Hi everyone, My name is Jamie and my first babies were identical twins Amber and Nicole. Amber was stillborn, Nicole is my survivor. Born at 31 weeks 2 days on July 8, 1998....


The rise of allergies, asthmas, ADD...

I've been looking to green products for awhile and everything says that going green could reduce these symptoms in your children. I just wondered if there was anyone who uses...


Wakes up every hour! Help!

My exclusively breastfed, co-sleeping daughter wakes up every hour at night. She has no problems going to sleep and has been going to sleep at 7 pm for months now, but wakes up...


New Feb 2008 Mommy!

Hey everyone! My name is Amanda, and I have a little boy born Feb 22, 2008! Life is CRAZY right now, and we'll soon be moving to a home I will own! Thank goodness! I'm...


Serious Problem

I have a three year old daughter, and she does have some behavior issues, however, as her mother I feel that I should be the primary disciplinarian. She doesn't need three...

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Hey everyone.

Unlike alot of the moms here my youngest is about to be two. And until recently I've never committed myself to losing the baby weight. Over the past four years I've kind of just...



I stopped breastfeeding when the baby was 7 months (about 7 months ago) and I still have milk! I don't have a lot of milk, but it's still there when I take a shower. They...


C sections..........How many is safe?

i have been advised that 3/4 C sections are safe but nothing more. I have a son who's 5 and a daughter who is 3 both by emergency sections, i am currently 17 weeks pregnant...

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hi im kristy and im 21

hi every one i am 21 (22 in june 2009) i have a 2 yr old little bub named cody. as i found out the other day i am 4 weeks pregant, its still a bit of a secret, my fiance david...

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Wow I feel so lucky

I am so happy today , my Angel Bethy has sent me a sign she is ok and she is happy , I found a WHITE ANGEL FEATHER in my cabinet , thankyou baby we love you soo much , you have...


Traveling with a 1 year old

We are going on a family vacation, leaving this Saturday the 4th, driving from Dayton Ohio to Orlando Florida with a 1 year old. Help! Any ideas on keeping the baby happy while...

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hi im 38 weeks pregnant and for weeks now i have been getting white and clear mucus but today when i went the toilet when i went to wipe i notice blood on the toilet roll not...

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everyone should watch....

marley and me.... Oh... my gosh it has opend my eyes to see how my husband really cares about me and the kids! It is a great moive even if you dont love dogs..... i think am...


toddlers sleeping alone

almost every night my child slept with me and now y husband and i are trying to get her to sleep by herself. i was told to just put her to bed with comfort items (baby doll, cup...

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29th november 2008

my son was born on the 29th november 2008, weighing 9lb 2oz he was exactly on his due date which was really good i was in slow labour from the thursday before and the...