality already! My husband and I decided to get her a doll since we are going to start trying for another one soon. I was at the store today...

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Cabin Fever

I was recently pregnant for 17 months- 2 babies back to back, my oldest now 1 yr. and my youngest now 4 months. They are ten months apart. You can imagine I don't get out much....

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Gestational Diabetes with first pregnancy

My husband and I were talking about trying to have another baby. I am concerned about getting pregnant again because of have gestational diabetes with the first pregnancy. We...

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Eldest one acting up

I have just gave birth to a baby girl, she's now 2 months old. During my pregnancy, my eldest daughter, who was 2 year old at that time, was able to let go of her pacifiers,...


Son has eating difficulties

I have 5 month old (3 1/2 month adjusted) twin babies and having a miserable time feeding my son. He turns his head side to side, sometimes cries and takes at least 1/2 hour to...


The Missing Red Stain

When at last your period fails to arrive (and believe me, by that point you know to the minute when it is due), it’s amazing how your first reaction is disbelief. I remember...

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