Hi everyone! My name is Shannon and I had my beautiful son RJ on Nov 20 of last year! having a three month old is lovely! I am currently a stay at home mommy but I used to...


Hope you don't mind...

But I'm on hiatus at the moment from Wow, but I normally play and so does my husband. Our son loves to "fly" while we're playing. I figured I'd join anyway! First time I've...


Mum of 5

Hi I'm Angela and live in New zealand and we have four girls and one boy, they are Louise 18, Ashley 16, Caitlin 13 Brittney 9 and baby Ronin 5 months. The girls are from my...


potty training

is it too early to really push? She let's us know when she has already gone potty and then wants to sit on the throne. Or she'll let us know once at night. When is the time...

Started by Heather on 02/16/2009 in May 2007 Babies

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Soft spot

My daughter is 11 months and she still has her soft spot. It's not as big as it was when she was born, but it just seems to be taking forever to close. When did everyone elses...

Started by Jolene on 02/16/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Hello everyone. I am 26 years old and I have 2 boys at the ages of 4 and 16mths. I am in college right now for nursing and obviously a little overwhelmed. It is great to be...

Started by Kelly on 02/17/2009 in Moms Under 30

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February is a bad birthday party month!!

I hate the nonth of February for birthday parties!! You never know how the weather is going to be here so its hard to plan a party....one day its freezing outside, the next...


1 year birthday mommy meltdown....

Is it normal to be overly emotional on your babys first birthday?? I cried the day before and the day after and the day of... like off and on all day I had a really hard time...

Started by Alisha on 02/17/2009 in Moms Under 30

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OMG...love rita rump pockets

found a great pattern on here for ritas rump pocket diapers (which i made as an non pocket) and they are super easy and quick to sew any one else try this pattern? what did you...


Let me introduce myself...

Hi, my name is Holly and Im a stay at home mom of 3. I have 2 daughters Alexis 13 and Makenna 5, and my son Rhett was born Jan 7th.


Sick and not eating..what to do??

This past week the whole family was sick, and it finally passed onto baby. The fever has gone down...but now she refuses to eat anything but banana....is this just because...

Started by Eva on 02/24/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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Taking kids to the dentist.

What age is a good age to start taking you children to the dentist? My dentist says at about 3 yrs, but I have read in baby magazines that they should go just after they turn 1...

Started by Marie on 02/26/2009 in Rochester MN Moms

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Alone time?

I LOVE sleeping with my baby! My husband also agrees that it is important for the bonding process and we love that he is with us. The only issue we have is getting some alone...

Started by Bree on 02/26/2009 in Family Bed Moms

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hi anothernewbie

hi everyone, I have just found this lovelygroup and thoughti'd introduce myself! I'm mum to becky and ben and expecting baby number 3 on 24th April. I hope tomake some...

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buba dont like daddy

hi everyone. u know our babies favour our company more then anyone else's as we feed them so the bond is so much greater.. but my partner cant deal with my little girl, he...

Started by Lolly_loulou on 02/26/2009 in Newly Single Mums

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